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  1. Gunshots sound quieter

    For some reason I began playing this morning and the audio all sounded good. I don't know how but it just fixed itself
  2. Gunshots sound quieter

    I never bought a soundcard when I built my PC but my motherboard is a B250 Pro4 Headset: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/plantronics-rig-505-lava-over-the-ear-gaming-headset-black-orange/4315500.p?skuId=4315500 https://gyazo.com/0f9bcb234bc35e34a495b7f32dcd0016 Headphone settings and enhancements. https://gyazo.com/4a3b1759fcccd3695fcc9931409b7d6f
  3. Gunshots sound quieter

    How would you suggest that I find that setting? I have done like 6 hours of research and messing with settings for my headphones and audio in squad and cannot find a solution. I really want to get back to the way the sound was because I love the immersion and I cant even stand playing the game hearing how quiet the game is.
  4. Gunshots sound quieter

    Are you suggesting I take off the "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device"? https://gyazo.com/274ca06de5cecf1b9e3c7fbb99eee922
  5. Gunshots sound quieter

    The hissing was coming from my crappy mic, I forgot to mute it when recording but you can still tell that everything else sounds the way that it should besides the gunshots and explosions.
  6. Gunshots sound quieter

    This is just me shooting and blowing stuff up in the Firing range. But I remember right before my PC broke when I would play this game if you would just spray with any kind of weapon you and no one in your squad could hear a thing because it was so loud and it would almost hurt your hears getting into a big fire fight because everything was so loud. I even showed how loud I had my in game audio settings and they are set pretty loud compared to most peoples. Everything else in game sounds normal like when my squad mates shoot right next to me it sounds loud or if a .50 cal truck is spraying at me its loud, its just that when ever I shoot my gun I don't get that immersion anymore because my gunshots sound muffled and even when I blew up the truck in the video and was standing pretty close to it it didn't even make me flinch like it use to 5 months ago. Just like when I use to drop grenades on myself 5 months ago to kill my self to respawn it would make my ears ring loud now it just makes like a "Poof" sound and that's it. Every other sound in the game is fine like when people blow up IED's or they are shooting it seems that its client sided towards me that the sound is messed up. I want to get back to when the explosions and gunfire would make my ears ring and when I would take off my headset I could still hear it from 10 feet away. I even have all my settings all the way up in the control panel sound and to the highest quality. Do you think it could be my headset and it is just too old and maybe I blew the bass out in my headset? Even when I watch a youtube video or watch a movie on my PC it sounds fine but squad just doesnt sound the same. So is it a hardware issue or did squad change how loud everything is because people were complaining it was too loud? Also sorry about the buzzing in the video that's my headset messing up but that didn't affect the sound of the grenades or the shooting it all sounds the same just with the annoying buzzing.
  7. Gunshots sound quieter

    Alright I will try to record
  8. Gunshots sound quieter

    So right before squad released the Mortar update my computer broke and I haven't played since until these last couple days. And what I was wondering was if they changed the sound of the gunshots because when I fire any of the weapons they sound muffled and quieter not like they use to like 5 months ago, but whenever someone else fires their weapon right next to me is sounds loud like it use to. I'm using the same headset as before when I played on my old PC and it sounds like they took all the bass out of the weapons and explosions and I don't know if it is my headset or if there was a change in the sound, also I have my headset plugged into the 3.5mm jacks on the back of my computer directly to my motherboard instead of the front panel audio connectors on my case because for some reason they don't work. I don't know if I needed to add all that info i'm just trying to be thorough with this post because I would like to fix the sound because I liked the way it sounded before when it actually sounded loud and you couldn't hear anything when you were firing your weapon now it just sounds like a Pea shooter for me and its not as satisfying. Also I don't know if I should have posted this in the hardware section of the forums so sorry in advance if this is posted in the wrong place. Even when I watch other Youtuber's post videos of squad when they fire their weapons it sounds like the gun they are shooting is really loud the sound makes this game 10x better for me. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  9. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    I justed played a game on this map and they got to village at the same time as us and HATTED our striker with all of us in it but 1 one and then they got a FOB and kepted getting rockets. Moral of the story is they got us down to 290 tickets before we actually got inside villages capping zone. I think its far more insurget sided if anything
  10. My cpu is a FX-6300 and my gpu is a R9 270x I know its not the best for this game but I really want to know if it meets the requirements to play, nothing is overclocked so its just standard and I want to know how can I get better fps with this but have the game still look and sound good? The game will run fine at the beginning of the round and then when I get into firefights and start shooting I get like 15 fps and I really want to play this game but I feel like Im just taking up someones place on the team who can be more valuable and actually see without their game stuttering and freezing when they shoot.
  11. Gameplay and audio is choppy

    Fx 6300 r9 270x
  12. When I join into a game it is quite laggy when I play everyone that is talking gets all disoriented and laggy and when I play I just lag all over the place and freeze until I stop for a minute then it will start again it never really stops. And when I shoot it freezes and when I aim in it does the same thing I really have no Idea what to do.