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  1. Classic AK-47 and Type 56.

    No that's not the case. Obviously I'm speaking from an outside standpoint, but I'm assuming that he means they will not waste resources (at least that this point in development) on making sure everything is 100% authentic to it's respective real life counterpart based on other people's research. I.e... insurgents will likely have access to some 7.62 aks It will fire 7.62x39 and look like an AK.. Are they going to take time to add Romanian AKMs, Russian AK47s, and Yugos with Little details for stamped vs milled receivers and the such? It'd be cool to have that variety in 3 years maybe, but not right now IMO...
  2. Vehicles.

    My biggest wish for vehicles is a solution to asset whores who take and lock assets round after round after round after round after round.. And then get killed in the first 5 minutes just to sit afk in main waiting for it to spawn again
  3. Vehicle's tip and tricks for new players

    Well I think a post on here doesn't reach the right / big enough audience, but I think the biggest point is don't use an 9 man troop trans as your personal vehicle and leave it in the field.. Most annoying thing in PR..
  4. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    http://m.imgur.com/bhjr84H?r ^I.e. This
  5. The amount of games (especially games under development) that are immediately tagged with this misunderstood and vague term of "unoptimized" is unreal..
  6. How are you going to fix Players + Vehicles

    Squad leader approval. I like th sound of that. Sounds like it will be more advanced than the PR system
  7. Alpha 6 Public Test Recap/Media

    Distance measurements on the map and player icons are circles, nice
  8. M72... A7 or A6?

    Another thing that must be changed immediately is that the law irl is 630mm collapsed and in game when I used my measuring tape it was 630.5mm
  9. Losing interest pretty quickly

    The thread for impatient people?
  10. Losing interest pretty quickly

    @hahhuliI think he just misinterpreted what you meant.
  11. Flippin' FOBS on Flags!!!

    Very solid proof. Must be the author of many mathematical papers
  12. Remove objective capture zones

    Isn't this too individual oriented? This encourages lone wolf sneaky tactics up to the flag. It could be reworked but I think the flag idea could be a bit cheesy
  13. Kicking people from vehicles

    I think the chances that you can get into enemy vehicles will be slim to none. Likely the latter