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  1. I don't have a screen shot, but we put a fob down in a building, and it was spawning people like 400m in the air at the north east corner of the map. It was wierd. I know it's a useless report, but Maybe it's an edge case or something. we were insurgent and the fob was just west of the center group of trees in a little farm courtyard.
  2. reduce range of name tags imo. lone wolfing is made much easier by being able to look at a helmet 200m away and know if it's hostile or not. I'd be more in favor of making it server configurable, examples are ACE3 in arma, have name tags, and you can customize, friendly, enemy, squad only and range for each. So if you want you can see enemy's names but only from VERY close, and mostly like on their bodies like <5m away. Make Squad visible from farther like 150m, and make allied names visible from 50m.
  3. Firing Positions (Urban)

    He had the choice of protruding his barrel, or not being able to use his bipod. Depending on the situation, he may just be observing with no intention of shooting, finger off trigger etc. Might just be a demonstration.
  4. Destructible barricades

    Having AT destroy fortifications would be cool, but ultimately, would further discourage building fortifications. Why hide behind something that can be destroyed when there's plenty of indestructable map terrain. It also gives away the position of your radio if you build around it. Only in very specific circumstances is it worth building defences. If an enemy can hit your FOB with an RPG that FOB is basically toast already. It's defense should be the people around it, and it staying hidden. Once an enemy has eyes on your fob, it's basically gone.
  5. Acog QOL fixes

    American Acog optics, they shake for some reason, and the bullet falls off to the right at long distances. Not sure if that's intended or a bug. Makes it very difficult to hit targets very far away. Comparitively the Russian Optics do not shake, and their shots are in line with the reticles. Ex, I can easily hit the 1000m target on Jensens with AK-74 / RPK optics, but don't have a chance hitting it with Acog. I'm sure the magnifications are not going to stay the way they are, but it seems the acog was nerfed to a point where it's easier to hit long range targets with the red dot.