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  1. Horrible fps AMD

    Yeah i deleted the Radiovoice file so i don't get drop when someone uses squad radio, its mostly playable. still needs some fixes thanks for all the fast reply's. and that video is exactly what happened, so i would highly recommend deleting the Radiovoice thingy for a more playable squad experience
  2. Horrible fps AMD

    The title says it, I get pretty good fps on a server with 30-40 players and mild fps on anything above, but that's not the problem. I seem to get fps drops to the single digits when the squad radio is used,But! it only drops after my first death, if i die i get fps drops when they use the squad radio(NOT LOCAL) i can leave the squad and i don't get any fps drops but it kinda defeats the purpose of the game...AND the title literately. Ive tried to see if editing the ini for better performance would help, but it did not get rid of the fps drops. i don't think its really my cpu cause i can play a full game(IF) i do not die in a squad or they do not use a radio after i die, or i just don't join a squad, Can anyone help? i just don't want to hear the crap about how amd sucks, cause i can play almost any other game fine atm including star citizen and the most optimized game in the world Dayz sa better, Is it just a unreal problem will there be a patch? is there a temp fix? PC SPECS: Amd Fx 8350(Watercooled)4.2ghz, R9 390x, 8gb Ram,Razer Kraken 7.1 headset