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  1. Death of the AAS Game Mode

    You know, I think you're exactly right. At the moment the ability to exploit AAS is very big, particularly on some of the maps (Hold Fortress or GG?!). The introduction of vehicles would give the ability for a team to react to being back-capped - a lot easier than running 8km!
  2. Death of the AAS Game Mode

    Hi everyone, I believe that this game has the danger of losing part of its player-base (even though it's in its very early stages). The AAS (Assault and Secure) game-mode is fundamentally flawed (IMO), allow me to explain. Squad promotes itself as a realistic tactical FPS, however the principle of only having the ability to attack & defend a single point at any given time goes against sound reasoning & judgement. I would like to have the ability to assault any point, at any given time - much as you would have the capability of doing so IRL. My reasoning for finding the current model flawed is that you get many games where teams are disorganized, and struggle to coordinate themselves. It makes the game no fun to play due to a single squad failing to hold a position and as a result (generally speaking), creating a chain-reaction and losing every single point before anyone can react due to the main fight being all the way across the map! Allowing squads to make their own decisions based upon the ability to assault any point as they see fit, will allow better use of tactics and add to the overall enjoyment of the AAS game-mode. What I don't like is the game turning into a "relay-race", in which a single squad (just a few people) runs ahead of everyone else, anticipating their teams success so they can back-cap out from under their enemy and then rush to the next point causing them to win the game. This bullying tactic is happening more often than some may realize and it really does not create a fun gaming atmosphere. My 2 cents - Lets have a good discussion around this please. Update: I am very happy with the quality of this debate, lets keep it up!
  3. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Thank you very much - this should be a Static thread! Could I please ask that you also include a version that has the grid-references? It would be very handy :) EDIT: I decided to make one myself, please feel free to add it to your maps! Grid Reference (JPG) Grid Reference (PSD - Photoshop)