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  1. Gamer stutter

    Seem to be quite annoying recently though, shame. Try to stop worrying then I guess.
  2. Gamer stutter

    Walking forward in game every now and them it like jerks forward sometime? Anyone get this?
  3. Holy Sh!t Ultrawide + G-Sync +Squad is AWESOME

    Same monitor as me, bloody love it. Never going back.
  4. Gameplay

    Yep, seems great value! long thin cable is annoying but cant complain. Just testing AKG 702 & Philips Fidelo X2
  5. Headsets

    Good set of audio headphones many are recommended from many forums, if you want to spend more than the "average" "gaming headset" But get far better audio for games, music and movies etc. Headphones AKG Sennheiser Philips Byerdynamic Mics Antlion modmic Zalman ZMMIC!1 ust £7.90 from amazon.co.uk
  6. Gameplay

    Had some great games last night where everyone had mic and everyone worked as a "squad" our squad even split of using flanking techniques. Brilliant fun! More of this please!