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  1. SQUAD Tactics Planner v0.1 :)

    This makes me hunger for a more robust map system ingame. U know one where squad leaders can draw dicks on the map... or be helpful - both will happen
  2. How to Stop Windows 10 Pop-up Reminder

    So youve upgraded from w7 to w10, then downgraded back to w7? Have u tried utilizing the w7 recovery options? Sounds like a mess. Ive always avoided using these types of tools, instead opting to migrate to a new drive/partition. Check into what services are running and if they r the cause, do some googling about w7 upgrade services or sumthin. Good luck
  3. Game breaking

    Wow. The issue with amd is not only known, it was identified by OWI themselves. They pinned it down. UE4 has problems because xaudio has problems which is a directx issue. That means that either microsoft or amd has to step in. Or, we patiently wait for UE4 to keep patching and hit the next directx level, hope OWI can pull some sound magic (I know they can) and expect next DX to have better support for amd when it comes to sound processing. There are "fixes" circulating around for the FX chips, although these don't fix the problem they just gimp your game further. Hardly any sounds (maxchannels=32), Shitty frames during ALL firefights, not to mention we have to play in smaller servers because the problem intensifies itself past 50 players dramatically. Its frustrating when you need those frames to be effective and they aren't there - no settings will fix the problem, only help make it more managable. The red side is having trouble - but the blue side isn't trying to understand the problem. at this point in development - who cares about shadow enforcement? We're just trying to get the amd guys some much needed fps, and as a fan of squad and an amd user I've all but quit trying - which i suspect is where alot of people stand. I'd say most have moved on and are sitting on the sideline waiting for this to be fixed so the red team can come in and whoop y'all intel/nvidia fans! For the record my rig can run most shit fine. M5A99FX PRO 2.0 AMD FX 8350 Blackie @4.4GHZ Corsair 1600 4x4gb R9 270x 2GB Thermaltake SP-850M on a seagate platter
  4. SVD too weak

    I haven't been able to grab the kit because I'm not a weeny - but I've played with it in the range and it seems fine - I've had quite a few of them on my squad that managed to be alot of help - the ones that stick with the squad - and medics. that said alpha bleh changes incomming TBA valvetime oh and yea i read the whole thread, jeeez.
  5. I think its disingenuous to say you don't use your brain anymore. Its the same information displayed on the map, but displayed in a small area off to the side so you can see it at all times. I didn't play hardcore not to see the map, I played hardcore so there was no spotting system, cover and concealment were my thing. I think it could be done in a way that you don't give everyone a targeting system, yet can see your squadmates in relation to you (good for knowing spacing and setting up a flank), objectives, and a better grasp on the compass. Situational awareness and map awareness are game play elements that exist if there is a map, regardless of the map being up all the time or not. Most high tier players MUST feel me on this, I mean watch bluedrake's squad footage, then watch his PR footage. the use of the map only becomes more inherit to the design as more of these core concepts and mechanics come into play. Better yet, watch some team squad matches ;) Maybe this is a more of an outsider stance to take, seeing how I'm new to the community, squad - and therefore PR, and also I play with no teams or clans or groups, I only experience this game in a pubbie environment. as eye ron taxi says, and in line with all the other cute little droppings from other developers so far: placeholder functionality - they installed what they knew first, the players get their hands on it and they get to start tracking what WE do as we play, while iterating on their design. Other words to use might be simplifying, streamlining... Simply put - this is really good news!one
  6. Please more max 50 player servers!!

    I have similarly spec'd hardware. FX 8350 @ 4.3ghz m5a99fx r2 r9 270 2gb with +100mhz core I can report similar gains, could you put what ini tweaks are you running? Specifically Max channels # You should be able to get away with shadows being on on 50 player servers, what kind of performance hit do you get with low and 512? shadows are low and 1024 on my end and i see maybe only 1 to 3 fps drop average compared to it off.
  7. Please more max 50 player servers!!

    yeah more 52 player servers would be nice, I was doing some testing today on any AMD performance tweaks. I've found most visual settings won't help raise fps in a server with 64+. While audio tweaks have been giving me better luck (due to the xaudio amd issue) - These settings occasionally cause Rogue bullets to kill you (since you can't hear them), and sometimes VOIP will be cut off and you will miss certain commands. I was able to pull 25-40 fps on kohat w/ 72. Still unplayable but the stuttering and freezing i was getting with a fresh unmolested ini? This fixed it right up. [Audio] MaxChannels=32 UnfocusedVolumeMultiplier=0.3 MaximumConcurrentStreams=8 Defaults are: [Audio] MaxChannels=128 UnfocusedVolumeMultiplier=0.5 MaximumConcurrentStreams=10
  8. Anyone feel overwhelmed as a medic?

    It is alot of fun when your squad is seasoned and knows whats going on, I'll give you that. I AM the smoke wall!
  9. Yeah, no doubt.:) I'm sure you guys are on the case!
  10. Medic comms

    I disagree with the comms. Medic already gets enough shit, you're asking to open a direct line of bullshit my way? If I had a dollar for every time some troll just kept shouting medic, or my name, or spamming local chat. I've refused a revive from someone spamming snooooooooooooooooob on the local coms for a 5 minute firefight. I told him twice to be quiet so the medic can focus, clear area and get ppl up. Obviously that didn't help. I walked away and left him there. I got tked by that SL's squad collectively once each person. He told them all I was a tk, or not reviving, or a bad medic or whatever. This is what medics have to deal with, no wonder people don't ever choose the class, its someone to blame. I suggested a function on the map where squad members could ping medics (once). Medics can either press page up to accept or page down to decline, or select on map. This keeps people out of comms crying for medic, and the channels open for tactical info. It relays to the downed player, who has nothing better to do then read a blank screen or look at the map. that a medic sees he is down and will attend when possible.
  11. I find my map open 75% of the time. I'm constantly fumbling with the zoom level and poping it up and down. Why?! At what point can we conceed that a minimap would help us all from getting carpel tunnel (worse), and help with the situational awareness. I've seen others suggest the STHUD or similar mechanics, and I have to wonder why people think a direct minimap would be a bad thing. We all have our maps open most of the time anyway. Anybody with me? Fight for your right, to view the game without a map overlay! Medics were you at?! Lemme hear ya holler if your left index is tired of juggling zoom and map! :)
  12. Anyone feel overwhelmed as a medic?

    I play medic almost exclusively unless i'm in a lower pop server because AMD. So I have some input on this. 1. Teammates need to be able to ping the medic when down (ONCE)- and visually be told that the medic has been pinged. This would prevent everyone yelling MEDIC repeatedly expecting better results. IE: A notification area when downed that says the closest squad's medic & if he has accepted your ping, maybe even a queuing system for the pings. The UI must accomodate for medics and their victims. I feel like a headless chicken looking for certain squad members on coms, and trying to coordinate that with the map system. *Oh and most importantly a medic should be able to deny a revive and that medic is now unable to be pinged. The medic needs help showing people when respawning is good, and when waiting is good. This is already sort of our job, however most people don't listen. A visual cue would help here. This would alleviate alot of stress of being medic. With the new UI I find it nearly impossible to find downed squad mates efficiently, and the fact that all players show a bleeding status pointless. It would behoove you to bandage yourself and your downed mates if you know a medic is incoming, it takes him half the time and helps ensure his survival. - SWITCHING FROM BIG BAG TO BANDAIDS TAKES AWHILE- (seriously, it takes a medic 1 second to revive a patched soldier, and about 5 to 8 to revive a non patched soldier - IF you didn't fumble your kit or your kit's last use was the other piece of kit). ((revived = mobile)) 2. Medic's BINOS should be able to mark locations on the map for the squad and SL to see. I'm sure this was in PR, and even bf1942, so I'm sure its planned to an extent, but this needs to extend to medic, have a long cool down or something so people can't abuse it. 3.Seperate Medic kit in inventory. This one is huge, seperate the 2 pieces of gear required to revive. That way i'll always go to the piece of kit required for the job and not fumble for what feels like the longest switch animation ever devised. 4. Give medics quicker switch time to secondary weapon. I can't tell you how many times i've desperately tried to weapon switch while using medic gear. The kit itself is gimped due to weaker weapons, higher dropoff, and inaccuracy (some kits more than others). Medic should be able to rip a secondary weapon out faster, but still carry the same magazine count. This would make the kit *IMO* more fun and rewarding without really making medics powerful. I'm tired of hiding and waiting for my riflemen to ignore, leave, and fail me. To heal and heal and finally when everyone is just about up a guy strolls over a hill and pops us both cuz rifleman can't look. Of course I DID, but my kit switch animation already triggered so thats an additional 5 seconds before I get a weapon out. 5. Treat medics as a higher rank - medics should be considered *almost* as important as SLs. I feel like the game should promote it like this: SLs follow Commander Medics follow SLs Riflemen follow Medics vs. IRL SLs argue w/ other SLs Medics attempt to keep up w/ SL who is aruging Rifleman play DM 1 obligatory designated marksman who is half a map away.
  13. I agree with you, complex systems become cumbersome, a perfect example of that is ARMA (I've only played 2 and its expansions). While it can be argued all these buttons are required within the mechanics of ARMA's core gameplay elements, It still discourages many players even carrying a stigma with some gamers before they try it. That said, it would be a mistake to assume anything is overly complex or complicated without testing it and trying to streamline it. I'm sure there was games prior that used similiar iron sight mechanics, but I can't think of a multiplayer game prior to COD1/2 that used it. COD def made it the norm.
  14. I've seen a situation twice where the western team gets locked in a situation where they can not retake the last point if they get capped out, it usually happens when the western team gets owned and it leaves them with alot of tickets, and alot of time, with no objective - and no way of making a come back. I've only noticed this as of v5. to be clear, as I've not figured out if the factions rotate on the maps or not - the militia are the west side and the americans are the east side. and everyone calls that hill nipple hill!
  15. I've been thinking about this for a long time, and squad has sparked my interest in the matter. I have about average shooting experience IRL but I feel a reasonable argument is that the skill comes from the alignment of your sights, your breathing, heartrate, and your trigger finger's dexterity. This ignores specific cartridge knowledge, trajectory, drop, and windage. as these are out of your direct control and can be compensated for as done in IRL. I think alot of gamers look at FPS games and expect certain mechanics to act a certain way, I mean alot of people hate on COD, but they ushered in the ADS mechanic that almost ALL realistic oreiented FPS games share. Even battlefield 2 didn't have these mechanics until dice had to compete with them, how good they felt, and the deeper experience they provided. There haven't been many games that have iterated into new territory since, as most large FPS communities highly covet their own mechanics, design, and gameplay see:everyfpsgame cs tribes cod bf quake ut doom. Red Orchestra 2 was the the most recent FPS that really decided to add some interesting and new aiming mechanics that brought something fresh to the design. Alot of people missed the aiming mechanics being so intuitive, because of the cover mechanic. RO2 struggled for a year after release with that mechanic, while the aiming system stayed largely the same, because no one thought it a problem. It felt good, made sense and tickled that sweet tender center of the spectrum squad is pointed towards. *Rips a belt of ammo through a mg42, couches in cover while deployed with bipod to hide from incomming fire and reloads a belt. squad leader's mortar coordinates are picked and mortars come raining in, enemies scatter - that's the moment, pop up from cover in a heartbeat fully deployed and let loose, squad flanking to the right to assault as soon as the mortars stop. Draw glorious attention with leagues of tracer fire and supression systems flipping out on every client! These are the RO2 moments no one can deny!* So how do you iterate on the RO2 aiming system, and the successes it made? All I could think of is the front post being your xhair, your view can turn instantly but the model needs to catch up, front and rear posts have to align, and there is jitter between the front and rear post. A small cirular zone can be fine tuned with mouse movements (always moving the front post as your xhair) within a stable rear sight picture(horizontally) since thats the best i can extrapolate my experience shooting IRL, there would be a cadence to shooting as the mechanic would be learning when to shoot as/when the front and rear posts stabilize/align. the speed of the mouse movement determines the front and rear post view bob, and lets say it takes a full second of stabilizing to get a dead on shot and that accuracy will decrease as you move the mouse around... and this time can be changed based on playtesting, perhaps even automate the zooming function as the front post zeros with the rear. Idk I'm spitballing, I realize the pacing in this game is very important and the current mechanics are telling that they are meant to slow the game down. Would having a shooting cadence and discipline based on sight picture turn into fun and rewarding gameplay? I can say after my 100 hours of playing squad the weapon mechanics aren't rewarding due to their gimped nature (recoil currently, and how your eyes and gun are glued together), they constantly leave me puzzled and/or dragging my mouse down half my massive mouse pad. (some of us use low sensitivity :D) I love squad and I have no intention of telling you how to make what you want to make, any of you. My only intention is to further the conversation and encourage thought. I implore the developers to take the time they need, and don't be afraid to think outside of the box with tried and true mechanics, the community will remain patient and understanding, and absolutely be willing to test more outragous changes in mechanics at a larger scale, for periods of time. We are your virtual soldiers <3 Yall rock.