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  1. API acces to player stats for tracker

    so i could setup a github project, and invite you all to it if we get a word from the developers
  2. API acces to player stats for tracker

    Hi community/squad, Is any form of API accessibility or a data dump where i could retrieve player data and parse it to visual elements and browsing players. I would like to build a tracker with all the data i can get to see if i can build something cool, just an experienced developer looking for a cool new ReactJS project. Any help to get this message to the squad creators is appreciated!
  3. Better Squad leader information feed from squad

    ARMA a great game (me as colonel, my members and my captain to the right, a shame that the mods were too "hacky" and to much of the same. (yes graphics are low because you want a good framerate) 90% of the time in ARMA3 as HQ im sitting on base with my map up giving orders to squads (sometimes 80 players) and listening to the radio to do a preemptive assist. I am missing a commander spot. This might be boring for a lot of players, yet this will complete the squad lead hierarchy.
  4. Better Squad leader information feed from squad

    I've seen this kind of reactions before on this forum. something along of (i am good and so should the rest be). is this because of the core PR community doctrine? don't get me wrong, i do realize that we should not make BF3+ out of this game, yet i feel that because some veteran players only play with clan servers and they forget that there are public servers too. numbering your members is a great idea, if you don't want to use it then don't use it :)
  5. Better Squad leader information feed from squad

    The number system is better, they just have to show the internal_squad_id as value, 1 minor change.
  6. Better Squad leader information feed from squad

    this might fix all my problems, then i only have to say "Remember your number" to my squad mates.
  7. Better Squad leader information feed from squad

    @elerik Point 1 is actually for the pub's that don't know who to follow when i call out a point man. The 2 other changes will utilize the professions of the classes i have in my squad. In real life you know you squad, you know their names and role, so should it be in the game (my opinion). It is not because of "inexperience" or "being lazy". My squad is almost always the best squad in the match (if you can, look it up).
  8. I have played Squad for more then 130 hours, half of the time i am dedicated Squad leader. I will list the common problems with being a squad leader (in a public server). Since the squad leader has an unique sign, it must remain on point so people know who to follow - let squad leader pick a point man with unique symbol or color for the map When i want to order specific people, i need to press Enter and hover over the names to see who i need to order, this is bad for fast reactions - allow squad leaders to see squad names instantly when pressing (M) for map It is hard for a squad leader to know where his Sniper, Grenadier, AT and AR's are - add map icons for every class in his squad (only squad members can see each others symbols)