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  1. Feedback

    The website states that i need to give feedback, the first one would be that the word feedback is a link to where you need to go The two squad mates requirement The game starts and people create a squad for being commander. They quickly click the "invite all" button to have people in the squad. His squad fills up while waiting for being a commander. He gets the commander and now with a full squad that plays the game and sometimes runs back to a HAB and sends an airstrike. Some squad-leaders that did not make it to command just leave their squad. Solution: I propose to let people sign up without a squad and wait out the timer, then join an existing squad or create one. Commander speed vs. match speed I noticed that the commander speed is much slower compared to a match. Most of the matches there was only time for two strikes, some matches i could only use the UAV. Solution: decrease the support timer with a few minutes and see how that goes. Support timers Happened a few times that a commander crashed and had to wait again while the enemy shoot first. Solution: The support timers need to be disconnected from the player and continue after he left or crashed. Giving orders to squads Having the option to mark a yellow line with a number on it is an improvement, yet not all squad-leaders feel it necessary to follow. Solution: Commander can create move markers for a squad in yellow ( also visible in every squad member compass ).
  2. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    This is something i said in an earlier post. INS and Militia needs to be more like a pest. Have more random MAIN locations where they can spawn from. - This will result in being more chaotic for the enemy team which is more realistic fighting these forces in real life. Encourage terrorist cells versus larger squads of US, RU, CA, GB forces. - give squad leader access for booby traps to encourage more squad leads doing hit and runs - You could give them personnel mines, claymores or gas canisters that damage when in contact. Have the buddy rally system but not the US, RU, CA, GB. - This will let them reappear and be a force that will not go quickly. Give soldiers more mines, booby traps and other home made items to encourage ambushes. - This would slow down the pace for opposing factions ( watch out booby traps, there might be more! ) Instead of trying to balance the factions, create characters for factions.
  3. Building is useless

    Remove Buddy rally They can remove the buddy rally now that we have choppers as it was only invented to make sure factions don't die out. Choppers are allowed to create FOBs and will also reduce "dying out" symptoms anyway. This change will make FOBs more important. Overflow in construction I have been supplying FOBs with choppers for a while and notice we got 6 FOBs up and all of them have thousands of supplies in it. They should up the costs of construction or lower the construction income. Change the build process The speed of the game is fast and a FOBs will become useless very quickly. decrease the build time for defensive structures and massively increase build time for attacking structures. This will allow people to setup a quick FOB and focus on the game instead of shuffling and the squad-leader asking people to build. FOBs are worthless Add the risk of loosing a FOB by increasing penalty. Defending a FOB cost more giving it to them. Set a limit for FOBs we need to remove old FOBs to push up. Increase members of squad needed for build they need to build the FOB up to put the supplies in. Slowing those close quarters FOB builders ( this will give the other faction time to recover after losing a flag ). Add helipads Add helipads (with map marker) as a construct-able for repair functions (could just be a copy/paste repair station). This is more reason of having a good save FOB and guarded. Decrease building radius The hide the FOB and create a HAB on the edge is not working correctly. I know dead-zones and can place it off sync with the game and it wont get noticed and i just keep building HABs. Find the FOB is not fun and often more of a drag. It also removes having 15 ammo caches on a certain point. TOWs are overused To combat those TOW FOBs being dropped at mountain tops and taking out helicopters and tanks. Tows should only be able to build on captured points. I know it will increase building FOBs on Flags but it is better then veterans cleaning out the whole server. It also focus more on the flags. All my changes will make the game more slower paced and puts choppers and FOBs in a more important place in the match. In normal matches we should have a few FOBs on critical positions that serve more purpose today. They should rely more on logistical capabilities to get to their point. Creating huge FOBs should be more for advance and secure or insurgency. When is dying become so empty in squad
  4. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    They should reform INS and Militia spawn locations from a heap of vehicles and one spawn to multiple spawns on different locations which makes it impossible to get a good grip on them, since they are more ambush type of factions. The more organised factions like US, GB, CA, RU will have a large base in all maps with all vehicles on one location. This change will make the INS and Militia more fun for squad leaders and reduce the in-balance of experienced squad leaders.
  5. Same for me It is still the best mil-sim ever, mechanics created by actual soldiers. Playing with a actual delta force member was cool and normal at the same time.
  6. Huge announcement, I was wrong.

    Awsome map and it's the most enjoyable at this moment. I had a discussion with another player who tough the map promotes rooftop camping. I showed him the pictures below. Going from rooftop to rooftop was an actual thing, the floor was lava
  7. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    Squad is about immersion wins Please read and understand the word reality and try to imagine what this meant when they created the mod with that name. Asking me to proof where SQUAD specifically said that the game is not about winning ( or the opposite) is just plain stupid, and i really hope you know that. If not .... What does hosting a competitive tournament has to do with my argument that the game makers made the game with immersion in mind? every game is about win and loss in the end, how you play the game is what is important.
  8. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    Squad is made for immersion and the experience for being a soldier and not for the stats and wins, this is what competitive mode is for. People played Project REALITY for the immersion not the wins. I remember the mod was created to distinguishes themselves from those type of players. You definition of a good player is someone that wins ( no matter the costs ), my definition of a good player is someone who immerses himself and try to make an adventure, if Squad wanted wins to be the main theme, the matches would lasted 15 minutes. You still do not understand my statement, working together and being a clan is not the problem. It is the combination of ADMIN control, META gaming and splitting the "public (clan)" servers in 2 factions called "Clans" and "Public people". Im calling an "inside-information gives you unfair advantage over vehicle claiming" problem as an issue and you talk about people working to buy SSD's, what? The rules are there since most admins copy, i played 2 matches today and noticed both matches that a BTR was solo'd. I am not saying that solo'ing a vehicle is good, i'm using PA as an example where the clan tags and appearance seems like a normal public server and the gameplay is very much fun and balanced. Being on clan servers and hear all the player/admin talks about claims, someone using a wrongly or, someone getting kicked because he uses a motorcycle, etc. The points admin use to kick are all legit, like "taking a motor cycle" resulted in a kick for "abusing team resources" (happened in RIP server because probably because someone wanted that motor cycle ).
  9. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    I think you have said it better in a more general aspect. I know the clans are not the cause, they are merely the symptoms ( hard felt though ) in this gameplay issue. Im hoping Admins or Devs will pay attention to my post and my points and maybe even ask changes from the community to fix this structurally in the game.
  10. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    When i was inside a clan i never noticed how unmotivated the other team was because we out-rushed them placed a proper FOB and just stood there for 2 hours while the team back-caps and the game ends, we had a great time killing people rushing from main one by one because there is no buffer zone for regrouping. When clans dominate a server it all goes to shit real quick ( and notice how different clans try to join the same team instead of fighting eachoteher ), this is why balancing should be more focused and enforced somehow. Seeding could be resolved easily with a join button ( auto matching ), this might not be effective now since people already choose their favourite servers. It would help the seeding process a lot till this day. People joining an empty server in most modern games is normal but they expect an increase in player-base in a short amount of time ( auto matching ).
  11. Hi there Community, Just to start the discussion about clans servers. I have been playing this game since the start and so far got 3252 hours ( i can already hear people screaming, we don't care about your hours, you feel like a big man huh ). I have spend countless times training SL's that say that don't know what to do. i would help them throughout the game and give proper instructions. When there are no squads in the start of the round and people are waiting, i will tell people to create one and i will help them with every step ( often works ). By saying the above i want to state that i think i have a strong community sense and want to help the game get better. Clans promoting disastrous gameplay tactics: - 3 manned clan member tanks wiping out the whole game since experienced armour is hard to come by and will create a in-balance very quickly - Sitting just outside of main and not really on main and waiting for logi's and other vehicles to come out of main - Full squad of clan members rushing the first flags to cut off the whole chain of the enemy - Constant switching to US and leaving RU and INF mostly with not so experienced people. If you have played this game a lot, you might have noticed the mentioned issues above are incredible effective and will most certain destroy an almost 2 hour match. (also noticed they handing out macros that will create pre-defined named squads attached to a key bind to claim vehicles and heli's faster.) Balance Clan servers are mostly one side matches since even if you see 14 clan members in one side, they all have 1 friend in there and makes a full faction. When talking about balance they just all shift to the other side and destroy the other faction ( mostly because clans tend to play US only and switch to US on every occasion to simulate balance. Squad locking and guidelines (Please kick the members to accomplish the same, do not lock your squad). Why is squad locking in the game if you cant use it, why are the admins controlling the actual game mechanics and should they be able? Are there rules given from the developers that they have to uphold in order for their license to be renewed ( i can hear someones wallet getting empty by saying this ) You don't have to be on this server This statement is the first thing i hear when mentioning something incorrect, the problem is that all servers are clan servers with a large overlap in rules. Example of a good server I nominate PA servers as a very good example of an excellent clan server with minimal to almost no interference and seems to work perfectly fine. i think it has to do with the little amount of clan members dominating the their servers which makes the gameplay very balanced. Most people know PA server you can solo a tank if you wanted too, yet it almost never happens.
  12. API acces to player stats for tracker

    so i could setup a github project, and invite you all to it if we get a word from the developers
  13. API acces to player stats for tracker

    Hi community/squad, Is any form of API accessibility or a data dump where i could retrieve player data and parse it to visual elements and browsing players. I would like to build a tracker with all the data i can get to see if i can build something cool, just an experienced developer looking for a cool new ReactJS project. Any help to get this message to the squad creators is appreciated!
  14. Better Squad leader information feed from squad

    ARMA a great game (me as colonel, my members and my captain to the right, a shame that the mods were too "hacky" and to much of the same. (yes graphics are low because you want a good framerate) 90% of the time in ARMA3 as HQ im sitting on base with my map up giving orders to squads (sometimes 80 players) and listening to the radio to do a preemptive assist. I am missing a commander spot. This might be boring for a lot of players, yet this will complete the squad lead hierarchy.
  15. Better Squad leader information feed from squad

    I've seen this kind of reactions before on this forum. something along of (i am good and so should the rest be). is this because of the core PR community doctrine? don't get me wrong, i do realize that we should not make BF3+ out of this game, yet i feel that because some veteran players only play with clan servers and they forget that there are public servers too. numbering your members is a great idea, if you don't want to use it then don't use it :)