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  1. The US Soldiers Appear to be Wearing G3 Pants. Is That Accurate?

    Likely standard issued stuff - then stuff the individual soldiers buy at the PX on base (Sunglasses, Gloves, PMAGs, etc.)
  2. The US Soldiers Appear to be Wearing G3 Pants. Is That Accurate?

    Yeah, some US Army Units wear them. See this video below. I believe this specific unit is now rotating in Korea (correct me if Im wrong someone) As shown in the video; Also, in the fourth picture in your post OP, the guy in the blurred background is wearing it. However the guy infront of him is wearing what's more commonly seen. Which would be this; Pretty sure this is what a majority of the US Army Units in Europe and abroad are wearing.
  3. Alpha 9.17 Released

    Does OWI have insurance coverage?
  4. AM General Sues Activision For Humvee

    Humvees are being phased out of normal front line Infantry Units AFAIK, and being given away to other countries/discarded. So they probably still want some form of profit regarding any association to the Humvee.
  5. Core invetory - Vehicle ordnance

    According to Reddit Posts and the Discord posts/Monthly Recap, A10/CoreInv will allow for multiple Ammo types on any vehicle/weapon. From Mortars to IFV's. I could be wrong however.
  6. Im sure the current Inventory has something to do with it. Hopefully itll be adressed once CoreInventory is finished, along with being able to shoot out of vehicles and free look animations.
  7. HMG bullet drop very exaggerated

    An issue with the CROWS in game atm is that the actual RWS HUD/UI doesn't compensate for drop, i.e. the barrel won't target/zero itself so that the '+' will always align itself to the target and have the rounds hit as such. Im sure this is something that can be fixed with CoreInventory.
  8. Most of these posts are just complaints/dislikes with no constructive outlook as to how they could/should be fixed, which that in itself is the point of this post in the first place. @moderator, I'd suggest locking this thread.
  9. Let's celebrate!

    Haha nah man I was just reacting to the "No one cares post". Congrats on 1000+. Lots of contribution right there
  10. [Discussion] What makes a good Insurgency map?

    Flank points, lots of cluttered materials for hiding IEDs, sniper holes in walls. Choke points as mentioned, small alleyways that BLUEFOR conventional vehicles are too large for. Etc.
  11. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Looks dope! Can't wait to see further progress.
  12. Loving the USMC. Player models should also be accurate right? Considering the Marines also have the gear that's on the Army models?
  13. Let's celebrate!

    Lol damn...
  14. Will squad ever come to console?

    To answer your question, it has been talked about at OWI, but I highly doubt it's being prioritized, at least before 1.0 As an avid Xbox player, (Squad and War Thunder are pretty much the only games I play on the PC), I hope it does NOT come to console for the following reasons. Communication: Squad relies heavily on Communication. And the sad fact of the matter is, on consoles (from my experience on BF4/1, Operation Flashpoint, Rainbow 6, etc.) Random players just will not communicate, something that is common (and essential) in Squad and the Milsim stuff in Arma. You just have too many problems; The guy with a Kinect mic blaring Rap music in the background, the guy with his friends over so you just hear him talking to them the whole time, the guy that doesn't have a mic at all, and the larger issue being players that are in a xbox live party talking to their friends about their weekend. Along with Squad leaders who won't communicate with one another to a worse extent that is in Squad already in most servers. The console audience is just too casual for the amounts of communication required in Squad. Patience: I think its fair to say, that if Squad were to come out on consoles, the audience buying it would be the fast paced FPS crowd. As unlike the PC, there isn't much of an alternative (Squad on the PC has the Arma guys, CS:go dudes, milsim players, etc.) On console, you have the BF guys and the CoD guys. And those players are no way in hell going to want to go into game chat to talk to their Gunner on their BTR who is some random player they never met (they would rather just One man it), or do Logi Runs, Or wait 30-50 seconds for a helicopter to start up and take off (if PR is anything to go off of in terms of start up time for birds). There aren't going to be many players that will be willing to take out a shovel, and dig for a few minutes to put up some Hescos. So on and so fourth. Its just a totally different mindset. At least for Public Lobbies.