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  1. Let's celebrate!

    Haha nah man I was just reacting to the "No one cares post". Congrats on 1000+. Lots of contribution right there
  2. [Discussion] What makes a good Insurgency map?

    Flank points, lots of cluttered materials for hiding IEDs, sniper holes in walls. Choke points as mentioned, small alleyways that BLUEFOR conventional vehicles are too large for. Etc.
  3. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Looks dope! Can't wait to see further progress.
  4. Loving the USMC. Player models should also be accurate right? Considering the Marines also have the gear that's on the Army models?
  5. Let's celebrate!

    Lol damn...
  6. Will squad ever come to console?

    To answer your question, it has been talked about at OWI, but I highly doubt it's being prioritized, at least before 1.0 As an avid Xbox player, (Squad and War Thunder are pretty much the only games I play on the PC), I hope it does NOT come to console for the following reasons. Communication: Squad relies heavily on Communication. And the sad fact of the matter is, on consoles (from my experience on BF4/1, Operation Flashpoint, Rainbow 6, etc.) Random players just will not communicate, something that is common (and essential) in Squad and the Milsim stuff in Arma. You just have too many problems; The guy with a Kinect mic blaring Rap music in the background, the guy with his friends over so you just hear him talking to them the whole time, the guy that doesn't have a mic at all, and the larger issue being players that are in a xbox live party talking to their friends about their weekend. Along with Squad leaders who won't communicate with one another to a worse extent that is in Squad already in most servers. The console audience is just too casual for the amounts of communication required in Squad. Patience: I think its fair to say, that if Squad were to come out on consoles, the audience buying it would be the fast paced FPS crowd. As unlike the PC, there isn't much of an alternative (Squad on the PC has the Arma guys, CS:go dudes, milsim players, etc.) On console, you have the BF guys and the CoD guys. And those players are no way in hell going to want to go into game chat to talk to their Gunner on their BTR who is some random player they never met (they would rather just One man it), or do Logi Runs, Or wait 30-50 seconds for a helicopter to start up and take off (if PR is anything to go off of in terms of start up time for birds). There aren't going to be many players that will be willing to take out a shovel, and dig for a few minutes to put up some Hescos. So on and so fourth. Its just a totally different mindset. At least for Public Lobbies.
  7. Yeah I'm not a big fan of the current system either. Though Squad locking helps, there really needs to be some UI change that allows for dedication squad. Here's what I've thought about it. You go to create Squad < Drop Down pops up < Options given are "Infantry Squad", "Crewman Squad" (IFV, Tank, etc.), "Pilot Squad", so on and so fourth. < You choose which one you want, and are thus given a specialized kit, for example a Infantry squad gets the same kits as now, whilst if its a Crewman squad, its only a small rifle along with some grenades and bandages and nothing more. Though Im sure there can be some flaws with this idea. Or just bring in Crewman/Pilot kits and name the squads accordingly. Because as said, at the moment you can just have "Squad 1" be mostly infantry, some guy saying "Hey Squad Lead can we get the BTR-82 IFV at main? I just need the claim approval." So now you have a Infantry squad with a guy who is one-manning a IFV as if its BF4 and a SL who now has to control two entities in his squad. I know squad isn't supposed to be a PR 2, but there were a lot of things PR nailed that Squad could really use that would greatly improve gameplay. Granted, it's an Alpha. We shall see. /2 cents
  8. Submit Your Battlecam!

    Not exactly my favorite moment, but one of the few I got recorded. About 30 seconds after we pushed forward about 15-20 other players that were next to us by that berm all pushed across and overran the dozen or so Russians that were on that objective.
  9. Squad & Civilians

    Not too sure abotu Vanilla, but apparently Squad Ops has something planned for Civilian AI. http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=187
  10. Marksman vs Rifleman+optic

    One of the Monthly Recaps from a while back (April 2016). Not to mention the recent animations video shows a M110 with a scope AND a oppressor 6 seconds in.
  11. Marksman vs Rifleman+optic

    The Marksman Rifle is currently using the 4x32 ACOG that is on the M4. This is a placeholder as having high magnified optics in the game is not possible with the current animation system. (If you want to see what Im talking about, grab a Marksman kit, and look either straight up or straight down and shoot at something further than 5 meters away whilst doing so.) Once the new animation system comes in, this should be possible AFAIK. Mix that in with weapon resting and bi-pods, you got a new meta for that kit.
  12. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    TIL Bluedrake and PR Forums
  13. What happened to the british units

    It would make sense to release a new faction along with new animations from the salesman standpoint.
  14. How did you guys discover Squad? This is something I have been wondering. For me personally, it was a Pre-Alpha video a few years ago which prompted me to buy the game as soon as it went onto Steam. This forum has grown greatly in these past few months, so I'm now asking those reading this, how did you discover Squad? Steam? A youtube video? (if so, link the video!), a friend? Where did you discover it, and what made you buy the game? Looking forwards to your responses. I'd figure I'd get this started; This video is how I discovered the game. After watching some gameplay, I bought it.
  15. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    Don't your eyes act as a Gyroscope and roll to counter this?