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  1. RIP GG, thanks for the hard work!
  2. No point debating about this as it's a waste of time. The new animation system has already been confirmed and is likely to be in the game within the next 3-5 months or so.
  3. Legacy Server does NOT tolerate Revenge Kills. As much as it satisfies us from time to time to get payback, two wrongs do not make a right. There were three Admins on the server at the time, it would've been in everyone's best interest if you would've reported the issue to the Admins rather than taking the matter into your own hands by further killing a member of your own team.
  4. IMO in BF4 the BTR-90 takes 3 RPG rounds, just as the BTR-80 in Squad also takes 3. Speed does play a factor and I was disappointed to see the SPG-9 also taking 3 to the BTR. In realism terms (granted the game was never meant to be 1:1 realism in that aspect), especially with as thin as the BTR hull is (7-10mm), a simple RPG HEAT round should be able the hull no problemo. Not too sure about the Humvee, AFAIK the Doors are some of the strongest parts of it, however other parts are vanilla out of the factory from the 90s thin, However quite a few took and survived some RPG hits in Iraq. I guess well have to wait til localized damage comes in. Here you can see the front of a Ukrainian BTR-80 where a RPG punched straight through, fins and everything sliced through it. Granted there are 5 fins shown so I suspect it may have been a Tandem Round, which IIRC have 5 fins as shown. Feel free to correct me on that.
  5. Truuuu
  6. This constant passive aggressiveness going on here is totally unnecessary. Take it to PM or leave it.
  7. AFAIK when using the ACOG on the M4, there needs to be more Drop to meet with that chart you have. Atm the 300 meter marker on the ACOG scope is more like 150m.
  8. its 2017 and I'm still getting rickrolled smh
  9. Pretty much this ^. Just gotta wait it out until localized damage comes in. PhysX with UE4.14 should help a bit in terms of driving physics. For example, disabling a technical now is pretty much a case of shooting it until it blows up. In the future, disabling a technical may involve a well placed .50 shot on the engine block or something, you won't even need to shoot it until it blows up, it's already useless in terms of transportation. Those are my predictions anyways...
  10. Because the Mp443 was adopted as a standard sidearm of the Russian Ground Forces in 2003, whilst the Makarov (the one I'm thinking of at least) was fielded in the 50's. Regardless, OP needs to use the Search Bar next time, this topic has been discussed before.
  11. I doubt its likely for the time being. These things often take years to fully transition into the hands of your everyday GI. The new OCP camo for example in Squad is set in the current time and date - where helmets, kits, and gear are running Multicam however the C-Top/Pants are OCP. This shows that the US player models in Squad are set in the current time period, where OCP is still being phased into helmet covers and whatnot.
  12. Those poses are made in the editor by just clicking and dragging sections of the player models for show, not related to the new animations.
  13. Please refrain from instigating with others (which will only lead to an argument, this thread going OT, and getting locked.) My personal speculation with the free look system will be that of looking around as shown in the recap, however whenever the WASD movement keys are used the character then corrects his position, and moves in X direction fully. I.e. the whole upper body turning is only active whilst being stationary.
  14. November Monthly Recap
  15. It's important to remember the primary optimization stage isn't until Beta. No point adding in content, only to optimize, only to add in more content - and repeat. Might as well get all of the content out of the way to build the game, then once it's near complete, go ahead and polish it/optimize it to make it playable. Which is what OWI plans on doing. There's no point expecting early access games/games in Alpha to being well optimized right off the bat (not saying you're making such an assumption).