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  1. Don't your eyes act as a Gyroscope and roll to counter this?
  2. I think there is a reason why a lot of Forum mod's don't like threads like this. Someone dislikes what someone else likes, and it leads into an argument. Please keep it civil. This isn't the GTA Forums.
  3. /thread
  4. Free look is coming. As for movement, I feel the slowness is appropriate. For conventional forces I sorta wish it would be slower, along with US/British/RUS forces not really being able to jump more than a few inches once the new vaulting system is in, to simulate weight of body armor along with asymmetrical balance, making INS able to run and flank faster. Seeing US forces in full kit doing parkour over rooftops on Sumari is just odd to watch.
  5. I have a feeling that this tutorial list is going to be expanded if and when we start to get in new weapons systems
  6. This is just a small rant as Im sure this is due to change as localized vehicle damage comes in. How many RPG shots it takes to destroy vehicles, and the lack of realism there of. The BTR-80, takes 3 HEAT rounds, that is the same as BF ****ing Four... And the Stryker, it takes 4 RPG shots, realistically, it shouldn't be taking any and shrugging them off. Only being able to be destroyed by the HAT kit. A BTR-80 with 8mm steel armor shouldn't take 3 hits, and a thinly skinned Logistics truck/Toyota pickup sure as hell shouldn't be taking two.... But... thats in my perfect world that is very unlikely to happen.. /Pointless rant.
  7. Yeah, IIRC that would come down to Terrain Tiles. Which, if they do a pass on them, imo would make a massive difference on the Afghan/Iraqi maps. For the better.
  8. Someone should make a compilation of comparisons regarding certain angles of shared PR/Squad Maps (fools Road, Basrah, Kokan, etc).
  9. Im sure a lot of it roots down to CoreInventory. And by that I mean any advanced features/branches of vehicles outside of pointing and shooting.
  10. Blame Squad 2
  11. I see where you're coming from. However, even by that logic, if they were to make firing whilst jumping realistic, you should expect to not hit a damn thing. Sorta useless.
  12. rasism

    It has nothing to do with you being Russian (unless some Admin woke up with a stick up his ass). A lot of servers require English Only Squads for the sake of communication, and when they see a squad called "Russian mic" or "French INF" then that squad will be disbanded. Now, if you title it "Russian/English", that may assist you in being able to attract Russian and English speaking players whilst still adhering to the server rules and policy.
  13. Well, in constitutional terms, AFAIK the US Militia would be the National Guard. As far as the militia you're talking about goes, you would likely need some maps fought on the US mainland to go along with it, either way, I really like the idea. However I'd imagine it would be low priority. It would be interesting to see the mix of weapons they would have, custom AK's, M4's, European weapons, etc.