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  1. Played as Insurgents against US on Kohat PASS and Militia on Logar INF We beat the US Team by about 50+ tickets. We got up front with them (especially on Logar INF), they couldn't stand a chance, especially whenever they would try to get on the hilltops around Logar, our weapons packed a harder punch up that close.
  2. Pretty much this ^ To add on to that, Militia and Insurgents have Rocket Trucks, Anti Tank Grenades, a G3 and SKS which will kill you in two chest shots, SPG Recoilless Rifles, an M249 that deals more damage with more ammo/range, and soon to be IED's and Land Mines. What does the US Have? Accurate weapons, half as many AT rounds per squad, a simple up armored Humvee that can shoot far (which is worth more tickets than a Technical if lost), and 3-4 magnified optics per squad... <--- That alone should tell you that the US warfighting doctrine involves long range warfare. The truth is for the time being you just have to get up close and personal with them. I've been on Sumari countless times where we've pushed the US back to their first cap. It's possible, you just have to play like your faction does in real life (for the most part, not always).
  3. From the looks of it the time period Squad is set in is current, especially with the US Player models having Multicam helmet covers, backpacks and other kit, however they have the new OCP combat top/pants. This suggests that the US Player models are set in the stage where OCP is in, and other kit is still being phased out, however being used as Multicam for time being. Considering these things take years to fully implement service wide, for the time period Squad is in, I think the M9 would be fine. As much as I like the P320.
  4. reluctance? Man, (not you specifically) some people really need to understand that a game in Alpha that is a Work in Progress is still being developed. Remember BF1 about 10ish months before it was released? That's where we're at now, the only difference is that you can play it as more content is added in. Things are still coming together.
  5. Sometimes a lot of the squads end up being full. So yeah you can create your own Squad, but that's not everyone's cup of tea.
  6. Good point.
  7. I believe in the Squad SDK, there are some folders/files with "Bamyan" in it, so who knows.
  8. Sorry Bro. https://discordapp.com/channels/91294111071469568/91294111071469568
  9. Shall we revive this topic?
  10. To be able to see a character model's own breath in the cold upon exhaling. Especially on some of the E. Euro maps such as Gorodok INF. Smoke/Fires from burning wreckage to go higher into the sky. Dust from bullet impacts on walls/dirt to remain visible for a longer period of time. Dust from explosions to cover more area for greater amounts of time. Bring back Muzzle/Dust effects when firing a weapon. I'd say pretty much all of the ones I've just mentioned would be expensive on performance, however. Still would be cool regardless.
  11. Last I heard it may be around late Feb/Early March. Just a rumor. Stryker New Eastern Euro Map with Urban Buildings Mines/IED's Extended 4km Gorodok My expectations.
  12. Disregard
  13. Because "Murika has better budget for scopes F*ck yeah!!!" In all seriousness, balancing is still heavily being worked on. Factions will get their appropriate counter weapons to scoped factions eventually. Especially when Urban maps start to roll out.