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  1. V10 weapon muzzle control

    V10 makes you control your weapon unlike V9. It's like a proper sim racing game vs an arcade racer.
  2. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    I see that debug "CanClimb" statement in the vaulting video!
  3. Do vehicles have analog input? There could be a great config for drivers.
  4. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Oh my god every single thing about this Browning .50cal video is amazing, the animations, the particles, the physics, the sounds. Just holy shit, my avatar has never been more apt. Bask in the glory one more time:
  5. FOBs on Flags

    This works against a poorly made FOB. And only against a poorly made FOB. How to not make a poorly made FOB: Put barbed wire, only barbed wire, in entrances (have fun breaking into that), preferably in such a way that entry/exit is possible but one has to be careful, have multiple layers of barriers perpendicular to the exterior walls to prevent grenades from hitting more than 1 person (or group of people). Any building corner cover also needs a perpendicular barrier facing the exterior walls for similar reasons. And uh, that's it - oh yeah, have active medics. Just make judicious use of smoke when moving around the entrances. Obviously mortars and grappling hooks will change that game but it's not hard to make a pretty impenetrable FOB out of any compound larger than a shoe box.
  6. FOBs on Flags

    I wonder how everyone in this thread so vehemently against ever putting a FOB on a flag would react to having to try and take out a FOB defended flag that is bleeding their team of tickets. Well, I guess they'd probably still be vehemently against it, just for a different reason :V
  7. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 5.0

    Stuck spot in The Castle on Op First Light, E3kp2.
  8. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 5.0

    They probably want to test stability for 100 player servers, there were a couple of 100 player server tests pre-Early Access as well. They might spawn some vehicles in at the end or something just to see what happens but they've already said they aren't coming for alpha 5 haven't they?
  9. Here's what the sway is: You having to steady the weapon yourself. Good aiming practice IRL can't apply to a game that uses a mouse to aim, so it has to have a different idea of what good aiming practice is. What's more realistic, you having to actually steady your rifle, or the gun acting like it's mounted on a static testing platform?
  10. How Useful is Leaning in FPSes Actually?

    Leaning is very useful, it makes you a smaller target as well as a different target, great for busting in on people expecting someone to come strolling right in.
  11. FOB Placement Basics for AAS

    I've gone through the process myself while looking at making my own guide, for a simple guide it's really simple to do, upload the image (you also need a thumbnail which is probably the hardest part dammit) and add the text to a section. Steam guides you through the process and your guide isn't public until you explicitly tell it so.
  12. FOB Placement Basics for AAS

    Are you gonna be throwing this guide up in the Community Guides section for the game on Steam? I imagine it'd be very well received by the kinds of people who visit that area of their Steam games.
  13. I'm sorry but this is bullshit. WASD/QE is used in every method of travel, Alt (or whatever the default freelook key is) is always freelook regardless of what you're in. Helicopters (and aircraft) just add Shift and Z because there has to be a way to control the throttle as well as the stick and rudder. Fragmented community, terribly optimized engine, terrible interaction system that has barely changed in a decade, it relies on mods but mods destroy the performance even more due to how they run (though this problem is recently being worked around - but certainly not by the devs!), server framerates dictate client framerates... Arma has a ton of problems, you don't need to make any up.
  14. All I see people ask for from Arma is the improved stance system, which uses a grand total of one more key to add tons of useful functionality. I thought it'd kinda be a waste seeing the normal prone height, crouch height, and full height cover in the older maps, but the new urban map really shows how useful Arma's stance system could be. There's tons of cover that isn't really useful for anything except hiding behind in prone because we're so limited in how we interact with the world. All of the broken wall rubble for instance, and the vehicles, and just about every single group of objects would be way more useful if we had the ability to be in-between prone and crouch, or get even lower than prone, or be able to crouch just a bit lower or higher. We don't really need urban prone (well ok, more options is always nice, but that's certainly the least commonly useful option), but the ability to at least roll halfway in prone with the lean keys to use cover would be nice.
  15. To me it's more about gameplay than anything else. If vehicles can be immediately entered/exited at any point they end up functioning as fancy armor. PR tackled this problem with black screens/start times, pilot kits, and dangerous vehicle deaths though so it's not a huge stumbling block. Enter/exit animations are just a really cool solution to the problem, see the original Planetside for instance, or even GTAV, it doesn't matter if you can't destroy that tank before it kills you if you can kill the guy climbing into it.