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  1. Any ETA on V10?

    Honestly i just want the British faction to finally come into the game and would find it very amusing to see US V Brits on some map rotations just because i would find it fun. but the brits have been a tease before the game even came out and i would really enjoy seeing a new faction in game.
  2. Is it time for dedicated Roles aka Driver.

    i think having the ability to lock squads and naming your squad what is doing would be more than enough because i think the main problem is people dont want to sl they just want to shoot people and not listen to sl's. then when they get kicked from the squad or when they refuse to read a squads name (logi squad) they wine to the admins when they get kicked because their sl isnt doing much more than just that job.
  3. Road Blocking

    isnt basrah getting an expansion to fix this problem. if that is the case then problem solved and move on i understand that squad is a game but this is warfare and its always going to be unfair. if a us squadlead is blocking a bridge right outside of ins main then good on them for having the balls to get through the entire ins team and set that up. if the us forces beat the ins to the bridges out of their main at the start then at that point it your fault and not the us because you're taking to long to get out of your main and be ready for any us attack.
  4. Bring Back the Old Smaller Gorodok Map

    I honestly dont mind this map size i enjoy the need for not running and gunning your troops and trying to actually out think your enemy. you can always keep logis running to make sure you have spawn points and on the flip side you can cut off enemy logis to not allow them to harden a point or have the ability to place fobs carelessly. however some servers dont allow you to use these tactics so i can understand how this could be a pain but ive never really had any problems with asking for backup normally one squad can hold an objective long enough for a react squad to come back you up or you just focus your efforts on attacking until you cant push on one side then you move your troops and vics to push back against the enemy force after coming to a stop. you just need to remain flexible in the battlefield because nothing will go as planned.
  5. Server Crashes

    So as one of the admins for the server Valhalla we have noticed that sense 9.4 came out our server has been crashing. Im not sure if its with our server host (Spartan Host) or does it have something to do with the recent update.
  6. Server Crashes

    So as one of the admins for the server Valhalla we have noticed that sense 9.4 came out our server has been crashing. Im not sure if its with our server host (Spartan Host) or does it have something to do with the recent update.
  7. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    I love you so much right now lol. I have been saying this for a very long time that fobs are meant to be used as a building for def and an attack point just like a real fob would be used in real life.
  8. this is the biggest thing I see in this because we had just joined the server that game that's why at the start of the game (unrecorded) we had a member stuck on the us team but was able to change teams very shortly after. so prior to this game we had nobody in the server.
  9. require graphic optimization asap

    i mean honestly you cant knock the guy because this game does need it but not like when v7 first came out. the game runs a bit better now but if a map can bog down the servers and kill them and the 80 man servers are having a hard time running. the game needs a bit of opt because i want this game to become amazing because i honest love this game and want it to work out amazing.
  10. Make Squad great again...

    i got into an argument with another squad leader for wanting to put a fob in the middle of a feild and got called an idiot and that i need to read the art of warfare. i really wish i was making that up but after i burnt his first fob he did it again and that fob was the pinned down because he put sandbags around the fob and one yes one guy with an acog pinned down a whole fob. i love teaching people how to fob and super fob things correctly but i cant help it when people do that and refuse to listen. this is what i try to bring to squad with fobs on points but if it wasnt for supporting squads then this fob wouldnt have done so well. so when it comes to a time system or ranking system to stop newbs from being sl then im all for it because you cant read a book and act like you know how things work. i know im a decent sl im not perfect and have a shit ton to learn and try to adjust to but for **** sakes even the perfect sl couldnt help the guy i was in a game with.
  11. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    you have never gone against one of my fobs then.
  12. FOB Resupplying

    I can understand how programing this kind of thing could be hard to do, but honestly moving supplies from one fob to another really isn't anything uncommon in the real world. It is a huge thing to do with logistics. I know myself and others who know how to build up a fob correctly would like to be able to use this kind of system to bring supplies to our forward bases sooner. An example of this would be a push to attack the next point and instead of having to send an empty logi all the way back to main it could pull the supplies from someplace closer. That is all I'm implying as an idea.
  13. FOB Resupplying

    So I'm not a pr guy but was wondering with maps getting bigger and bigger are we going to be able to collect supplies from rear FOBs instead of having to drive all the way back to main for supplies. example of this is going back to a fob at cap point 2 for 1,000 supplies rather than back to main if the FOB has the supplies available.
  14. Banned from the server

    normally bans are for 24 hours so unless you were being a complete jerk to people your ban should already be lifted.
  15. Weapon suggestions?

    I know I wasnt in the army I was in the Seabees and we still used the M16A4 as the main weapon for our battalions and only the drivers or E7 and above got the M4 carbine so it is still in use in the military.