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  1. Logi description is same as fire support desc. Phat update.
  2. Weapons unnecessary animations

    Its the same issue with the law, currently animations to play out in full. We'd have to wait for the animation system revamp. Probably would see more situational animations, along with more variety in general (different reloads, dropping the rifle to switch to pistol, stress etc). Nothing too concrete at this point besides what was in the recap though. The actual speed of switching to secondary has always been a hot topic though, https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/4modyo/pistol_quickdraw/
  3. Weapons unnecessary animations

    Placeholders. They're due for an animation revamp, they picked up Kab. February Recap had some WIP shit that looks like reloading with some hustle behind it. http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=82 It's all out there folks, goddamnit!
  4. AMD Graphics Cards

    SLI/Crossfire both suck ass right now. With DX12/Vulkan going forward, explicit multi-adapter is going to make things very interesting, provided developers will make use of it. Maybe you'll run a Volta + Navi setup? I'm happy we're finally leaving this shitty DX11 Xbox quality generation of games. Hopefully we can finally get back to letting some devs be devs again and push limits than have them pump out cookie cutter, focus tested, imbred crap port games. So now we'll not only have the hardware but the games to match
  5. AMD Graphics Cards

    Made AMD Great Again. With Polaris, soon Vega and Zen, AMD is going to take care of Squad, AMD is going to work with Squad, Squad is going to be very happy, Squad is going to like dope framerate. Squad Devs don't have to be hamstrung anymore because everyone is going to get dope hardware. More fidelity for everyone. Distance field shadows? 100 man servers? Whatever IronTaxi had planned for lighting? Don't mean nothin', not a thing. We love our Squad Devs! Don't we love our Squad Devs folks?
  6. Alpha Version 6 Released

    They have QA. They ran sessions. They got Murphy'd. The important things are simple. The simple things are very hard. No plan survives the first contact intact. Prefect plans aren't.
  7. AMD performancee

    I hope 4.11 and 4.12 gives Vishera users the FPS they need. Then put a mercy round in it when Zen comes out. And then we can finally never ever hear about that arch again.
  8. Can this be renamed HVT Extraction for maximum tacticool points? Nicely done btw, would make a great game mode.
  9. How comfortable are you?

    I'm never comfortable. Got me some riflemen to revive.