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  1. Grenadier ADS Problem (Firing a grenade)

    For those who were looking for the same answer I was finally getting. Here's an image. (Numbers are representing the ROUGHLY AMOUNT of distance!)
  2. Grenadier ADS Problem (Firing a grenade)

    I tested it for 3 fu***** hours. the 50m are no problem. But with the 100m I get random results. Sometimes I have to use the 2nd mark (from bottom to high (5 marks total) )....sometimes the 3rd. FROM THE EXACT SAME SPOT. Next time be less salty with your comment... "geez"
  3. Grenadier ADS Problem (Firing a grenade)

    I know that my angle is not perfect. This image is just showing what I mean (talking about the ladder/leaf sight). EDIT: I think I just found out the answer to my question. Google keywords: "m203 ladder sight functionality" ( http://nebula.wsimg.com/1dc6a3a71a57b00e1ee625835f6b4ea3?AccessKeyId=2BC12C556C2779970E95&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 )
  4. Grenadier ADS Problem (Firing a grenade)

    I am talking about these 5 "spiky markers". Distance indications in near future are cool. But aren't there already people knowing which markers stands for WHICH distance (roughly)?
  5. Hello and good evening, (NOTE: Searching the web forum here with keywords like "GRENADIER", "GRENADIER ADS", "ADS" and so on didn't result fruitful.) I'ts been roughly 1-2 weeks playing SQUAD now. I learned a lot and still have to learn and adapt, but one of the few mysteries in weaponry and ADS is the grenadier (when firing a grenade). I don't quite understand, which "distance mark" (I call them like that, I don't know the exact proper English word for it) stands for which distance. I tested it on the firing range...to my confusion with no constant results. Would somebody be so kind and explain this problem to me? This problem also faced me when playing INSURGENCY and several other "real combat"-simulation games. I also tried to find an explanation on YouTube, but it seems, I only find the actual work routine of a grenadier.....but not on how to understand the weapon when ADS (firing a grenade). Cheers, Thund3rb1rd P.S.: Sorry for my bad english. It's not my mother tongue.