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  1. What country do you think will be added?

    Wake Island, Guadal Cana, Battle of Midway, Iwo Jima or Invasion of the Philipines?
  2. I would like to know more about 'alternate' primary weapon skins? Anything specific (images?)
  3. Auto Squad Names For SPECIFIC Roles/Assets or Standardised Squad Names The idea is basically about improving the organisation and understanding of the team layout and the job of each people in each squad. The practical game-design aspect may involve restricting kits, vehicles to an automatic or standardised squad name. Practical benefits of doing this: No arguing over asset allocation in automatic or standardised systemNo admin troubles related to the above issueCommander will know which squad has which asset (difference between Support or Logistics - current PR non automatic/non standardised system or the difference between tank and armour squad - as per current confusing free for all non sensical player named PR non automatic/non standardised system)Squad leaders will also be able to identify who to contact for whatever is required due to Auto squad name/asset system or standardised squad name systemPlayers will have a much better idea of the purpose of each SQUAD before joining itThere may be other benefits I haven't thought of I haven't thought deeply about the negative aspects of this system so forgive me if the idea sounds really stupid. So I would to give a few examples of how an Auto name system or standardised name system could work. Mil. advisors would probably be able to produce better organisation than my list below: SUPPORT - Logistics truck, (or at least 1 logistics truck for logistic/eng squad and not assault squad who also happen to take the logistic truck) Mortars, Transport Heli, Infantry Carrier (or at least 1 infantry carrier for infantry carrying squad and not assault squad who also happen to take the infantry carrier), Intelligence Role (if there is one EG ICOM - listening to selected or random enemy channel if implemented),Ammo carrier (or at least 1 ammo carrier ......) ARMOUR - Main Battle Tanks, Anti Air Vehicles, Anti Tank Vehicles (my bad categorisation at work here) RECON - Recon vehicles (BRDM, Scimitar) Sniper (or at least 1 sniper.......), UAV Controller, Recon Helis if implemented (usually the small helis or lightly armed ones) CAS - Helicopter 'gunships' Apache/Hind, Little Bird, ALL JETS (all jets are potentially CAS due to cannon) MECH INF - BMP/BRADLEY/BTR/WARRIORJust an example here and I did hitn my categorisation would be bad. However, as you can see and try to organise it is something difficult to organise and that's why I suggested this because it would be much more helpful if Squad developed a standardised or automatic name system. Not every vehicle would have to be associated with an auto squad name due to multi purpose or use of some vehicles or the commonality of them or variants.
  4. What is Immersive Driving? Immersive driving is probably the polar opposite of all FPS land based vehicle control. I'm not sure how to implement it fully but some examples have been suggested in other threads. The idea is to enhance the experience of driving vehicles and make it much more interesting and also slightly more challenging Immersive Driving Might Include: Manual gear changing only (perhaps unrealistic but used to enhance driving and hence gaming experience)The ability to turn on and off engines Vehicle brakeHandbrake/parking break/mountain brake (to stop or resist the annoying sliding down terrain to a certain degree)Balancing Terrain with Vehicle Speed and ManoeuvrabilityPerhaps a 'GPS direction system' for some maps (not neccessarily all, not sure if possible)Exterior Mirrors or Camera views (JACKAL can be mounted with FLIR, I'm not talking about 3p view)Vehicle Dynamic Damage, Disability, Decal & Destruction System (Vehicles that are disabled/unusable AND not exploded/onfire/'wreck' status)Dynamic Dashboards (speed gauge ect)Lock vehicle/Restrict Vehicle to squad/personnel(with automatic unlock time of 10 or 15 minutes - so team can still use vehicle if vehicle is abandoned or squad disconnects)More terrain features specific to vehicles (traps/ditches, road craters ...model could be 'blast crater', impassable terrain/roadblock, enforced usage of deployable bridges (in a minority of maps or to cross a certain area of the map, limited terrain deformation limited for network physics and bandwidth, player made terrain traps...limited with conditions, more chances of crashing vehicles with careless driving)Vehicle Driver VOIP Channel (friendly team only)Vehicle sensors for parking/proximity'Shot Detection' Sensor for vehicles that have it IRL (system gives audio cue to compass bearing, device exists IRL...not sure if it is used much or deployed. Probably used to feed intel to machine gunnners or disembarked troops)Passenger Injuries from SOME crashesObviously some of these ideas have been suggested and I've tried to link them (where possible). However, I did add some original ideas into the mix and my suggestion is the actual concept of driving needing to be improved upon from PR. I'm not endorsing or saying all of the suggested implementation ideas are good. They're just ideas to hopefully inspire ideas or possibilities.
  5. Providing Balance in Assymetrical 'Missions'

    Interesting news indeed.
  6. The Idea is About Realistic or 'Balanced' Vehicle Handling Realistic = REALISTIC Balanced = BALANCED FOR GAMEPLAY From personal observations (and I'm sure other people might agree) it seems that PR (and probably ever other FPS) never had realistic vehicle handling regarding the terrain. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I'd like to give some practical examples from PR: Vehicles can essentially drive up huge steep hills at speed which wouldn't be possible (issue is further enhanced by 'shift' boost) Vehicles can drive incredibly fast regardless of the terrain (in real life different terrain would cause different speeds, maybe I'm wrong on this 'observation') Vehicles generally speed around on and off road with little resemblance of what is the norm in combat driving (usually vehicles are only maxed out in speed when retreating, maybe a mil. advisor can affirm this or the likely hood of reaching top speeds or the conditions neccessary to do so)So to summarise, here's what my suggestion might include in practice: Slower AccelerationTerrain resistance implementation/unique terrain acceleration propertiesSlower speed in general for certain vehicles, just because a vehicle can drive so many mph/kmph in real life doesn't mean it is driven that way with added weapons, armourment, cargo, personnel, terrain, weather and mechanical conditionsNo 'Boosting' for vehicles without an after-burner or some similar IRL featureTerrain that is severely resistant to speed (might be snow for instance)Speed Limited Terrain where it is not possible to reach past a certain speed limit (possibly with side effects of going too fast)My suggestion is about the concept. I included some ideas with the concept. Realistic Vehicle Handling *Might* Be Too Much For A Game Balanced Vehicle Handling Would Be An Obvious Nerf of Vehicle Handling (in comparison to PR)
  7. Spawnable Asset Location For Crew

    Live with consequences of??? fully crewing a vehicle? Not fully crewing vehicle? crewing the vehicle but crouching in the turret ring except when there's no enemies? Like the infantry live with the consequences of getting shot at and they can't be resurrected? Oh wait ... tank is crewed by 4 IRL but only 3 in game and 1 additional spawn would be unrealistic? It is not as though the gunner being killed is always the crews fault. I accept it usually is. Hence there's conditional spawning. Users have also suggested alternatives which I added to the OP. Personally I would find it hillarious that: A player can support the revive mechanic of the medic but doesn't accept that a tank gunner can't respawn, nor can they be revived due to game mechanics A player can support the rally point mechanic but is against the concept of the alternative for tanks or a RP for Tanks Player doesn't want gunner to spawn on tank due to realism concerns. Yet some of the tanks have 4 crew IRL and there's only 3 in-game.Just because the feature is present in arcade titles does not negate it's usefulness as long as it has conditions (see original post).
  8. Spawnable Asset Location For Crew

    Sounds nice. However, when I think I've rarely seen a TRANS squad in PR that didn't operate by AIR or become redundant upon the construction of a Firebase (the assumption of the basis of your disagreement is assets are available and people are willing to fulfil the role whereas at least in my experience . Furthermore it's harder to find a skilled AIR squad to get that success in finding the tank). It's hardly like they're 'magically' appearing due to CONDITIONS (if you read that part of my post, eg they could only spawn once with a spawn time penalty). If Realism is something you support over gameplay then know that sometimes do indeed have 4 crew members and not 3. Furthermore, assume that the vehicle death mechanics are the same as PR. He can't see a medic unless he bails out of the tank (which is hard when dead) but this is further hampered by the fact he cannot be revived. The concept of resurrecting a shot combatant is unrealistic of itself it's a gameplay mechanic for the medic and teamwork and I would argue that this is a gameplay mechanic which has limited conditions and fulfils the gap of being able to be ressurected. Okay, so what if he goes to a Friendly cap zone as a condition where there is no enemy and waits there for a minute or so to enable the spawn?
  9. Edit:- At the bottom of my OP I have added user suggested alternatives. The Controversy Vehicle spawns have been tried & failed or unwanted in tactical/military simulation type games. However, PR gameplay does actually have a unique scenario which is common which could justify the feature in a limited context. Why? Your tank is fully crewed. Driver, Gunner and Machine Gunner set out on their journey to promote peace and democracy in their tracked beast which would probably be legally defined (in American law) as a weapon of mass destruction. Jokes aside, you've spent 3 minutes travelling to where you want to go whilst telling your fellow crew the most intimate secrets of your existance due to the excrucianting boredom incurred on the taxing journey (but it's only been 3 minutes). Suddenly your machine gunner has died upon 1st contact (sounds familiar right?). Now the heartbreak begins, Machine Gunner is no longer the machine gunner: RTB 3 miles up, 3 miles down to pickup your regenerated machine gunner?Crew continue playing as RPG magnet?Squad becomes split upMachine Gunner may be forced to lone wolf for sometimeMachine gunner may rage quitCan't be bothered making way to tank from Firebase or non mainbase spawnOnly mainbase spawn available Solution Conditional Tank spawning (and for vehicles that encounter similar scenarios). Example of conditions: In tank squadwas previously in 'exposed' part of vehicle (example - turret area of the machine gun of tank)was killed whilst in 'exposed' part of vehicle (eg turret area of machine gun)Only spawns in 'exposed' part of vehicle (eg turret area of machine gun)Possible additional spawn time penalty for this feature for gameplay purposes/balance issuesPossbily limit to once or twice per each spawn of each tank (for balance)Spawn can only occur in friendly capzone once the tank has been there for 1 minute User Suggested Alternatives That the feature replicates the fact that SOME tanks are crewed by 4 and not 3 "if a tank IRL has 4 crewman, and you only have 2 players inside (driver/comander and gunner), and someone dies, the dead player should take control of one of the other NPCs until there is no more crew available." Tank SL To Deploy Rally I think maybe alternatively, you could allow a Tank SL to drop a rally whilst he is inside a tank? Or even then you could dismount, drop rally at the expense of no time at all Concept Is Present in Other Areas Of Game (addressing gripes) Shot players can be resurrected and brought to full health after being shot. Why not the tank MG gunner? SLs can drop RPs. Why can't Tanks spawn in 1 crew member (or drop RP) with added spawn conditions? Thoughts?
  10. Hi. This isn't a suggestion as the suggestion has been made (regarding a new scoreboard concept). This is a thread for the discussion of what a user or admin would find useful in a scoreboard. The pretext is that many players find the scoreboard to be a frustrating feature that gives unrealistic aid in identifying killed units and is a justification for a minority of players to try and appear on the top of a list. Furthermore, the end score of a person can be just irrelevent to what a person has contributed to the team (there are many examples of this). People have obviously they stated they would like to see the K/D or a score at the end of a round and before a round. So, now the 'Scoreboard' can become a place for practical information which could prove as a useful tool to admins and players alike. So, What Would You Like To See On The 'Scoreboard'? The thread isn't for discussing individual examples given (as some of them are very controvertial but have been mentioned in the suggestions forum), they are to generate feedback on what a scoreboard could actually be used for. Examples: Playerlist (obviously, possibly organised by Squad or Alphabetical or both means for functionality)Teamkills that each player has been punished for (admin use for banning)Microphone detection icon (to detect audio-input hardware, this is useful for admins (kick no mic), squad leaders (kick no mic, stop asking if mic and players)Idle Indicator someone is AFK for 10 minutes (for admin or auto kick)Squad Name next to player on scoreboardSquad Status next to player (Squad Leader tool: sets as: ATTack, DEFending, PATrol or ReGRouping)Ability to mute mic spammers in scoreboardAbility to votekick from scoreboardPlayername can be selected to produce additional information in form of tab/commo rose - see next bullet point for ellaborationSteam Contact Details (optional) Or Squad Forum Username or have a tab which displays this information when a player's name is selected (EG player's name is clicked, small tab/commo rose appears with options including, mute, votekick, copy STEAM username, copy SQUAD forum username and so on)Flag representing Geographical location (optional)Objectives capturedReputationNumber of times banned from servers or kicked (admin tool to recognise regular 'griefers', possible alternative to reputation system)PingClan/Community TagDefining Icon next to player representing special asset (possibly limited to Tanks/Air, similar to Squad drop down feature of map screen in PR but applied to scoreboard for quicker finding, could be useful for admin)What do you think would be useful on a 'scoreboard' for SQUAD?
  11. I don't play PR much these days. Yes, black & white is another oddity that has appeared in the community. However, my main point of the suggestion is to formalise these phrases into a universal system through a manual or a training mode or community engagement. The result being better communication & more realistic comms.
  12. Country/language Flags Next To Usernames

    Perhaps that's not true. It is entirely possible that a game can auto-detect hardware and display an icon indicating it's presence/functionality (similar to how apps auto-detect hardware). IDeally, this could be on the scoreboard (I have already suggested this funnily enough in your new thread about the scoreboard!)
  13. Concept: A Different Kind Of Scoreboard

    I enjoyed reading the suggestions of the OP. It would be great if SQUAD could also add the suggestion to it's features simply because it would give SQUAD it's own identity and unique aspects in the FPS world (I don't recall seeing a scoreboard that doesn't show K/D for instance). Fresh Appraoch For Scoreboard(admin+player benefit) K/D AFTER Round and BEFORE roundTeamkills displayed all the time (except forgiven, server admin benefit)Microphone detected (for admin to save them checking mumble list or voip list or manual asking of squad also useful squadleaders!)Idle status (if Idle for example...for server admin benefitSQUAD Number/Name (EG Alpha, Brave or none - Admin Benefit)Arrange in-game scoreboard by squad (Admin and Player Benefit)SQUAD Status/Objective (Squad Leader sets Squad 'Status' as DEFend, ATTack, PATrol or Something short for in effective or regrouping - player, commander and admin benefit)Ability to Mute Mic Spammers from Scoreboard (Player benefit)
  14. Hi. This thread is dedicated to all of us due to the saying "I am Dead-Dead" How to stop this? Simple, in a training mode or manual or community effort there needs to be a clarification. Dead is Dead. You're not being resurrected by a medic.Injured needs a medic bag for magical human flesh crisis resolutionCritical is the guy who's on the floor and needs to be electrocuted to come back to lifeSounds cool? Cool.