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  1. Project Awesome is a casual community for friendly, mature gamers of all skill levels and play styles who want to meet, hang out and play games in a positive environment. Toxicity and unfriendliness in gaming aren’t fun for a lot of people. PA is a community for anybody looking to escape that all too common mentality. We take pride in being noob friendly and open to anybody who wants to play games, and have fun. Squad Servers: [PA] Project Awesome #1 | New Player Friendly | ENG [PA] Project Awesome #2 | New Player Friendly | ENG [PA] Project Awesome Event Server (Internal Events Only) Server Location: United Kingdom Server Primary Language: English Server Slots: 80 Website (WIP): http://projectawesome.com Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/projectmilsim Discord: http://projectawesome.com/discord Teamspeak: projectawesome.net Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ProjectAwesome You need to appeal a ban or bring something to the attention of an admin? -> Message our HelperBot on discord. Banned from Discord? Message us via Reddit modmail. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Server rules: Be friendly, stay calm, help new people, have fun. Squadleaders must use a mic, speak English and make an effort to communicate. Do not teamkill or intentionally wound a friendly player. Mistakes happen. If it was an accident immediately apologize in all chat. All vehicles requiring crewman have to be 2 manned when taken into active battle. We have zero tolerance for racism, griefing or confrontation. Do not make things personal, degrading or confrontational on our server. No locked 1 man squads (except logistics). Do not open a squad in the beginning of the round if you do not intend to lead it. Do not recruit on our server. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Seeding Rules: Seeding rules apply when the server is less than 20v20: Only fight over the middle objective(s). Do not build FOBs/HABs on capture points. No FOB hunting. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________