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  1. The Fire House

    Welcome to The Fire House! We do not handle ban appeals or server issues on this forum. Please visit us in discord at discord.firehouse.wtf for the aforementioned. Point of contact on forums: Fire Truck ***** SERVER RULES ***** 1. Behavior 1.1 No trolling/toxicity 1.2 Zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and the like. 1.3 No excessive spam of text chat or voice channels 1.4 Never intentionally teamkill - always apologize for tks 1.5 Players with inappropriate/offensive names will not be allowed on the server. These names are covered by the criteria of rule 1.2. 2. Gameplay 2.1 No 1-man locked infantry squads. 1-man squads are allowed for Logi or Heli ONLY. 2.1.1 If using the assigned 1-man squads, you must be performing your designated duties at all times or risk being disbanded. 2.2 Always focus on and support the active objectives. 2.3 Always use the Squad Leader kit as Squad Lead, have a microphone and be capable of speaking English. 2.4 Never engage anything halfway past the closest objective to main for AAS/Invasion, 300m for Insurgency or 300m for RAAS until overridden by a closer cap. Created objectives, like FOBs or vehicles firing within 300m, become fair game. 2.5 Never abuse glitches or main's protection zone. 2.6 Squad leaders reserve the right to remove you from a squad at any time for any reason. 3. Vehicles 3.1 Never waste assets or abuse the role of any vehicle. 3.2 Always have two crew assigned to ground vehicles requiring crewman kit. Never engage without a driver and gunner inside the vehicle 3.3 Always honor the respawn order of vehicles in main. If they were there first then they get it. 3.4 First properly named squad gets the claim. (Denoted by squad #) ex. "2 Strykers", "Tanks" (all tanks), " 1 Bradley", NOT: "Armor", "Aircraft", or other names too generic you couldn't possibly crew all of. Suggested names for a claim squad: - MTLB - ZSU - APCs/Stryker/BTR/BTR-80/FV432 - 30mm/BTR-82A/30mm MTLB - Bradley/Warrior - MBT/Tank/M1/Abrams/T-72s - Helis/Helos/Helicopters/Mi-8/Blackhawk/UH-60M - Logi SEEDING RULES The following rules only apply to the server during seeding times (defined as the server being <20v20 active players) 4.1 Always fight over the central objective(s). 4.2 Always place your team's HAB at least 100m away from the fight objective(s). 4.3 Never attack FOBs/HABs past the central objective(s) 4.4 Never use any vehicles except logistics or non combat transports. 4.5 Never attack with mortars while seeding.
  2. Banned for joining a squad

    Changed your mind solely based off of some words said on the internet instead of making your own informed decision based on personal experience. LMAO this just gets better and better.
  3. Banned for joining a squad

    https://www.reddit.com/r/DesmosPlayground/comments/5f28ea/server_rules_please_read/ Weird, looks like you broke a rule and got punished for it. Also, bans CAN have time limits on them. For instance, I can ban someone for 1 day or even for 1 hour if I feel like they just need a timeout so they can cool off. Looks like your ban went from timed to permanent in a matter of the time it took you to post this shit on the squad forums. While I appreciate your desire to trash talk our server in front of the majority of the squad community, need I remind you that you made yourself look like a ****ing child and you should probably go get a fresh bottle of milk in your sippy cup. When you get done with that, grow up, relax, and play the ****in game. Just... not in our server. Thanks!
  4. Welcome to Fire Truck's basic communications guideline for Squad. The following guide will cover the basics of calling out enemy locations and movements in the most effective and concise manner for those otherwise less-informed players. The information used in creating this guide comes from various sources, including some U.S. Army Blue Cord soldiers and Professional Firefighters. For starters I would like to say thank you to the new players for purchasing the game and welcome to our awesome community. While we know that at times Squad can be a very complex game, there are certain key elements to the game that, if used effectively, can drastically improve the outcome of your squad and team's performance during a match. The element we will cover today is what I personally consider to be the most important, communication. With the large influx of new players after the free weekend and the steam sale, I have noticed a couple verbal "errors" (for lack of better word) through local and squad chat as well as command comms. This guide will cover the basics in order starting with local and ending with some tips on improving SL or Command comms. Local: Local voice chat is something used to speak to personnel in your immediate vicinity (25m in all directions). This is most beneficial for calling out enemy locations or "bearings" as we call them so that the players around you know which direction to focus their fire. Proper use: If an enemy or a tracer is spotted in a specific direction, that bearing needs to be shared over local voice chat. "Enemy spotted 136 on the hill" will inform the players next to you to turn to their 136 bearing and start firing. Improper use: An enemy vehicle is spotted on the roadway running eastward at a high rate of speed and you do not plan on engaging because of distance, you inform your local vicinity of this and no action is taken. Squad: Squad chat is for when you are too far away from a member of your squad that you NEED to be in contact with. Bearings should never be called out over squad comms if you are aiming for quick and effective communication. Instead, try using a landmark and orient the enemy's position based off of that landmark. Proper use (enemy location): If an enemy is spotted running NORTH OF the BLUE HOUSE, this can be called over squad radio as "One enemy running NORTH OF the BLUE HOUSE across the road". This will help your entire squad orient themselves to the BLUE HOUSE and prepare to neutralize the threat. It may also inform your teammate who IS north of the blue house to turn around when he realizes "Oh shit I just LEFT the blue house". Another use is "enemy TECHNICAL entering from the NORTH". Improper use: Calling bearings over this channel is a no-no. You must remember that your bearing is based off of YOUR location on the map, and that another squad member's bearing could be completely different from yours. Calling out the BLUE HOUSE location as "247 from me" would require every squad member to look at your position, figure out the relevant bearing, and adjust to that bearing from where they are. Try to imagine doing that in game when you're 200m from your teammate... Go ahead I'll wait. SL Comms: I have noticed alot of struggling with SL communications and squad leaders having a hard time depicting what it is they need from other squads and what information must be shared immediately. For starters, you might find better luck using what we in the fire service call "Hey you, it's me". This is a basic form of getting someone's attention when you have relevant information to share with them (ex. Squad 3, this is 2 we need manpower at Malak Abad). Any instance of a defending squad beginning to lose a flag needs to be made apparent ASAP. It is not embarrassing to lose a defend flag and ask for help, so humble yourself and help your team be victorious and call for backup early. Once you get them coming, you can turn them away once you have the situation under control. Information that SHOULD be relayed: We are losing (Flag name) and need help. We are capturing (Flag name). We are losing our FOB in (Grid Coord). We are placing a FOB in (Grid Coord). We are sending help to (Flag name) via BTR. We will attack (Flag name). We will defend (Flag name). Information that should NOT be relayed via SL comms: "Hey There's a guy over here on me". "Utter silence and no microphone activity". "Squad 3 what the **** are you doing over there". Thanks for reading this text guide on communications, if it gets the right amount of feedback and positivity I will proceed with a more in depth video/picture guide pertaining to these aspects of communication as well as a few more. Thanks again and remember... Save the cheerleader, save the world.
  5. http://www.twitch.tv/the_fire_truck/v/57265144 http://www.twitch.tv/the_fire_truck/v/57265797 http://www.twitch.tv/the_fire_truck/v/57266275 The first two are glitches on the walls at the new Mine Entrance. The last is a much smaller issue with jumping and small rocks. It seems the rocks are rendering taller than they actually are. Sorry that there isn't a map dictating the location of the 3rd video, I didn't realize where I could report bugs until now. However, I will be posting more that I find as I play since I can look back to the VODs and pull them from highlights.