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  1. Akamalipc's Videos

    Hello everyone, Here is a preview of what my channel offers squad wise, remember to subscribe if you like more of these kinds of videos: Thank you. I'll see you in-game!
  2. Scouting - 20 Confirmed Kills

    I know right? Most of the time I know who an enemy is just by their guns (I get really confused when Militia fights Russia)
  3. Scouting - 20 Confirmed Kills

    I don't know if you could hear the gun shots coming from the doorway side, but for me I heard it from that direction that's why I aimed there and rushed the window, but hey, sh!t happens. :D
  4. Scouting - 20 Confirmed Kills

    great eyes! Now I see him as well, I thought he was one of us (If I remember correctly, I think the squad leader can have an M4 as an option) but then again, he did not have any tags over his head. I have no idea how none of squad 2 (including myself) did not recognize him as an enemy. I think he was as confused as us because of the two teams similar outfits.
  5. Scouting - 20 Confirmed Kills

    yea that was actually my recording software, not the server. My score always scks when the match is over, so why would I show it? :D
  6. Scouting - 20 Confirmed Kills

    Hello everyone! I updated the graphics and used a new rendering setting! I hope you enjoy the video! Please leave your feedback for future improvements. Thanks for your time!
  7. Squad Day Series

    I believe it was the outcome of brightening it up in the editing software. thanks for the info mate, I'll tweak the settings once I start playing later on, again, thanks for your help!
  8. Squad Day Series

    thanks for your feedback, I will try to push the settings next time I record. The thing is, I don't know what to upgrade with an I7 3930K, 16GB ram and a gtx 970, I get about 80FPS on ultra when I play battlefield 4, the game just needs to be more optimized.
  9. Squad Day Series

    Hello everyone! I am having a new series on YouTube regarding squad, I hope you guys/girls enjoy it. Please leave your feedback for future improvements. Thanks!
  10. Squad - First Impressions - Epic!

    hello everyone, thank you very much for your feedback, I am glad you guys enjoyed it. I will use your feedback to further improve my future videos!
  11. Hello from Kurdistan/Iraq!

    again, thanks guys! see you ingame!
  12. Squad - First Impressions - Epic!

  13. Hello from Kurdistan/Iraq!

    Thanks everyone! @solidfire93 badllma :D
  14. Hello everyone! my name is akam, and I am from Kurdistan/Iraq! I am glad that I joined this great community, I can't wait to play with you guys! Feel free to add me on skype (akamalipc) if you are playing regularly and like playing in a serious squad. Thanks and have a nice day/night!
  15. Squad - First Impressions - Epic!

    Hello everyone! my name is akam, and I am from Kurdistan/Iraq! After a long wait, I finally bought the game and gave it a go! I have to say that it is as good as I expected, here is my initial impressions on the game: Stay tuned for A LOT more videos to come! I really appreciate your feedback for future videos and let me know what kind of videos you enjoy most regarding squad! Thanks and have a nice day/night!