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  1. v10 lag spikes, fps drops

    True, but it didn't have the issues I have now since a few patches ago. It's unplayable for me after 10 minutes. bummer..
  2. v10 lag spikes, fps drops

  3. v10 lag spikes, fps drops

    I am having the same issue, seemed to start after installing the V.10 alpha public test back in December. I also have a AMD FX-9590 Black Knight processor with 16 GB RAM and an Sapphire RX-480 graphics card on Windows 10. Tried about everything in updating drivers for graphics card, chipset drivers, general windows driver support fixes, re-installing game, verifying integrity, etc. etc. Cleared User Cache multiple times in testing things (Wait for vertical refresh is OFF/Frame Rate Target Control is OFF) [Have tried with both things ON but didn't help or hurt] Changed DNS servers, NO change, checked to make sure access was allowed via router setting, all good there. I reduced sound quality to low and restarted and have tried all graphics settings to see if anything resolved. The Preload Textures option is set to OFF. Checked firewall and anti-virus, turned off for awhile and NO change. It seems like a memory leak or a network issue. Have no known heat issues, blew out case, cards, etc.. I have no other game that does this or has any issues like this or any issues.. I can join a server fine and get a steady 60-90 FPS for about 8-10 minutes then I get random lag spikes every 10-20 seconds apart, driving is impossible, frame rate goes from 65 FPS down to 14 FPS, and sometimes down to 2-3 FPS for 1-2 seconds then plays fine until the next spike 10-20 seconds later. My trying different drivers etc. I found the most stable AMD driver is Crimson ReLive Edition 17.11.1 so far. Some of these fixes/updates got me a few more FPS when the game is not spiking but the game becomes pretty much unplayable after 10 minutes in any server. Any help would allow me to play normally again.
  4. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    Breacher / Heli''s / Jets / Mortars / Tanks / AT & Anti Air weapons is what I'm waiting for.
  5. Greetings from an ex PR-Dev Mapper

    I remember playing the Bagdad map a little one time with a dev or two. Looked pretty cool, one of the first i saw with blowing sand and stuff on the BF2 engine..
  6. Teabagging bodies? Disruptive behavior?

    Yea totally agree, it's no big deal.
  7. Cheating

    I've always felt the same about people cheating as I do about people stealing, frankly you should keep your morals in check or lose limbs.. yea, a little harsh maybe. No not really, have some morals about how you live and interact with others.
  8. Slower infantry feels great. Thx Devs!

    Yea, much improved on the movement speed, one of the first things I noticed after firing up v 7.
  9. edit @invisible.nin/SINE removed entirely unneccessary post
  10. Water Vehicles?

    I would expect the 18' rigid hull inflatable black boats like in PR. (As a side note I used to make these for Zodiac)
  11. so are we comparing completed products to an early alpha here??
  12. Bringing Project Reality Maps Back.

    Nice thread! Would love to see PR maps remade and updated for Squad along with new maps too. Operation Archer, Bijar Canyons, or Korengal Valley in Squad, that'd seriously kick ass. Any PR map would be awesome, those aren't my favs but think it would be interesting to see how they remake them for Squad such as general scale, view distance, and elevations. Can't wait to see all maps evolve here with vehicles/helos, etc. (when will breacher be here btw?)
  13. I got stuck trying to go prone under boxcars at railroad tracks at lumberyard.
  14. Battlefield 1

    Their preview looked horrible...
  15. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    nice!! So the SDK update is in about 8 weeks or v 6.0/both? Oh yea, and is there huge colas on some of the ganja now? (very important)