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  1. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    My version was better
  2. Community content WIP thread!

    You will have to do a retopology in max afterwards. Cause CAD topology will be terrible, and if you change something in it you will lose all custom normals. And all this only if you do import everything into max correctly and sometimes it really tricky for CAD surfaces. Also you can't bake smooth surfaces, otherwise you're gonna get some shading artifacts. You have to do their curves by polygons. Also why you can't bake everything is because the plane is giant. So if you unwrap it like usual one-texture-asset the texure will be very blury and its resolution will be really big. So this asset should be a midpoly, this mean that all the curves should be modeled by polygons and you have to use tiled textures or blend some textures together using some fancy masks and shaders (like shaders which was used in Unreal Tournament (here is a video, but it will be really hard to understand something if you're not have decent knowledge of UE4 material system)). But it is a great opportunity to use mesh decals. Cause all this bolts and pins can be a decals as well as other details. So this asset should be done and textured the same way as environment asset, like buildings for example. This mean that all the work you're doing in CAD can be used only like guide for further work in 3d modeling software, which could be done without it.
  3. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Get familiar with plastic?
  4. Hi. I may found a solution about how to fix the issue when weapons penetrate throgh a wall. I think you might be interested to take a look. Here is the video that explains everything: And here is my thread with all the details and links to download.
  5. Yes, this is a drawback. But nothing is perfect. Yep. You may say so.
  6. SUBJ I'am researching something... And I'm looking for some help... It all began on one of the Russian forums, we started talking about the fact that if there was an opportunity to render weapons with different FOV, then aiming will become more convenient and the weapon will be rendered without any stretching. I was really familiar with this method back in times when I was doing my own project on Source Engine (it has this ability by default). So I decided to research what UE4 can offer. And I should say from the start that there are no such possibility in UE4 like render something with different FOV. However, I may found a way to walk around this problem. But first thing first... At the start my search I've found that in UE4.9 was added some solution for this. Here is the link. Some additional search has brought me in this topic on the forum and also this article in the documentation which are define the problem really well... At the end of the artcile I've found this quote: So I decided to download UT's content and dig it a little bit... At the end I've found this Material Functions that are doing the vertex math with some custom nodes inside that seems like refer to some internal C++ code. At first I thought that this is the solution! So I copied everything into a Squad. But unfortunately In Squad it works differently... Now I'm trying to figure it all out to see if it can be used at all, without getting into programming, cause you know.. there are no source code for Squad... What is most interesting is that in the UT with the help of the mentioned method they made it so that the weapons do not pass through the walls. I'm going to show you... Here is the default settings (with corrected perspective): Please note that the wapon does not poke through a wall and doesn't look too long... And check what is happening when I disable the vertex shader... Look how it become stretched and start to get inside the wall... As I mentioned before I wasn't able to get something usefull inside Squad so far... It just doesn't work right for now. Especially the pannini projection. Here is what I get (I only applied correction to the sight): I have two guesses right now: 1) There are some code inside Unreal Tournament which is doing some math for panini projection, but this code does not included in the engine by it self. It just something that refer only to UT, without this code you can't bring this feature in different games which is made on UE4. 2) Developers of Squad did something with perspective calculations so math is overlapping which is result in this buggy view. But the good news is that Epics doesn't use pannini as well (the lerp is set to zero everywhere which mean "disabled"), they only using some sort of the code which is shifting and stretching the gun, and there are almoust only standard nodes which will be working on another games on this engine. So there are still hope, that all this stuff can be somehow used is Squad... So if you interested and want to inverstigate too and help me - here is all necessary material functions, which should be compatible with Squad (usually Squad does not accept files from other projects). It should be enough just to unpack this into a content folder. To make it work just plug it in World Positon Offset slot of any material like this: I should say that I'm not very good in doing vertex shaders, cause it really hard to debug them, because usually it really hard to say what is happening and why, you have to do the math inside your head and I'am not very good at this... Iam an artist after all, not a programmer also Im too old for this shit... but yeah... community is a big thing... someone should do it better than me... well I hope so...
  7. So yeah panini projection doesn't work... Its a shame... Seems like it only work in Unreal Tournament. So everything refered to panini can be removed from the shader. BUT! The functions I've found can be used to fix most of the issues with gun penetrating objects... I still don't understand the math, but it works... Here some screenshots: Standing close to wall: Without fix: With fix: Prone: Without fix: With fix: In front of the object with protruding parts: Without fix: With fix: As you can see its not perfect. But it oviously better when nothing... Hands disappear because I havent applied this fix to them... And now about peculiar properties: 1) You have to apply this fix to every material you are using in 1p models (including hands, character model and attachments); 2) It will have some perofomance impact - I dunno how strong it will be, but Im pretty sure - not a big deal; 3) It may have some problems with different FOV, but I was able to find the settings what work for every one which are used in squad (90...120). 4) It is possible to make the model allways visible, but it result in z-fighting: I was able to find some compromise settings so the biggest part of the model will still remain visible; 5) Havent tested it yet, but it might be some minor ligthing issues like shadows can appear earlier or later, but from the first glance everything looks ok; 6) You need to have a copy version of the weapon for 1p or use different materials for 3p and 1p; 7) For every model you are using (gun, attachments, hands etc) you should use same settings, otherwise they may penetrate each other... 8) May be some other bugs what I've missed... needs more testing. And here is the settings I was used: And here is all nesessary material functions. To use them place them in Content folder and plug the nodes like this: And a short video:
  8. Modding Tips & Tools

    I think small tutorials like this will help people to better understand material system in UE4 as well as give some clue about the major principles of making materials...
  9. Sorry for necroposting but I've just noticed that looks like Bohemia for example fixed this issue by moving the point from which bullets come from a little bit up:
  10. Hi, guys. If you remember RO2 has that - different factions have different sprinting animations, it really helps In recognition. So it will be cool if you did some differences in animations in stances or weapon holding, running sprinting etc. For example Russians can swing the weapon to left and right while they are running, while us can hold buttstock around the shoulder and run like that... Something like that might be really cool...
  11. Will SDK be updated?

    Hi. Is anyone knows when SDK will be updated to 4.14? Do they plan this in general?
  12. Will SDK be updated?

    LOL Seems like I've created a thread for all times
  13. Again a simple feature that will allow people to sent a request to squad leader to join his squad. SL can accept it or deny.
  14. Requests to join a closed squads.

    Now its time to get back to this suggestion...
  15. I will try to expain shortly... It will be cool if there will be a new item for medics: an epinephrine shot that will revive players. Also it will be cool if there be an ability for any soldier to take one epinephrine shot from fallen fellow medic (by holding F on his body for examlpe) to revive 1 single person (medics included) or drop it permanently on the ground by selecting anything else from the inventory. Of course you have to bandage him first and of cource he should be healed after the revive. Also it will be great if with that addition you will remove the ability for medics to heal themselfs and remove any kit restrictions, so two man squads can use two medic kits at the same time. Also you should be able to take shots only from person who didn't gave up. And it will be great if you double the amount of bandages that medics have.
  16. Throw a rock in a person who said that someone should avoid something in a video game This delusion only leads to the fact that no one wants to be a medic... Whats why you have a second medic... Cheesus christ dude Seriously dude! You sound like some kind of a movie war hero Can you return to a real world please? And in PR you cant heal your self using a bag .Im pretty sure they will never do it, it will take too much time to explain why, so just take my word. Thats why I'am suggesting a walkaround...
  17. Mapping Collaboration Tools

    Oh well. Then I didn't get what is your question...
  18. Oh no. We better stay with a magic a box with red cross on it that magically make people alive like in hardcore military simulator ))) Dude c'mon! You need something if you want to argue! Also in BF only medics can revive someone and in COD, If I remember correctly, there are no reviving mechanics at all... And I'm saying that this is a giant lack in this mechanics. Every soldier should be able to revive a medic as well, when it will be fully-fledged and fair. And its nothing has to do with "arcade" or some other amotional stuff. Cause the only thing that it is doing is reducing the amount of respawns and keeping squads together. Thats all. In PR you can do it by switching kits in TacBf you also can do it (basically every man can revive another player in TacBf) go play this games and then tell me that this is arcade...
  19. Mapping Collaboration Tools

    UE4 has level streaming which can be used for things like that. Also there are plenty of software for source control, like Perforce or Svn and even SourceTree which is free as far as I know (but personaly I hate it, because it doesn't lock files when you working on them)... But I think you started from the middle, first you need to find 2-10 people to collaborate. Because technology is not as important as a person's desire to do something. Every problem can be solved except human will... Also asset placement is not a big deal it can be done by a single person or(and) if you will use a nice procedural pipeline. E.g. like making prefabs or a procedural blueprints. They will be independent from the level, cause updates with this assets will be automatically applied to every instance of this object. Asset production is something far more important and this is where you need a bunch of skilled people, who will be able to make something usefull but not another junk... In other words you don't need ten mappers to do the job, you need only one with strong technical knowledge and a bunch of prop modellers... if we talk about filling the interiors with props... I guess you should start from searching the people who would like to spend their time to produce the content you want to make and only then you should start thinking how you suppose to organize them. But if you still want to work distributedly here is a basic idea: you can split the level to parts and assign every part to a different person, each part will be separated to a different sub-level which will be streamed to persistent level. When the work will be done (or you desire to make a build cause you think that you have reached your mile stone) you can merge everything back to a persistent level and release it or made a playtest or whaterver... Here is some info about level-streaming: Also you should pay attention that level streaming is some very old feature that has come in UE4 from UDK almost without any touches from Epics, so it may work very clanky and upredictible from the first glance... Also here is a nice example of procedural assets (which can be bought by the way):
  20. Wthout ability to be revived by anyone it not worth it to take something away from medics.
  21. Guys Basrah is the most unbalanced map of whole times. Generally cause it was never made for ASS game mode. I will try to expain why. Here is the screenshot from the stream where Squad 9.6 was introduced with my marks on it: Now here is the deal... As we can see here - there are a new main base location (or just one of the availible layouts), placed on the Island. And it is even worse then it was before. Only because before there was three bridges and one of them was relatively safe (the northen one). I havent played it yet, but as far as I can see the map suffers from the same problems and it called "the bridges". So why it so bad? The "middle flags" (where ticket bleed begin) are very close to each other, this mean that if US captured one they going to capture the second one almoust simultaneously. And after this point Ins-side will get in a pretty much heavy situation. Because of this bridges. You can't drive across the water on this map, right? You have to use bridges - the problem is bridges are killing zones. Also nothing prevent US from camping Ins main and prevent any movement across the bridges. Vehicles can easily get in point 1a or 1b and 2 and attack Ins main without any punishments without any worry about to be flanked. Cause to do it Ins need to go north through all this city to drive across the bridge, it really hard for them and it is much easier for US. For US camping on 1b and 2 is really easy - just stand there and shoot everything you see. On point 3 there are a bunch of very high enterable buildings, 1-2 guys with an optics (or whole squad) will prevent any movement across this crossing. And what happens on the US side to balcance this? NOTHING! US has this giant piece of the land without any problems to navigate, and their main located somewhere where nothing happends at all... So my conclusuion is this layout is so much unbalanced! Because it so much easier for US to play this... This layout stimulates the rushing on the village for ins like hell, because as I see it here - it is the only win tactics for Ins-side. Which is really really bad, cause in this case every round will be the same (it is allready the same)... How you can fix that... Honestly speaking - I have no idea. May be expand the south-east area of the map, move ins main deeper to the south and do somthing with this rivers on the east and west from it to prevent them to be a camp zones... Or made that Ins have all minus one flags captured when the map starts, so it like a defence for them... And add a bridge on the south east part of the map, to add an ability for ins to get on the easten ground safely to flank campers... Something like that: Or just remove all the bridges and let the 'merica wins without any resistance like it suppose to... But as it for now ins have a double disadvantage - they have no effective vehicles, less kits with optics and the map by it self is also agains them and to balance this we have... nothing. And this is just because!
  22. Al Basrah map balance

    If so then ok.
  23. Al Basrah map balance

    Yeah if you say so... Making this giant city with so many buildings was totally worh it to restrict most fighting to take place between Suburbs and Refinery ))