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  1. I've recently played Arma 3, and have noticed new scope effect (black parallax effect on the edges when you move your camera)... So I desided to do the same effect in Squad... And this is what I've got: I don't want to dig some information about how to release this to everybody as well as I don't want to push it further, instead I'll hope that community or devs will pick it and made something descent from it. So here some instruction about how to do the same... It's pretty easy - all this took me just one evening... First of all we need to make some adjustments in the scope texture (which called acogreticletest), we need a add blured circle in it (I bet that there is a way to generate it proceduraly, but anyway in my case we are gonna use a texture) which we gonna put in the blue channel: We also don't want any tiling, we want the edges to be repeated. So we need to set up the properties correctly: To see this option you should press on the eye icon in the top-right corner and select "Show all advanced details" Next we should adjust our material: We are just add the BumpOfset node (which do a parallax effect) and some parameters to adjust shader settings. So this is pretty much everything that you need to do... The problem is that the devs are allready using different model for ADS. This model has reticle that was modeled. So you have to make some adjustmens in BP_Attachment_ACOG_v2 blueprint (u can just change the adsmesh to one that is using texture for reticle) By the way it is a good idea to use material instances to make some adjustments (for height and ratio) because it will change it on the fly. Thats all... Good luck and let me know if there will be any questions.
  2. Yep. I'm not drinking alcohol. I drink tea with sugar instead. You may not know, but drinking tea is an old Russian tradition. Have you ever heard about samovar, sushki or baranki?
  3. Well, Im lying on a sofa, drinking tea, going to my work and living my life
  4. Dammit I've got memory error when I'm trying to launch the game... UPD: It's only appear if I use "squad_launcher.exe", if I run "Squad.exe" everything work fine. Easy-anticheat problems? UPD 2: Reinstall helped.
  5. Epics made a stream about dynamic lighting... This article can be helpfull as well.
  6. Hi. Is anyone knows when SDK will be updated to 4.14? Do they plan this in general?
  7. I think not, but there are a lot of different interesting objects.
  8. Great. Thank you guys for your hard work.
  9. Dammit. Thats seems like a lie (
  10. Yay!
  11. What an irony, the game called Squad is about an individuals... For me It just nothing to talk about - vanilla fast pacig competitive shooter is not what we was promiced on kickstarter. Jesus Christ!!!! It's even worce that I thought! Last time I saw people who was wasting their lives in some wierd training to get some "skill" was in Counter-Strike: Source... Devs should really do something with their game to save you guys from yourselves
  12. You mean picture in picture? It's very perfomance heavy, so I guess we can just forget about it. At least untill someome will figure how to render it quckly...
  13. Serbskiy?
  14. Thanks everyone.
  15. Are you sure will believe that I'm not bragging? ) Also I'm not sure that you really interested. But the short answer is yes, I have that experience and it pretty big. That's easy. I think... when you saying: you are just protecting your "comfort zone" and that's it, cause you are afraid what if game will change - your so called "skill" will be screwed. That's why you are mentioned this. As I see it when you run out of arguments you trying to push on your authority to make your opinion more important than it really is. Therefore, I believe that quite the contrary - your opinion is not objective. Well this is how I see it, I do not claim that it is really so. That's why I asked about your experience. The question is basically - how do you think whose opinion is more important: 1)A person who simply plays a game for a whatever time; 2)Or a person who also has experience in development and also play the game? ) You have to understand that I'm just want to show you how stupid it was to mention that you are elite-pro-gamer. I'am doing this solely because I don't like that you mentioned it, I don't like as well that you showing video that doesn't proof anything except that you are elite-pro-gamer and I don't like that you saying that you know better because you played a lot. You putting your opinion above others. It's dirty method. Yeah it's my problem, but I just decided to inform you. By the way this is why I keep my mouth shut about my experience and rely only on what I can argue. Lets say I just called you to do the same. Please. Cause your opinion is the same as everybody else here. But of course I'm not telling you what you should do and what to play, cause I'm not you. Just saying. Did I answered your question?
  16. LOL And how much experience do you have in developing games? Hey really cool name for a mod But let's hope we wouldn't need to do everything ourselves.
  17. As far as I know they planning some updates for vehicles in next version. Thermals may be Implemented... Hey, I might try to do thermals later, I pretty sure I know how to do it O__o Also 30 MM AP is really silly not only agains infatry, but also againts stryker which can destroy BTR-80A 1x1 even if BTR shoting in the back, I think it very stupid )))
  18. Only in your dreams, kid
  19. Nice сomparison. And why do you thnik he is not playing "that". Most of PR players, who plays Squad, play PR as well. Becase it better! And "that"my friend is a game which one you should be thankfull. Because if there was no PR, there never will be any Squad at all. So you would have to continue play Call of Duty. 90% of Squad mechanics was taken from PR, so next time when you decide to call PR "that", hold this in your mind and show some respect. Yeah thats why EA, Ubisoft and Activision have studios to make games for you Also Squad has the same online as PR, and if you remove PR players it will be less.
  20. Cool.
  21. It can be calculated ) All the necessary data is available )
  22. I know you can't understand Russian, but just watch the video it self explanatory ) PR was a game where such things was reflected I hope Squad will go this path someday as well.
  23. Agreed. I'm constantly seeing vehicles get too close to enemy infantry or drive in front of the infantry. This is never should happens. Cause vehicles are there for support, infantry should do all the job. Most people act like they holding some kind of spear but not a rifle. The problem of anti-vehicle weapons is that it is very hard to use them at far distances, especially in Squad (cause there are no zeroing adjustments atm), use this as an advantage, don't drive close to enemy, cause you big, clumsy, blind, have a tunnel vision and make a lot of noise and they are not. And constantly change your position after some shooting. Cause it very easy to spot a vehicle by its tracers and communicate with someone who can destroy you. Especially when you do a lot of damage. Also its better to kill 1-3 enemies from bad position and run away than wipe out the whole squad and hoover enemy rockets on the good one, without any way to retreat. But still if you want to prevent people to shoot from prone position - I'am not totally against that, cause It really not a big difference.
  24. Viva la revolucion!