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  1. Meanwhile in Squad you can't even use a horn...
  2. Kek ) Scope reticles are part of the model. They are 3D objects. Why? Cause they have to be very crisp and artifact free no matter the resolution you using. Also polygons are pretty cheap, until you're not using any fancy shaders on them. Red-dots made by pixel shader, basically it just a visual representation of vector lengnt multiplied by some color. If you want to change this color you can easily do it inside the shader: Pay attention that in UE4 if color exceed value of one its mean that it going to be glowing. Thats why when you add red color (1 0 0) multiplied by 25 its going to glow with red color, 25 here is the power of glow. I hope it helps... And yeah it is possible to do collimator using 3d objects as well. If you want to know how, you should also check this thread.
  3. I will just put it here...
  4. I've got a question about this video! Are you going to be able to cancel reload on deployed biped? And how it's going to be done? Also, did perfomance become better after you implement your animation system? I heard that Squad has perfomance issues because of the native UE4 animation system... Thanks.
  5. Not sure about that. Personally I saw It was actually used in political manipulations once... Ukranian used USSR weapons mostly and DNR/LNR using Russian/USSR weaponry. Even if there an mg42 somewhere Im sure it's not very common, cause it will be realy hard to find an ammunition for it, cause USSR was not producing it. And remember? It is a machinegun! So it need a lot of ammunition... But! We should remember that it was a second world war on USSR territory with Germans in 1941-1945. So there are a lot of MG42/34 should be left, some of them might come to our times. If we talk about slav militias or some kind.
  6. Also rings are usually used to unload traffic at road intersections, cause they can accommodate many cars. This doesnt mean that you placed it wrong. Iam just saying this so people can pick things like that to undestand how to make natural environments. And yeah ring is a crossroad too... So if there are only one road in and one road out - you did it without a reason (again this is not your case). Also Google Earth is a great tool to understand how trees are growing. Many people for example think that they growing from the top of the hill to the bottom, but this is not true. If you can believe my observations trees needs water so thay usually growing from the foot of the mountain, where there are much of erosion (which is basically a bed of water which is comming from the top of the mountain), in which water accumulates. So it's just the opposite, the forest grows from the bottom to the top. Just look at that beauty, it looks like ready map for squad
  7. Well I will say something abvious, but if we talk about functional design then parking should be placed around something... Like airport for example or super market, or big plant where thousands of people working... Cause It will be very strange if there will just be parking in the middle of a wasteland. Why someone need to park his car there, right?.. So there should be a reason why people need to park their car there. So I guess you should start from figuring out this reason. Also if this is some kind of сountryside area - super market may be a bad choise cause usually markets what needs a special parking (which means that a lot of people usually come here) usually situated near big city, cause not a lot of people are ready to go to contryside to buy something, only if it cheaper or for things like household appliances... Basically you can figure the whole system of buildings, where we got a market we should have a warehouses to store products, we also need some kind of a delivery bay for I dunno trains or trucks that will deliver stuf, we also need some buildings for security, like checkpoints or observation towers with searchlights to watch a territory at night so no thiefs can get inside and stole something etc etc etc Use Google Earth. There are a lot of cool lidar scans that will help you сome up with something that will look realistic and natural... It is also will help you to find inspiration for your work. Here some examples: Electrostation or somekind... I dunno looks like a base for cunstruction company, cause those tanks on the right looks like a concrete-mixing plant or somekind. Sand quarry? Things like that are really helpfull. And when you look at them try to analize the surroundings, cause most of the buildings placed somewhere because there are a reason to them be exactly there. For example there are always tonns of warehouses around every trainstation to keep stuff. Or if there are thermal power plant so there are always should be a railroad around to bring coal. Try to think about everything as a part of the system... Well, something like that... I hope this tip will be helpfull...
  8. UE4.16 Has been released. The most interesting part is DFAO Optimization: So lets hope DFAO will return in futher releases of Squad.
  9. No. You trying to teach me how to play, dude! Ignoring the fact for example that I've played PR for 9 years, and I played Squad from the day it was released, so I can clearly define what is the problem of game design and what should be solved by players. You and people like you allways saying something like "the game is perfect allready, we shouldn't change anything" you don't want to hear any arguments, you just allways place your self abowe and telling the others obvious stupid (how you call it) "tactics" from your imagination, ignoring the common sense and that fact that no one was asking you to do it. And it's even worse - everything what you saying doesn't even work (it work only in your imagination and has nothing to do with reality). So Its me who will tell you to grow up. If you have something to say - say it! But please avoid this teacher role and stop placing your self above! Cause I really tired to read this crap every time from people like you.
  10. Well... As I said It can be solved another way: But in this case blocking will be impossible at all... Also flags that enemy allready took should be visible for everybody, to avoid confusion... I'm just throwing thoughts at you here...
  11. May be. I dunno, Im Russian, our community have a different terminology (I guess its obvious)... In PR we (I mean people I use to play with) call this "Course of the horse" Rushing, as I understand it, means when you like pushing really fast after taking one flag from enemy without placing any fobs etc when you move people every time on next flag before enemy start to defend it to capture whe whole map really fast, so most of the enemy squads remains deeply in the rear and by the time they catch up with your offensive it will be too late. Capture blocking is something different, here you preventing the enemy from capturing white flags on his side of the map at the start of the round. So you delay his progress, while the rest of the team take the other flags. But you may call it rushing, I don't play often in foreign communities, so I dunno how you should call it right...
  12. I'll say so I do not see at all ever that someone was following the flags consistently. In every round I've played someone is blocking almoust near the enemy (or our) main base.
  13. I might call it wrong. I mean when one or two squads at the start of the round going on the white flag that closer to enemy, putting there a fob and sit while the rest of the team capturing the rest of the map (Operation Market Garden right? But IRL it failed.). You could not take the flag if enemy present there. You could solve this the other way - you could prevent blcking if white flag is not connected to one which is captured. But personally I want to leave some freedom for those who like blocking. In PR it was one of the tactics that you could use, but in squad people abuse it too much. Why it is not a problem in PR? Basiscally because of two reasons: 1) Most of the communities have rules that forbid blocking the white flags, admin can kick your intire squad for this; Also some communities have the rule that you can not attack last flag if there are no attack marker on it. And I personally understand why they have this rules. 2) Respawn mechanics on FOB is little bit different. In PR 2 players in ~50m radius will block any respawn on the fob, while in Squad you have to deal with hordes of lemmings that are breed on FOB and zerg-rushing right in your face. ...and also you have to deal with sily guys like this: Ok major-admiral Valdr! Yes sir! We will do! Why I don't like it? Cause it kinda ruin the whole AAS game mode. Cause AAS is the game mode where you should capture flags one by one, but when some one blocking them - It turns into "king of the hill". Especially with current ticket bleed system. I mean why do you even need the rest of the map? You could just do one flag and thats all. Just imagine for a moment Hitler lost the war in 1941, because he could not fully take Brest fortress. Rediculous, right? No it's not! Are you going to argue with major-admiral Valdr by him self?! HOW DARE YOU?!
  14. A picture to illustrate what I mean. You still will be able to block flags, they just will be hidden on the map...