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  1. Tell me. Can you see the azimut at the bottom? (Al Basrah)
  2. [Mapping] Lighting Your Map

    Crossposting from Discord... Well this idea came to me rather long ago... But ... you know I'm lazy, I've said this a hundred times ... so I decided to do this thing just now. So here is small trick to improve your lighting and add some nice gamplay mechanic with just very simple shader. Surely everyone knows that the inner part of the building (or a cave) outside looks much darker from afar than near. So how to simulate that if we only have cascaded shadows and constant value for all dark areas? Well there is a solution: if we add some sort of the plane with depth fade shader in the portal area (door, window, cave entrance) we will be able to simulate this effect. And that is important - it's not going to disappear at the distance like shadow maps, so basically is what we get is another layer of depth in our lighting and a good gameplay mechanics (it will be harder to see someone inside the building outside from the distance like in real life. So people inside building will have an advantage like it supposed to). Here a screenshot to better representation: And if we talk about gameplay experience, here how your enemy is going to look like at the distance (So this way shooting from the middle of the room will be tactically correct): And here is how shader is look like ("Far Away fix" is needed for sitiuations when you have a window on the back of the room. Basically its purpose to prevent enything at far distance become dark (sky for example). Pay attention that there are no smooth falloff, so your RoomScale parameter should be big enough): For things like caves you can also add some post-process volume and play with exposure to make the insides dark when you enter it... But ofcource you need to adjust the shader a little bit in this case so that the effect smoothly flowed into the exposure settings, well something like that)) And yes. If you see something like this, its mean that your RoomScale parameter is too small...
  3. Some fun with acog scope.

    Thanks! ) And another portion of fun... It's hard to see chromatic aberration and distortion effects on the video, but its there. And a screenshot:
  4. SDK: updates and issues

    Could you show a screenshot? Sometimes I got some bluriness bug as well. But it seems it related to motion blur, so if you disable it, everything should become fine.
  5. What are you working on?

    Crossposting from discord. Having fun with reflections... The general idea bihind it is to use procedurally generated normal maps... Here a small piece of shader that will allow you to generate sphere-shaped normals with ability to control the curvature. Pay attention that if you have a circular shape with a propper UV's then you can get rid from "remove unwanted" section and save some instructions. Also linear radial gradient calculated using distance node can be used instead, but personally I like it more without the sqrt (Commented as Radial Gradient Mask). Ofcource what you can see at the video is a little bit more comlex than this, but the general idea is the same. I will release it later, when I finish it (if I finish it), as usual...
  6. SDK: updates and issues

    UPD: I might found the solution for my lighting issues... It seems that eye adaptation was disabled... And I was able to turn it on in game settings (when you press shift+esc in PIE you get a main menu open, and you can change all the settings the same way you did in the game. I also got a russian language there, lol, I have no idea why )
  7. SDK: updates and issues

    Yep. Its because "Ushy" (U pronounce like "oo")" is a russian term for "ears", so ushanka means hat with ears or ears-hat it's hard to translate right Also you should know that from... I dunno may be 1990-2000's when Soviet Union was fall... this hat become pretty rare in Russia ))) Nowadays for the most part only military and police wearing it, because they have such a uniform and I think it becase it's cheap. Usual people prefer something more practical and eye pleasant, knitted hat for example. Especially if you a child. If you wear ushanka this can cause other children to tease you. So you can say in Russia it is not in vogue. Hmm... Also some kind of ushankas (arctic fox hat) wearing people who live in Yakutia. Most ot the western people think that it's cold in Syberia (central part of the Russia), but its not true, for real the most coldest is Yakutia which is on the east, I've borned there in small town called Nerungry Sometimes themperature there can reach -45..-50 but it's pretty rare. Average it's somewhere around -25...-30. In western cinema almost every russian wear ushanka and snow everywhere and there are no summer at all. Lol, as if we live at the North Pole )) Yes, the winters are cold here sometimes, but the summer usually is quite hot Yes indeed... It stange cause at the first glance there is nothing wrong if you look at the lights settings... O___o I have no clue why it looks so shitty... And its only me or you have the same problems?
  8. SDK: updates and issues

    Jesus Christ your avatar looks exactly like my colleague from my previous work. He is even wearing ushanka as well The guy is hate me so much, lol. Pfft... And I have no clue why! I am the most pleasant person in the world! Anyway... Sometime ago I also had some problems with the transfer of content from a regular UE project to the Squad SDK. They seems not compatible and I have no idea why... Well CSM is the only solution... I'm pretty sure - nothing will change in this respect... The only thing that we might get is may be some real time GI based on Distance Fields, but still chanses are really low. So I would not count on this much, Epics make technology only for their needs and they are too busy making Paragon wich uses static lighting. And here is what I mean when saying that lighting is really wierd: See this weapon model? It shouldn't be so dark. It's almoust black. The environment looks wierd as well O_o
  9. SDK: updates and issues

    U mean squad? Or UE? If we talk about the engine version you can watch in Help>About...
  10. SDK: updates and issues

    I can only say that I miss them on my side as well. Also there are some issues with landscape material it seems that some texture2d node has no input or some shit... And looks like there are some lighting issues on some maps or It's may be me... They removed Jankins Range. Cheesus Christ where a hell I should do all my tests now?! O___O UPD: This three nodes (well more precisely they all are an instance of one) missing a texture... O_o So after I've added textures for them and recompiled they began to work...
  11. [Mapping] Lighting Your Map

    Hmm. Not sure that he did that and for obvious reasons I will not watch whole video from start. But anyway lightmaps are static, or at least stationary, cause you're still able to use dynamic lights in conjunction with static. And some games did it even for large environments. Im not 100% sure, but I think BF2 (PR) using lightmaps as the Heroes and Generals, where static shadows are replacing with dynamic shadow maps in close range. In Squad we still have shadows at close range. But at far there are no shadows at all and thats a shame. But its more a question of engine technology, UE4 is one of the worst engines for large environments with dynamic lighting. CryEngine is better. And here you can get a clue why. But still CryEngine is a giant nightmare in question of developing your own game especially a multiplayer game, so that is an obvious reason why devs picked UE4. And yes, lightmaps have nothing to do with Squad, cause Squad uses dynamic lighting.
  12. [Mapping] Lighting Your Map

  13. What are you working on?

    Its not WIP. I just dont want to create a new thread for this. So I decided to flood here a little bit... I suddenly found out that wargaming has their own channel on sketchfab, and Im pretty sure that It can be interesting for everyone... Ofcource in the engine it looks a way better, but still Im pretty sure that some can pick up something interesting here... So here is the link: https://sketchfab.com/wargaming
  14. What are you working on?

    God I hate bridges in Heroes and Generals.
  15. Modding Software

    Since that there are no thread to post news about recent software, which can be used to create content for Squad - I am creating one. And the first one is that World Creator 2 has been released. https://80.lv/articles/world-creator-2-released/ Unfortunately It is not cheap.