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  1. Why there are no special models for first person view? Like with higher resolution? Thanks. Nice to know that.
  2. Yeah. Also pay attention that there are usually nothing going on at this area: So this "grass camo netting" taking 50% of your most important screen space. And what is the reason for it? What do I get from this as a player? Better immersion? Personaly I can't find any pros for it.
  3. Super weird decision: Also when you turn back you see this: Also, Im not an expert but is that a gunner optics? Then why we see the barrel underneath?
  4. Oh! Remind me in what virtual squad unit you are serving? And how do you like that virtual porridge that they feeds you so you can't see the difference between games and reality? Also remind me please why there are only one or may be two night maps atm? ) Oh oh! I know! The ministery of vurtual squad pc game defence decided that it is too much for all military personnel undergoing virtual special training in the forces of special hardcore gaming. Ofcourse it has nothing to do with a player preferences, 100% info... pff it just no way... its because of some "real life" reasons! It has to be!
  5. My god why there are so many sunset lighting scenarios in the game? Yeah they may be looks pretty for some people (I'm not one of them), but from the gameplay and performance perspective those are one of the most awful scenarios... Can we have more day lights? Look at this picture: Can you see something except sky? I dunno who is doing this, but I think he needs to stop like right now. Those are too contrasty and just raping your eyes when you trying to find someone in the bushes.
  6. Hi. As you might know separate translucency doesn't blend with fog and other transparent effects. That's why you can easily spot vehicles at the distance, because of transparent parts like glass or dust effect. It looks like dark pixels. Here some screenshots. This is actually an exploit. So I suggest you: 1) Remove any transparent materials or replace them with an opaque (Unreal can do that) on LODs; 2) Disable VFX at the distance or disable separate translucency for them. Removing translucent materials is also better for perfomance. I'll really hope you will read this and make right conclusions. Also if you want I can show you a shader which can calculate a size of an object compared to a screen size which can be used to blend transparent materials with an opaque. I mean synchronized with LODs. If you interested. Thanks.
  7. [3D/2D] Setting up your Texel Density

    Hi. Just wanted to say that I've updated my Texel Density Tool and uploaded it to Script Spot. Have a pleasure using it. Thanks. http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/texel-density-tool
  8. [3D/2D] Setting up your Texel Density

  9. Unfortunately this bug seems like random, it really hard to reproduce... But my point is that heart beating sound causes very unpleasant feeling... Even if you'll fix the bug this sound will still remain... So please could you change it to some different sound. Personally I think hard breathing sound will be enough, so heart beating can be removed at all.
  10. Guys could you please remove (or change) this "heart beating" sound when you dead? Its so unpleasant, especially when it become bugged some times and you allways hear it even after you gave up.
  11. [Mapping] Lighting Your Map

  12. SDK: updates and issues

    Here is the link to wiki page in case someone is looking... https://squad.gamepedia.com/Category:Modding
  13. Mobile Mechanic HEMTT

    Hmmm... It might work... Like you're creating a tank squad and have a soldier who is driving this vehicle behind in case tanks will need a field repair. But! life of this soldier will be really boring... Hard to imagine a person who will come at home after work and spend his evening driving this vehicle... Although on the other hand if the repair will be passive, then he will be able to do something else I mean hide this vehicle somewhere etc...