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  1. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    Well some attention from you will be great on the forum as well. Something like: "hey that's looks great" will be enough to encourage people to continue what they are doing. That will help people to avoid feeling that they doing something that no one needs. I really hope you'll find some time to have a small talks with your modders on the forum. Cheers.
  2. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    That's not true. Forums are great in sorting and storing a lot of information. Discord or any other messengers or social networks are always a giant junkyard where useful information is always drown in thousands of different messages. Well again as far as I see it.
  3. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    I may say some unpopular thing but I think it's because devs not supporting mod community very well. For example starting from the day sdk was released I haven't seen a single comment here from the developers. And Its funny - some time ago there was a news about some dude - a community manager. I haven't seen him even once here. So for example if you have any troubles with sdk - no one except fellow modder will help ya, cause devs are not even read this section, well as far as it looks like. I mean when you doing something over here - no one give a damn about it. So it's not a surprise that people are not motivated to spend their lives doing something that no body needs. Well it just my opinion.
  4. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    Most of the issues are covered in official ue4 documentation. If you learn ue4 it will be not very hard to figure how squad custom content is working.
  5. Zylfrax791 Squad Maps

  6. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    Something tells me that it's not going to happen )) But anyway thanks for your reply. I hope I will finish it asap, after I return from a vacation.
  7. Modding Helpdesk

    Devs are using level streaming, foliage usually in different level...
  8. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Hm. What an accurate perfect simulation! NOOOOOO!
  9. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    Let's hope that I'll finish it for the start.
  10. Modding Helpdesk

    You don't need static lighting for post-process. You don't need it for any volumetric effects as well. Here some info about post process. Also check this thread for some good information about lighting. And be ready that it will be very tricky to get something descent using only directional and ambient lights, cause there are no global illumination or occlusion (except screen space) availible atm in squad.
  11. Modding Helpdesk

    Trust me you dont want to do it. Cause this settings is not about the level u're making but for the whole project. This mean that everything you will do is not going to work until u make your own build of the game and send it to everybody with your level. Just forget about it, Squad uses dynamic lighting and never will be switched to stationary and this is not only because of the project settings. To make it possible you'll have to make a second uv's for the entire content which Squad have atm. The only thing that we can expect in the future is some dynamic gi solution, but only if game will run super fast without it and this is already not true atm. So the chanses are really low, they even disabled dfao already and dfao is cheaper than any dynamic gi. And what do you mean when saying "volumetric lighting"? Can you explain or show some examples?
  12. Modding General Discussion

    UE4.17 Has been released.
  13. [Free Assets] Puddle Decal Material

    Hey. Pretty cool. This misses one single parameter - Falloff strenght, to make the outher edge bigger or smaller with the same puddle size...
  14. Modding Helpdesk

    Yeah nice to know, thanks.
  15. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    LOL! And Im a CG artits! Can you imagine how deep the ass in what we live at? Prices for electronics have tripled in just the year. I love my country, but damn a hate the government. Anyway thanks for your replies guys.