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  1. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Oh. And suddenly it stopped doing that? So now we can get rid of it? Something is not connecting dont you think? ) Pretty sure there was a way to do it softer.
  2. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Btw. After you guys did some good work on performance do you have any plans to forbiting switching off shadows and distant shadows?
  3. Alpha 15.4 Released

    I like how you guys making the game more soft. And getting rid from all this inadequate punishing which was only for punishing, because of all this crazy players, who allways want to restrict something in the game, because *realizm* or some other bullshit demagoguery like "I WANT MAY FRAGS TO BE COUNTED!! GET RID FROM REVIVE MECHANICS IN REAL LIFE YOU CANT DO IT! REEEE". This is what I hated in PR game mechanics. All this "read the field manual" for 5 minutes, because I wasn't able to place a fob... man I was on fire because of this noncense stuff... So yeah. Common sense and game design are synonyms.
  4. The new look of the map is really great. I don't like a green colors though - looks too cartoonish and some times boring (variation is missing), but the overall look is pretty cool. New imposters looks fantastic. Background is finally there and doesn't look flat, especially with distance shadows. And what is more important - frames are really nice! v15
  5. SKS and FN-FAL - are garbage. Or could you at least reduce this supa-dupa sway animation for it? Because of the length of the weapon front sight is flying all over the place like crazy from any miserable mouse movement.
  6. After you added C4 there some trolls appeared. Who's just running around and destroying friendly FOBs.
  7. [Mapping] Lighting Your Map

    https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/ambient-light-probes Not sure how well this works.
  8. Teleport from main base?

    Encourage? Seriosly man, could you think a little bit before saying stuff? So you seriosly saying that someone will spawn on main, go search the asset that will teleport him to the place he actually want, wait for a respawn time for that particular point, loss one ticket for this and all this to just get a free resupply? Well I can say that this person is stupid enough so he deserve this free resupply)) But the thing is that in real game play no one actulally will do it, because its not worth it. You know why Im saying this? Because time. As I said - if someone thinks that wasting his time on turning out such thing is a good idea, then I think he fully deserves it. I mean yes technically you can do it, but wouldnt it will be easier just spawn on fob or around some vehicle to resupply? And one ticket loss is there because devs implemented this consistent ammo stuff (which I personally don't like btw) exactly to remove this aspect of free resupply, so it wouldn't be free it will cost your team a ticket. And if this will not stop him, Im sure YOU will stop him, by sending a piles of salt through voice channel, like "WHY YOU'RE ABUSING OUR PRECIOUS TELEPORT FUNCTION TO GET A FREE RESUPPLY YOU @#!#@!". See? I thought of everything! Dude, just relax you taking the game too serious. You're not at work. Why all this "we should penalized this bad worker", "we should burn him in the fire of inquisition"? People play squad for having fun, not because they want to overcome pain and suffering in order to get a virtual meaningless victory in a computer game whatever the cost. The same reson is why they drop vehicles in the field. Because they want to have fun, and driving a car in an empty map area alone entire round is not fun, I mean for normal person, Im sure there will be people who will claim that they like that, but I'll say they lying. And if it was a battlefield like game I'll just suggested to implement an autodestroy function. But this doen't fit in such game as squad, well at least everyone will reject it. So I suggested a teleport or redeploy whatever you call it. If you want some pleasant name, let's call this "a flower".
  9. Teleport from main base?

    We are talking about the same thing ) I just don't want to call it redeploy becase I want to see some salt from fanboys trololololol I said: Also you blaming me in things that YOU gonna do? O_o What? How about you don't spawn on main, or not use teleport? ) Thanks.
  10. Teleport from main base?

    The problem is in 90 seconds. Thats too much. So usually people just drop vehicle where thay stand. Ticket loss is optional as I said.
  11. Some people will read and like: WHAT?! TELEPORTS IN SQUAD?! ARE YOU INSANE?! But before you make a conclusion read what Im suggesting. I was suggesting this some time ago and I will suggest it one more time, because game needs that. Ok. There are allways a lot of dropped vehicles on the map, because there are no mechanics to return them back. And enemy usually left vehicles untouched to prevent it from respawn, which is result in uninteresting matches. So what I suggest: some point at the main base which can teleport you to any respawn point, like rally or a fob with (or without) a cost of 1 ticket and a delay of the selected spawn point. Here how you suppose to use it: take for example a car, drive your squad to some point, drop your squad there, return to main, drop car on main and teleport to a spawn point close to your squad, using a teleport mechanics. Also if you accidentally spawned on main you can use teleport again for teleport to any spawn location. It should work only in one way. From main to any fob or your squad's rally. Visuallly It can be a flag with some laptop, like in arma or any other asset.
  12. Huh? You mean the timer? I was talking about an actual team selection page it will not stop you If you want to see a fob location, you still can freely switch between pages. Team selection page just shouldn't pop up every round, because it just makes no sense, the game automatically switches sides, so why we should even see this page, it is absolutely unnecessary.. But it sometimes makes me frustrating and think like: ok... what should I do here? *accidentally pressing on switch team button* DAMMIT! Now my friends in other team! And I have to wait 200 seconds to return. So I would not be able to join squad in time and will lose my slot! *rage quitting the game*
  13. I mean when you load on the map you should see squad/role selection page. And if you want change your team you should manually go to team selection and then choose the team you want. Otherwise you provoke players for accidentaly changing their team and wait then ~200 seconds to return back. Just a usabilty tip.
  14. Could you do something with that? I'm selecting rally and if I haven’t checked it twice, the game often spawn me on main... I dunno, can you do so main is not a default point to spawn, I mean default should be viod, so while I manually didn't selected it it will never ever spawn me there?