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  1. What are you working on?

    God I hate bridges in Heroes and Generals.
  2. Modding Software

    Since that there are no thread to post news about recent software, which can be used to create content for Squad - I am creating one. And the first one is that World Creator 2 has been released. https://80.lv/articles/world-creator-2-released/ Unfortunately It is not cheap.
  3. What are you working on?

    Do you have a free cookies? No cookies no clicks!
  4. What are you working on?

    Uh dude you are spending too much time on it. Look how pros doing it:
  5. What are you working on?

    Well I must say that extreme accuracy is not necessary for games. Acurate scans are more common for GIS than for Game Development... Visual fidelity can be a goal, but for most of the time things should look just pretty and it should be faster and cheaper than making by hands. Thats why DICE and Bioware (on their current project) for 50-75% using scanned assets, cause it faster and cheaper, also results looks very realistic.
  6. What are you working on?

    I bet he was trying to do this one
  7. What are you working on?

    Looks like concrete O_o I think you should spend more time working with refrences. By the way here is nice piece of software to organize your reference sheet. It's free. I personally using it a lot, cant imagine my life without it... )
  8. What are you working on?

    Partially. It's never will replace traditional ways of making art. And not only because many things doesn't exist in real life or does not suitable for art-direction & quality demands. Technically for example you can't do photogrammetry for metalic or glossy suraces cause they are reflective. And some additional hand work is required afterwards in any case, so it's not a panacea. And yes to make good scan of weapon you'll have at least dissasamble it first. And in my opinion the quality of the scan still will be very low for first person shooters. I still think that modeling and textruing it in a traditional way will give the best quality. Why I think it is possible? Because there is a guy, his name is Alec Moody and he is doing photogrammetry for his car and it looks very pretty. But still Iam not 100% sure that this technics can be used for a weapons. And as far as I know some parts he still doing by hand.
  9. What are you working on?

    No. He can't
  10. What are you working on?

    Have you seen this dude? ) His just amazing, I guess you could try to grab some of his ideas. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/LblRR I suggest you to work more with roughness variation.
  11. What are you working on?

    Hey. This looks pretty cool!
  12. [WIP] West Bank Map [IDF]

    Looks pretty fresh...
  13. What are you working on?

    Yeah yeah! This is my favorite part )))
  14. What are you working on?

    This one is really funny )))
  15. [WIP] Dormant Volcano Isle (Vanilla & JO_mod)

    Hi. This giant rock on the beach looks very very foreign. Here some tip for you which will help to fix that. This is always work with rocks, to make them looks more realistic... 1) First of all it is always good to make the ground a little bit rased around the big rocks, to complement them. 2) Secondly there should be some smaller rocks around the big one, cause you know - they love to crack. 3) And to finalize that you can also blend some rocky texture where will be rocks lying on the surface. In your particular case also there are water, so water can go around the rock because it really heavy, so it can hold the sand around it self and form some sort of an island... Something like that may be: Also here some screenshots from Risen 3... Pay attention to the curved line of the beach and some small islands that form pretty interesting composition... You can try something like that too...