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  1. Nothing fancy just channel packing tutorial...
  2. Some good news about lighting in upcoming UE 4.16. Epics has optimized DFAO, so it might return in squad in later releases. If you dont know what DFAO is, here is the link. Also I should say that lighting in open world games made on UE - is one of the major problems in my opinion. The second problem (and the most important) is perfomance and the absence of primitive methods of optimizing ordinary things, such as the absence of shadow lods. Yes, you can do shadow lods using blueprins (prefabs), but from the engine like UE4 I personally expected something built-in inside mesh import pipleline, the same way such as ordinary lods import for example. Also the overdraw budget is really low.
  3. Finally someone making correct tree placement!
  4. Yep. I'm not drinking alcohol. I drink tea with sugar instead. You may not know, but drinking tea is an old Russian tradition. Have you ever heard about samovar, sushki or baranki?
  5. Well, Im lying on a sofa, drinking tea, going to my work and living my life
  6. Dammit I've got memory error when I'm trying to launch the game... UPD: It's only appear if I use "squad_launcher.exe", if I run "Squad.exe" everything work fine. Easy-anticheat problems? UPD 2: Reinstall helped.
  7. Epics made a stream about dynamic lighting... This article can be helpfull as well.
  8. I think not, but there are a lot of different interesting objects.
  9. Great. Thank you guys for your hard work.
  10. Dammit. Thats seems like a lie (
  11. Yay!
  12. What an irony, the game called Squad is about an individuals... For me It just nothing to talk about - vanilla fast pacig competitive shooter is not what we was promiced on kickstarter. Jesus Christ!!!! It's even worce that I thought! Last time I saw people who was wasting their lives in some wierd training to get some "skill" was in Counter-Strike: Source... Devs should really do something with their game to save you guys from yourselves
  13. You mean picture in picture? It's very perfomance heavy, so I guess we can just forget about it. At least untill someome will figure how to render it quckly...
  14. Serbskiy?