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  1. Hi guys ! so there is one bug that i would like to reprort , the armored technical is much weaker to 30mm shot than the regular one ( like it dies 3 times faster than the naked one when shot with 30mm cannons ) . i assume that it shouldn't be like this , and the armored techi should be able to absorb more shots before going down compared to the regular one . last time i've disccused about this bug , someone replied to me by saying : " the bug is only present in the test range map , and the vehicle armor and health vaules of vehicles are incorrect in that map" . there was'nt a way i could test it on a live server so i just belived it might be true . but notice that in the last video from Karmakut : he took out the techi with just 3-4 shots ( the same way it is on the test range offline map ) , ofcoures i am aware of the fact that maybe the techi was already low on health , but this seems to coincidental to me . so please if someone can test it and support my claim incase i am right , and help the devs know of the bug . THANKS .
  2. armored technical armor bug .

    Makes alot of sense ... but notice that the regular one take ALOT more shots to take out . if you wanna say that 30mm is to powerful that the armor doesn't make alot of difference .... should the armored one and the regular one blow up after the same amout of shots ? ( currently the regular one is much stronger agasint 30mm ) .
  3. I think that there should be a team commitment system , where you join a team , you can see only the squads available , ticket count , and you can join the squads at talk , but you can't see the map . Only if you click on "commit to this team" option you will have acsses to the map . And when you commit to q team you won't be able to switch until the round ends .
  4. When i play SL i really like when the other squad leaders tell me what i can do to help ( since i don't play squad leader alot ) , and most of the times i love to do the "missions" i am given by them . But in rare occasions i stumble upon very competitive hardcore players that when you do a small mistake they become very toxic and scream at you like they are losing a real war . These are the type of ****ers are the reason i am afriad of a commander feature . But in the end of the day , most friendly squad leaders are not toxic and i'll gladly follow them into battle .
  5. Farm 51 - World War 3

    I am personally really excited for the game , it looks like an improved version of BF4 that i really liked . I've heard that friendly fire will be enabled as default , so no granade/choke spam ( thank god ! ) . I just hope that this game wouldn't have other aracdy bullshit like 3D spotting or minimap .
  6. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    The "venice unleashed" project was blowing up 2 years ago .... Every youtuber had atleast one video adressing the topic .... For some reason the hype died really fast ... I personally thought the project was dead until i saw the new update video . The project team is made up of a very small group ,they maybe might use some help . I think that we could help by asking some of the large youtubers to cover the topic again , to maybe bring up the hype again .... This might pick the interest of more talented modders that might help them . And from the core team .... I expect them to realese everything they have as soon as possible for PUBLIC testing , even if it's broken as **** , this will keep people from feeling the project is dying .
  7. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    I've played a couple of games on the VU servers about a year ago i think , the server was a 120hz tickrate + the somewhat annoying blue-ish filter of the game was removed ....it was a blast couple of games , no dying behind corners as far as i can tell . Its kinda hard for me to understand that BF3 is 7 years old already !! but in my opinion it has aged really really well , and to be honest .... Battlefield 3 is my favorite in the series ( besides BF2 ofcourse ) , and i would gladly support the mod developers with all my heart just to help them prove EA that modding IS benefical for the game .
  8. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Cool !! I hope they will have enough talented men working on this , so we will have public alpha testing as soon as possible !
  9. Hi guys ! How are you today ? So recently i've encounterd a very intersting video on my Youtube feed while i was watching some squad gameplay videos .... And in this video some guy was talking about a long project of a couple of modders that are trying to remake the Project Reality mod on the battlefield 3 engine : and shared some cool info about the topic. What do you guys think about it ? Are you exicted ? Do you think this mod would still be able to be popular even when we have Squad ?
  10. July 2018 Recap

    I really hoped to see some more progress on systems like player dragging , the new revive system and maybe a locatinal damage system for humans like the one vehicles are about to get . But a very nice recap anyways
  11. Falling Damage nerf?

    +1 for fall damage nerf.
  12. I don't really know about this one , this could be both good and bad , The bad thing i think would be that flanking and using visual cover ( which is a major aspect of squad ) would be much more difficult . But on the other hand sometimes i get into a situation where i stick my eyes to the monitor just to try to see if i actually saw something or not ( which is not healthy for the eyes ) but maybe it's just me trying to be overlly competitive .... I really don't know about this one .

    I agree . But the main problem i have with it , is how boring the vehicle combat would be that way , i mean while infantry can use cover and outplay large vehicles , the combat between two large vehicles could become a "whosever spots who first" , that would make large wide open maps very boring and unbalanced , the only way i can see this issue being resolved is with large wide open maps having alot of hills and mountains to block the long range lines of sight.
  14. New Revive ability

    In project reality you could swap kits , in that case every player was essinatily a medic as long as your squad stayed together , but still it wasn't as arcady as some people might think . I personally really like the idea of a friendly revive , a lot of people don't like to stare at the incapacitated death screen and wait for a medic , i think a friendly revive should be a thing , but without a medic to finish the healing process , the next bullet to hit you will finish the job , and also you might have other effects from not being fully healed , like more sway and recoil i guess . Just give us the "carrying incapacitated friendlys to safety" system and this shit will be awsome ! You will see other players taking care of their teammates , not only medics .
  15. June 2018 Recap

    Honestly i kinda like the friendly revive thing .... That will make waiting for a medic much less annoying.
  16. New gamemodes

    My opinion is very mixed on these ones , while some of your ideas are really nice , more game modes will split the community ( which isn't that big anyways ) i already have hards times to find servers that are close to my region that have people speaking english sometimes . I think the focus should be more on polishing the existing game modes ( things like randomized capture points were teased last recap ) , making these game modes more appealing , maybe for people that like to get to action faster ( becuase i understand , in some rounds i don't even get to fire my rifle ) , we could add smaller uraban-infatry based maps ( like sumari ) , but still keep the tactical team-work , "being afraid for your soilder's" life type of game modes .
  17. Why is there "free weekends"

    My guess would be ....free weekend are offered for people in order to give more people a chance to try out the game without paying the full price ( even though there is steam refund ) maybe for a game like squad , it takes more time to get the hang of it , becuase it is so different from other games . I personally don't mind free weekends , everytime there is a free weekend i give my self a small mission to go and be the best squad leader i can be in order to give players the best expiernce possible ( even though i suck as squad lead ) , i try to answer as many questions as i can , and help people decide if the the game is really for them , so far i was mostly successful . Also , founders from kickstarter , and people who paid full price for the game , did so becuase they wanted to help support the developers .
  18. Logi truck lacks horse power

    I am currently in the army and i can confirm , they do take some time to get to a decent speed though .
  19. Combat engineer / breaching fobs

    Hello there friend ! Have you played Project reality ? Incase you don't or maybe you don't remeber , in PR we had two additional classes : combat engineer and breacher , both of them had spiecal types of C4 explosives , that were excellent for destoying deployables , and the breacher had an awsome grapling hook that worked really well for climbing on anything you want . And if i am not wrong both of these kits are confirmed for squad aswell , so stayed tuned , some great breaching mechanics are almost here .
  20. Are There Plans for Maps More Appropriate for Armored Warfare?

    With the addition of main battle tanks ,i think that these type of maps would be essential to the game , so lets just wait and see . By the way there are some guys from the modding community remaking some great old PR maps , some are perfect for vehicle combat .
  21. Alpha 11.2

    To be honest .... Even great processors can't run the game with soild 60 fps ... But i am patient with the performance improvements , i just hope , for the sake of god , please don't let the bad performance thing something that will just be accepted by the community like in Arma , i don't mind even making the gsme look like Fortnite if it means we'll get smooth gameplay .
  22. shuvel

    Makes alot of sense .... There was a teaser of a meele shovel animation , maybe this will do ?
  23. It's Time To Get Crazy

    He isn't being salty MY FRIEND , he didn't said things like "your ideas sucks" , just says he hates them ... Still it is an opinion . And by the way ... I don't know where you get your information from , but squad isn't really a milsim .... It is more realistic than other FPS games , but it is far from a milsim . I hope you'll get to see changes that will satisfie your disire for the game , and if not in the main game .... There is big a modding community , i am certian that you'll find atleast a couple of guys that share your opinion and they might create a hard-core game mode that features your additions and changes .