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  1. OFF map Support for Commander

    the only way i see that would make ATTACK helicopters work , it's only if the draw distance is reduced or there would be alot of fog like in PR . if that's not the case there won't be a way to balance these and we will have to manage with transport helicopters only flying at unrealisticly low altitudes in order to avoid being shot down , in conclusion .... PLEASE !! add this damned fog already !!! look at escape from tarkov .... it has a very low draw distance but still manages to look great because resources are used on smaller details , but i personally don't care about the game looking good ... if i had to chose between realistic draw distances or more features like close air support the answer would be BRING THESE HELOS IN !!!
  2. OFF map Support for Commander

    I agree with you about the simplicity thing ,i am always for this , and small maps like "sumari bala" shouldn't have this feature . But i don't see the harm of adding occasional precision air strikes , we are not talking about insane area of effect nuclear bombs , or call of duty type kills streaks , just some spiciness mind games of squad leaders , think about it , when main battle tanks , and heavier assest as such would would arrive .... Even the LAT kit would become practically usless , also giving other ways to deal with armor won't make the AT kit a must pick in every squad and will let other kits to shine , and the only way to take out a dominant tank squad on certain maps would be with your own tank squad , but let's say your tank squad is much inferior ? Look i am all about teamwork but what would you do agaist these tanks ? .... Should you just give up the match?? On certian maps heavy vehicle can carry the whole team ... In PR you could rely on CAS aswell ( both helicopters and attack jets ) , also draw distance was much lower ... Here heavy vehicles can snipe infantry . So giving squad leaders a tool to deal with these treats by themselves would be the only way , becuase let's face it ... If you put so much power in armour ( on certian maps ) it would be essential for the best players to only play as armor in order to be competitive , and that would suck . in conclusion we should spread the power between the squads .... If there is no CAS , on certian maps the squad with the best armor players would always win .
  3. If i am not wrong ....there should be a UI ovehaul coming in future updates ( they are already updating it with every patch , like look at the cool new 3D menu we got ) , so don't be afraid my friend , this feature is most likley planned .
  4. Hi guys ! How are you today ? So here i see people complaining about russian suddenly having scopes , british suddenly have less scopes , and some are complaing about the fact that iron sights now provide faster ADS time . so my suggestion would be - for conventional factions - if a player decides to run with irons , he will recive extra supportive ( non-damaging ) tools for the squad like binoculars , extra bandages and ammo ( that can be shared with team ) , extra smoke , ect ... And for the inconventional forces ( where most soilders run with irons ) , ALL of them should have binoculars ( becuase on most maps soilder with camo are extremely hard to spot ) , and they should be able to carry alot of utility items for the squad like extra rockets , mines ,IED's , mortar shells , ( maybe even some consturtion points ? I mean you could for example carrying a 80mm mortar on a soilder it's not something new , even an m2 Browning emplacement could be carried around by two people ( one carring the body and second the barrel ) So what do think guys ??
  5. OFF map Support for Commander

    Since balancing fighting aircraft would be damn right impossible ( atleast without lowering its damage or speed to oblivion ) , but we can deny the role of air-strikes and artillery in modern combat , while i do belive that the most enjoyablr combat is the face to face "shoot only what you can see" type on thing , an occasional air strike here and there would add alot of spiciness in my opnion , and nobody siad these aircraft wouldn't be able to be dealt with ..... OP suggested a "no fly zone" anti air implacement battary ( or maybe even a vehicle ) , this battry could be used only for long range aircraft for example ( like the ones we suggested ) , while "below rader" aircraft like helicopters would have to be dealt with Manuely . This would create a cool dynamic where a squad leader would have to think twice before using the air strike asset , risking it being taken down by the AA battery , so the battery would have to be destroyed first . Very glad to hear man ! I think that off map assets and command utillities would be a good way to make squad a real "all out warfare" by making assets that are impossible to balance still present in the game
  6. Good way to balance iron sights .

    Please no explosive granades , people spam these way to often in close quarters .
  7. OFF map Support for Commander

    There was a really cool mod ,that allowed squad leaders use an off map A10 with bombs and cannons ( with a real model of an A10 flying overhead and bombing a marked area ) it was i think in the Alpha 10 closed testing beta or something , i would really like to see more of those if attack helicopters and fixed wing aircraft won't make it into the game .
  8. This idea is even better ! A bus with a resource meter that can let's say allow 20 spawns .... And it would have to drive back to base to refill this resouce ( making it like a reinforcemets bus , but without actually having phyciscal fighters inside , allowing the real fighters to be on other fronts , ultimately giving the illusion of fighing a larger force .
  9. I've suggested something similuar multiple times , this is a very good idea ! The unconventional forces are always the defending force having it's "home" being invaded , and it should feel like that , the invading force should feel like they are actually fighting a large resistance , in a place that they had under control for a while and have quick acsses to most of the area , thing like faster spawns and more spawn points would give this feeling , making the irregular faction feel something much better than russian with older gear .
  10. Jenses range ( what happened to US an RUS)

    Use the console , and type "admin.changemap"the name of the map" i think .
  11. Main Battle Tanks (MBT's)

    The amount of knowledge you have about the topic is fascinating really .... But modeling armour so accurately would be cool for people who understand the whole concept , but i think that for most people , and to make it easier for devs and escpically modders.... A simple locational armour system , with modern tanks maybe having abit less weak points or maybe more "HP" would be better .
  12. Alpha 11.1

    There was a bug where the armored technical was destroyed much faster by 30 mil ( 3 shots ) then the regular technical ... Is that issue has been adressed ?
  13. Jenses range ( what happened to US an RUS)

    Yea nice one ! Let's make the tutorial as fun as a single player mission !
  14. Jenses range ( what happened to US an RUS)

    I hope that in the future we will have a "theme" based firing range for every faction with the maps that suit thier usuall conflict landscape , with informative texts of information about every assst , weapon , and vehicle of every faction , maybe even a voiced tutorial stage that will teach players all the basic keys and functionality , from being a regualr rifleman all the way to how to use heavy assets and being a squad leader .
  15. OFF map Support for Commander

    I would like to have a commander , but i wouldn't want it to have phyiscal power at all , i want it to be more like a tactical decsion maker , a player that plays a "real time stratagy" game even.... I would like him to see the map ( with the abillity to put markers and draw on it ) , and he should have a ghost mode that allows him to physically fly around the map and see his team moves and fights , while enemy soilders , vehicles , and assets would he invisible to him . the commander slot shouldn't be something the team has to have , it should be an optional perk , and the other squads should have the choise to listen to him or not . And about off map utillity , i totally like the idea every squad with atleast 6 people should have a very limited abillity on a long cooldown to use when they think needed ( the reason i like the idea so much it's becuase with more and more vehicles coming to the game , the anti tank kit becomes more and more essential ..... And that sucks for other very cool kits that are not picked due to them being less important ) . with the off map utillities you described , a squad would have more waysto deal with heavy vehicles other than just with personal anti tank weapons .
  16. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    Yea becuase there isn't really much of difference between being shot once or twice , at medium ranges single fire follow up shots are extreme accurate , and in close quarters everyone sprays you anyway .... So a one shot bolt action weapon might be a good idea , i wouldn't even be opposed if it did had a scope like for a sharpshooter kit for the insurgents .
  17. Team commitment .

    Are trying to switch for the winnig team ?? You never switch to winnig team ! That's childish bro ! You always stay in the team that is getting thier ass kicked any try to help them win ! That's why you shouldn't get to see that state of the game and if your team losses you try again next round . I still acknowledge your problem as a real issue though .... That's why we need a team scrambling option that would scramble every player the isn't playing in a group with his friends !
  18. Team commitment .

    Hi guys ! how are you ? so i would like to share my thoughts on how to improve the minimap function when it comes to team commitment . The Minimap is a great tool , but sometimes it could harm the game by giving "too much knowledge" , So the problem i would like to address is the problem where , sometimes a player joins a team , mid game , the first thing he sees it's the huge minimap , with all friendly locations , map markers , rallys and FOBs , then he tries to join a squad and sees that there isn't any squad he can play in ( some are speaking in their native language and some are locked ) , or maybe his friend joined the other team ( although this problem might be solved with a pre-team-up feature ) - so the player decides to change a team , but by this time he already saw too much . so my suggestion would be a "team commitment" option , the first thing the player , sees it's the squads , the main spawn point at base , and the amount of tickets , only after he chooses a squad , and he is certain he would like to commit to his team only then he would push the "team commitment" button and then the minimap will show , and he'll be able to play regulary without the ability to team switch please let me know what you think guys .
  19. Light Mortars For INS Faction

    Until recently , even here in the Israeli defence force , we used a small , man-portable 60mm mortar carried by soilders , i think that would be a good addition to the insurgents , even though i personaly don't like dying to indirect fire in my games , every buff for insurgents would always be welcome for me , i want the irregualr factions to be fearsome and disgustingly over powered with and without the right hands !!! Must players always find it much cooler to play as the conventional forces becuase they have cool toys , i want them to do it at thier own risk ! The risk of getting thier ass handed to them over and over !!!
  20. Good way to balance iron sights .

    One extra bandage doesn't compensate enough , scoped / red-dots provide a very big advantage .... I still think that atleast unconventional forces should have binos for everyone without a scope .... They are in a huge disadvantage for not having a camouflage uniform , and their lack scopes , for example the new map that came with the british allows british soilders to very easily snipe targets while being hiddin laying on the ground .
  21. Yes but you do agree that an exposed vehicle gunner should atleast have some sort of way to duck without switching seats ?
  22. havn't we wanted to get this feature for the "non-crow" versions of MRAP and HUMVEES ?? why not adding it to all types of turrets ? like even to the cars that insurgents use , and other turret type implacements ?