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  1. Would anyone be interested in Battlefield 2 style mod?

    As a battlefield fan ( escpically battlefield 2 ) , i stopped the game at battlefield 4 ... Becuase i really don't like the direction the franchise is taking , the game makes it self more arcade with every new entery , i've just heard that in battlefield 1 there is going to be a perk that allows you to automatically spot enemies on the minimap when you headshot one of thier nearby friendlys ( even if you don't have a line of sight on these enemies ) ?? like what were they thinking ??? And i like how the devs keep saying that they would like to promote team work and sticking to squad mates ... God ... In any case i would really like to see a battlefield / jointoperations mod for squad ( i just hope we will have enough players to fill both realms , aracde and tactical ) Maybe you guys can work together ?? Since your end goal is relatively the same ?
  2. Thinking of buying, one question

    The only game i've seen that has about the same amount of communication as squad is surprisingly Overwatch ( while playing on ranked competitive games ) , but only when it comes to things like callouts and shit ... ( that is things you shout mid-fight ). As for squad , squad usally has alot of off-time between fights , and that's when i've had some of the best social experiences i've ever had in a game with complete strangers ( both about things like tactics , and cool small talks and jokes ).... Also from my expiernce i've never encountered a salty of toxic player in the game .
  3. What are you working on?

    Just WOW !
  4. As if you couldn't move the cap timer nor build anything too close to it i guess.
  5. So points shouldn't unlock until the time blufor arrives on thier first point . but there should be a possibility to build FOBs but not too close to the blufor main camp .
  6. [WIP] West Bank Map [IDF]

    God this looks great man ! Keep up the work ! I hope some talented guys will join you later to help you bring the IDF faction to life
  7. I think that for this to be possible millitia and insurgents should have the abillity to leave the base about two minutes before bluefor can in order to be able to set up ambushes , after all they are suppose to feel like the defeneding force while the bluefor should feel like the invading force with the heavy vehicles and the high tech . also we can give unconventional forces faster spawn timers in order to give the feel of fighting a larger force that can attack from everywhere and always present on the battlefield .
  8. October 2017 Recap

    May i ask which faction would get access to the FN MAG ? i think the it would be most appropriate for the millitia to have it while the insurgents will use PKM's . And if i already mentioned machine guns ... Could we get a tripod buildable emplacment version of these weapons ?
  9. October 2017 Recap

    Handling long weapons indoors it's not easy at all in real life .... I don't know where your expiernce comes from , but as a soilder i can promise that manuvering with an assult rifle indoors it's a real pain in the ass , so that's why armies came up with bull-pops and "commando" versions of weapons which are usually shorter versions of different weapons . So please our mighty devs ! Make handling long weapons indoors as annoying as possible in order make shorter weapons shine in these areas , just like in real life
  10. October 2017 Recap

    Really really like the new collusion system ! I knew you guys were listening . But it still seems like the weapon can go throw objects for a little .... How do other games manage to hide this effect ( atleaset in first person ) ? and can you guys do that too ?
  11. Competitive?

    I would totally would be for a competitive matchmaking system when the game is fully released and balanced ! Where you can queue with friends but you can't choose who you queue against + no team switching and a way to communicate with the other team and more penalty for team kills . Since some people told me that there are some guys who join the other team with a second account just to see enemy movement and positions i always have it in the back of my mind and find it hard to play competitively knowing there might be a guys having a very abuseable unfair advantage.
  12. How many copies?

    Please stop giving misleading information
  13. adapting name tag colour

    Maybe in addition get rid of name tags all along ? Let them only be visable when gettin really close to a friendly , or atleast make it a server option thing ...
  14. Easier and far better fix would be removing name tags all along , with the abiility to only see name tags when pointing at a friendly dircetly from a very close distance .
  15. Looks like you really put alot of effort on it man , i personally think that having a random spread core like in PR but a lot smaller is absolutely OK