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  1. It gives you intel on something that you are otherwise wouldn't have gotten .... By Aquiring intel physiclly i mean have a line of sight / a very good certainty about the place of the said FOB , rally , flanking sqaud , or whatever that is you are suggesting to get intel about for caputring a vehicle . You want to give penalty for players leaving vehicles ? A better solution would be something like if the enemy finds an abandoned vehicle they can "dig" it with the shovel and with that Action the vehicle would disappear , the team losing the vehicle would lose tickets and the team "digging" the vehicle would gain tickets from it ( also they won't have to waste explosives -the person that was last mainnig the vehicle would have increasd spawn timer and lower points on the scoreboard , no need to give magical infromation about the enemy team ... A vehicle isn't a headquarters with classified intel , nor is a FOB or a rally .
  2. Taking damage upon crash .

    Thx for the quick replies guys !
  3. Hi guys ! How are you today ? I've noticed that since the game got vehicles , there wasn't any system in place that made vehicles and the the passengers inside them take any sort of damage upon crashing into objects like walls , trees , or other vehicles . I think that we should have some type of system in place that will make driving vehicles abit more realistic , too many times i've seen people driving logi trucks down hills at 100km/h without having to worry about crashing into anything since it will just stop the vehicle without any damage being done to the crew or the vehicle itself . So yea .... a damage system for the vehicles and the crew upon inpact with different objects ( a cool visual effect with some nice sound effects like when you crash a vehicle in BF4 for example would be welcome aswell ) .
  4. GOD please !!!! No intel from capturing vehicles !!!! Pleaseeeee !!! One thing i love about this game is that intel is acquired physiclly !!! And spreads out in the team by players who take the time to inform the team by ethier chat or voice comms . This also leaves alot of place for flanking tactics and more .... Much better solution for capturing enemy vehicles would be something like getting some constuction points and ammo from it , and hell maybe even tickets ..... But please for the love of GOD !!! Not even a bit of info about the enemy team !!!!
  5. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Very nice work man ! Would be interested to see how a more linear type of map would play out . Let's just hope that 1km width would be enough to provide opportunities for flanks and other tactics , and not only a spray n' pray at one objective gang-bang party .
  6. Lollipop, Lollipop, Oooo lolli Lollipop

    In version 9 it wasn't like that .... But to be honest i kinda like the way it is right now .
  7. Can't reload station guns?

    Have you tried it on the test range or on a live server ? Usally alot of bug that a present in the test range ( like the bug you've mentioned ) are not present on the live servers , i can confirm that that i've incountered the bug on the test range aswell , but havn't had the chance to try it on a server .
  8. A Little Update from Merlin

    Very nice idea indeed , although it would still prefer the project reality style name tags , less HUD = more sexy ass visuals (:
  9. A Little Update from Merlin

    So let us just make nametags the way they were in project reality all together !! , it was so perfectly balanced then , where you could see name tags if you focus on the target enough , but they were mostly invisable ( espically and longer ranges ) , making people actually use the minimap/distinguish by uniform and gear , rather then just shooting everying that doesn't have a name above it ... The battlefield frachise is ruined due to too much 3rd spotting information added with every game , i want this game to be different , and bring back the feature of recognizing targets before opening fire at everything that moves ^^
  10. A Little Update from Merlin

    Guys , one of the most important things that needs to be addressed by the devs is the "name tag problem" , never in my time on the forums i've heard of someone that is pleasedwith the way name tags currently behave .... Please ! It's a simple fix ! Don't give me that "the devs need to put resources into something else" , just no .... We should try to be more innovative , try something new , the loyal community keeps asking for removal of name tags !!! ( atleast for certian servers ) , i know it might make the game less accessible to other players , but giving server admin the abillity to turn off the nametags for their players , with a huge message that notifies the you should play at their own risk , please devs ! Give us this small simple feature ! Love , "name tag haters" .
  11. Bolt sniper role?

    As everyone here i know that snipers have been discussed to death around here since i remember the forums , must of the time the idea is dismissed automatically by the community becuase they assume that the people that support the idea are either some COD/BF fan boys that want to use the role for 360 no-scope kill picking , or some people that watched to many American specops movies and want to use the role for lone-wolfing . While some of it is infact true , it's not the full picture , i personally think that the sniper role could actually have a place in the game with the proper restrictions , just like it had a place back in project reality .
  12. A few suggestions

    Very nice tactical desicion making man .
  13. A few suggestions

    Hi man , while i read through your suggestion i've noticed that most of them are just some simple misc balance changes , and if you notice in every update there are plenty of these , so yours might actually make into the game . Two things that caught my eye though were : the bipods for marksmen - weapon resting should come to most weapons eventually , And instant vehicle spawn - probably going to be a huge no , vehicles should be very valueable and people should use vehicles carefully , with the respawn penalty in-mind .
  14. You killed me with this one