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  1. How 'bout desctruction?

    Very simple yet a bit unimmersive solution would be for heavy vehicles to just no-clip through small objects like these .... I personally don't mind it to like this as long as we have other cool features .
  2. Militia PKM machinegunner skin

    Looks very badass , maybe on snow maps lol
  3. Rally Point

    Yea sounds a really simple yet contributing nerf , but we still need to do something about rally giving information about enemy proximity , rallys should be spawnable only when enough squad members are around it in order to secure the area , in the end it's a "rally", a place where the squad rallys not some magical spawn point for the whole squad in a middle of nowhere or an enemy detection radar .
  4. Smaller, faster game modes?

    Yea i kinda agree with that ... These type of game modes would'nt be so popular becuase they go against the main purpose of the game , but at the same time having a game mode like this might be helpful for you to practice some shooting mechanics and tactics on close quarters .
  5. IF

    Really ? Is it consistant? May i please know your rig ? Yea agree , but everytime i sniff around the forums about everything related to performance i come across a problem that is mentioned quite often which is something like "squads engine has a problem utilizing all cpu cores...." from what i understand squad's engine can only fully utilize one cpu core which creates this annoying cpu bottleneck that hurts performance so much ... And thats always makes me worry , becuase if it's an engine problem the devs won't be able to do anything no matter how good they are ....
  6. IF

    The main point of this post in my opinion is probably to discuss how squad would have functioned on the frostbite engine , since till this day we are struggling to get good performance with the unreal engine .
  7. Smaller, faster game modes?

    It's very difficult to have tactical gameplay on small maps , even in a game like squad , becuase everything happens so fast ... Look at the sumari map for example ... And yea i personally looking forward to sandstorm aswell , although i don't think it would have anything to justify picking it up if you have squad other than 3D scopes .... With later versions of squad with better shooting mechanics , animations and more responsive tickrates , we could have a mini insurgency game just by having squad and modders creating balanced small maps and game modes
  8. Smaller, faster game modes?

    I do understand you , playing a game like squad requiers you to be fully absorbed by the game , but that is what the game is trying to achive basiclly.... What i would recommand for you is to tryout something like Insurgency it's a game that fully fits your discription
  9. IF

    In real life maybe. In game i think larger guns are more for things like devastating fire power .... But i think it would be very beneficial to reduce draw distance .... Think about it ... On maps that are cristal clear as Al basrah the upcoming helicopters would have to fly unrealisticly low just to aviod being seen by enemy AA vehicles . and lets say we'll have lock-on weapons on the future .... Do you want them to have reallife lock-on distances aswell ? It would just make the game about who sees who first and from there , and with the high damage moudels in the game that would be a total disaster in my opinio. Look at Project reality ... Although the FOG was more of an engine limitation , it brought the abillity for somwhat flat open maps to be balanced for tanks , infantry , and even aircraft .
  10. IF

    I personally got nothin againsts reduced draw distance ... To be honest i even think that reduced draw distance is better for gameplay balance when heavy assets arrive .... But at the same time i don't really care about destruction ethier .... Just would really like some to see great performance , high tickrates and some smooth animations to make the game feel alot better .... But one thing that i would really like to see in the future is maybe servers with more than 100 players in order to fill huge maps better .
  11. APC/IFV 3rd Seat

    As far as realism goes having a commander seat on a tank sounds awsome ( that's how we had it back in PR ) but in my opinion that would be a lot better if the commander and driver position would be the same position , that would make it that heavy vehicles would requier 1 less person to operate and this one less person can fill another important role on another squad , but i wouldn't want to go as far as making tanks maned by only one person ( like in the battlefield series ) , cause i still want this awsome driver-gunner coordination . and i am still all for having speicalized armor squads with crew-man kits , but instead of the need to have a 9 man squad to operate 3 tanks we can use only 6 , while the other 3 can fill other imporant roles .
  12. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    With pump-action and bolt-action systems in the game , a whole new realm of weapons would be added by the modding community
  13. FOB GMG's

    OP compared to what we have right now , maybe .... Just remeber that main battle tanks and helicopters should arrive later making these assets look like toys
  14. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    Never played JO myself , but many people here seem to like mentioning it all the time , from what you have discribed it seem like it's going to be like a modern-day battlefield 2 , which is my favorite battlefield to this day , so i can just wish you luck and hope to try it out myself ! One thing i would recommand is that you 'll ask some guys on the forums that are already working on JO assets if they can let you use them , just to make your job alot easier and better overall .
  15. Able to hide your teammate's tag

    +1 for that