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  1. Hi man , look destruction has been discussed countless times before ... There is a search function that you can use to find the prevoius discussions about this topic . But just sum things up for you , destruction most likely won't be a thing in squad , mainly becuase it is very resource intensive .
  2. Very nice story man , truly discribes the squad expiernce . As for the teamkill... Name tags are a huge controversy in the game ... Some people like them and some people ( like me ) would like to have them completly removed , beacuse a huge part of squad ( as it was back in Project reality ) is target distinguishing via the minimap and if you are good enough also through unifom and gear ( you are not suppost to auto-shoot everything that hasn't got a name tag above it ).
  3. Overall immersion

    I don't what it is about insurgency that makes it very satisfying to shoot someone ... Both visualy and in therms of sound ... Something in that game make the weapons feel powerful .... If we can add this type of feeling the squad i would be the happiest person in the world .
  4. Will we see jets in the future?

    When it comes to jets .... Implamenting them in a way that they would be balanced with the insane draw distances and the realistic behaviours that squad is trying to achive would be nearly impossible in my opinion ... Also having the "fighter jet" assest fully controled by one player would really make it that only the best pilots would be the ones to use these assets , becuase otherwise the team that allows the less skilled pilots to fly would be in a very big distanvatage. So my suggestion would be , and please try to hear me out on this one ... To make jets function like the "kill strike" in the COD seriers.... like giving squad leaders the abillity to request air support as a cooldown based abillity , when the ability is activeated the squad leader would "take control" - but only limited control on the aircraft , he would control things like weapons , some movement , and countermeasures... If the aircraft would be shot-down , the team would ofcourse lose tickets ... So the benefits of using airstrikes would be based more on tactical decisions and smart asset management rather than piloting skills .
  5. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Looks great man ! Can't wait !
  6. Scope kits dominating gameplay

    I am a huge fan of the acog scope myself , but i really like the idea of having the scoped m4 be a limited kit in a form of 1 per squad .
  7. CPU Under Utilized

    From what i know it has to do something with the engine .... And there are plenty of Extensive posts about this issue , so try to use the search function to find some answers .
  8. battle royale mod for squad ? :)

    A zombie mode would be ****in awsome
  9. M4 Acog

    Why not both like we had in project reality ?

    How are you israeli brother ? I've suggested weapon slings myself some time in the past , becuase i wanted to see the primary weapons stay on the soilder body when they are not used ( like when you use a sidearm or a rocket luancher ) , and with the perforamnce issue in mind ... Why can't we make the rifle just stick one the front of the soilders body without much phyics to it ? ( just like in cs:go but only on front instead of the back )? Btw i think that insurgency has this feature .
  11. Weapon resting for non MG-Classes

    From what i know ... The devs confirmed that they have plans to bring weapon resting to more weapons further down the line .
  12. Disable freelook while using scope

    So what are you proposing for scoped weapons ?
  13. Yea but i think that for a full release we can't have this problem in the game no matter what .
  14. What are you working on?

    Nice one man ! Is that a flash light or a laser pointer ? (or both ? ) , and have made functional ?
  15. I've noticed that the acog scope also has a very pink-ish color to the tringle ... In my game atleast .