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  1. Hi there guys , hope you are having a great day . i would like to apologize for my english before i start . So the new map looks great overall , very excited to play on it , really good job with the urban feeling of the map devs . But on my play time on the map i've noticed two strange things . 1 . why does the windows of the misc urban cars are black ? I mean that you can't see throw them ? I mean if you use "ghost mode" it's possible to see that these cars have a really soild interior model, so why not make the windows transparent ? 2 . i've also noticed that the water texture on the map is not moving , like the water is frozen or something , i don't know if it should be like that because as far as i know even in lakes without water flows the water still moves for a bit from the wind or something ... So please guys i don't know if these are bugs or what i would really like that some would explain to me these two strange phenomenons. Thx
  2. User Interface Concept Art

    If there's one thing that i personally would really like to see is an option on the main menu that shows every single asset for every faction ( vehicles , weapons , roles ) with pictures and short explaination ( by text , or maybe even a brief video , with tips about it , how it used and for what porpuse ) . Overall must say these are some great concept arts guys !! Keep it going !!
  3. Stryker desert tan ?

    Does the russian vehicles are painted exactly as they are in real life? or there are some sort of changes ? If they do i have some changes don't see any reason for not adding a desert painted styker .
  4. Stryker desert tan ?

    Yes there is that ofcourse , but it also really adds to the uniformity of the vehicles ....
  5. Stryker desert tan ?

    HI there guys , i hope you're having a nice day , so as the title suggests ... Why the stryker doesn't have a desert tan for desert maps ? I mean it had this in project reality as far i know ... I personaly would really like to see this small detail in game , thx .
  6. Some general questions i have .

    Yea well i know and still always happy to hear about it , but do you know the answer to my questions ? About the grip method for example ? Like why it is like that ? And the iron sights for the svd thing ?
  7. Some general questions i have .

    Hi there my friends , I hope you're having a good day , there are some questions that i would be happy if some of you can answer . So the first question is that i've always wondered why in squad all the soilders hold their weapons ( when there isn't a foregrip attached ) with the second hand on the maganzine instead of the "rails" of gun , some examples : https://www.google.co.il/search?q=squad+m4&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwirgbPhz8bTAhWIfxoKHT4tB2cQ_AUICigB&biw=1920&bih=950#imgrc=WFB1Y5zcUGLgjM: ( on the magazine ) where as in other gaems they hold it like that : https://www.google.co.il/search?q=squad+m4&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwirgbPhz8bTAhWIfxoKHT4tB2cQ_AUICigB&biw=1920&bih=950#tbm=isch&q=soilder+with+m4&imgrc=CSYaSWGnwQeyzM: Why is it like that ? and are the devs going to give some diffierent holding animations for diffierent factions ? cause as far as i know some armies and insurgents don't hold their weapons like that . and another question i've got is something i've noticed in a very old video of jackfrags where he used the iron sights on the insurgents sniper rifle , why is'nt it in the game anymore ? : ( you can see it on 9:51 ) . That's it , i would be very happy if someone can help me with these questions i have (:
  8. Announcement: Experimental 36km2 Map Event

    What ? A map that can be suited for fixed wing aircraft ? What what ?
  9. Some nice visual immersive effects .

    Alright awsome thx ! great job guys keep it going (:
  10. Hi there everyone ! i hope you all have a great weekend , before i start i would like to apologize for my bad english and also i am sorry if the these things have been brought up before , oh and please if you are going to automaticlly say things like "the devs have other things in mind now..." and things like that ... please stop reading now and have a great day , i just want to have a friendly discussion about things that i would like to maybe see in the future ... Soooo let's get right in to it : How much of a performers hit we are going to have with thing like letting bullet shells ( the thing that leave the weapon from the side when the gun is fired , don't remember the name of it ) stay longer on the ground ? and maybe even have sound while hitting the ground on urban areas ? . And also how about a small "black" burned area on the ground or wall after an explosion hit ( like RPGs and IED ) ? ofcourse make it disapear after a min or so ... and maybe also infantry and ground vehicles espically tracked vehicles, will leave footsteps or their tracks on the groud for just a about a min or so ? and maybe even more small immersive details like these that would be only visable for a very short period of time and only from up close and maybe only if the player watcing them will see them only if he was there when the event occurred ( the explosion / the vehicles that passed by ect .... ) and by that making that it won't be as much taxing on the server and have overall less performers hit ? ( by the way , maybe i have no idea what i am saying and these thing don't work like that ... but still i'll be happy if you give me your opinion and correct me if i am wrong (:
  11. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    One good thing i see about 1 man crew is that we will have the abillity to control more vehicles at one time and overall more infantry on the ground , but on the other hand there is nothing more fun than operating a tank with a full crew, in addition that will insure that lone wolfs will have a harder time which is a thing that is alwaya welcome .
  12. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    Agree ... Just said what i personally think would be the solution to 1 man crewing a whole tank .... It could be something completely different but we still have to make sure that heavy vehicles would be as multi crew as possible in my opinion .
  13. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    Well i think that it is going to like it was in PR where the moment someone grabs the gunner sit there is a short delay before he can actually fire ...
  14. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    B.... But what about IEDs ?? ): Or land mines ?
  15. Devs Utilizing Community (Modding, UE4 Marketplace)?

    Well the devs done some expiermenting with dynamic folige in the past , you can see it on some older monthly recaps , but we haven't heard about it for a pretty long time now.... so i guess maybe they dropped it for now to maxmize performers maybe ? And also i think that the devs prefer create their own plugins for the game ( like this dynamic folige for instance ) instead of buying ones from the workshop ( but i could be wrong about this ) .