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  1. YAY i got the game

    So i just got the game. So can any of you guys give me basic info or suggest any other topics i can check. So that i can be a better player. My in game user is TPD THX
  2. Can this run squad

    GeForce GTX 850M INTEL(R) CORE(TM) i7-4702 CPU 2.220GHZ 16.00 GB RAM
  3. like the titles says so yeah id like to know
  4. I'd like to know your opinion

    So whats the diff between Intel and AMD??
  5. ​So i'm thinking about getting this but i don't whether i should get it in early access mode or wait till the game has been completed. So i'd like to know your opinion.. :D :D :D THANKS :D :D :D -ThePotatoesDictator SO i'm a huge fan of FPS/TACTICAL games. i'd like to now how friendly/active the community. I've been watching lots of vids on it. But i'd also like to know your experience. BTW WHAT IF I HAVE AMD WHAT WILL HAPPEN(i have an Intel core)