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  1. Insurgent Artillery-Calculator

    @loff That looked like magic to me at first, so it took a while to implement... By the way its wonderful and thanks I learned something
  2. Insurgent Artillery-Calculator

    Updated: Brought on par with mortar version and added web-version as well.
  3. Mortar Calculator

    There is an web version which works very good in a smartphone browser. I linked it in the first post where you can also find the excellent version by loff.
  4. Mortar Calculator

    Looks like its time to retire for me, that is awesome!
  5. Mortar Calculator

    Ah okay thats nice. But there is a range of different android and ios keyboards (switfkey, gboard), so that maybe more of a personal feature tailored for a specific keyboard? Voice input would be cool though Thats how my keyboard looks:
  6. Mortar Calculator

    @bravo2zero A screenshot for imagination please
  7. Mortar Calculator

    You can use the script also in your smartphone browser, did you try that? And you can use it with the steam-overlay browser, just set it as your homepage for easy access.
  8. Mortar Calculator

    Maybe you used older versions, both versions should yield the same results. I rewrote mine a bit for faster target input (inspired by XXPX1 ).
  9. Mortar Calculator

    Yeah will definitely adapt somethings after i understood them :D. (new to coding, was my first "real" script). I had a few good rounds today as a mortar designator, just shouting out the calculated target data to the mortar guys!
  10. Mortar Calculator

    Very nice looks as if i could learn some things from you :*. You subsetting-method looks awesome!
  11. Mortar Calculator

    Thats the best i could get, ideas anybody?
  12. Mortar Calculator

    If you could provide a formula that would be dope Or a table with 25m steps...
  13. Mortar Calculator

    Exactly thats my plan with numerical integration ^^
  14. Mortar Calculator

    This script provides the freedom to barrage any position on the map with relative high precision without the help of your squadleader. As of now I do not interpolate between the elevation-steps given by the mortar-interface. It gives you the step where the calculated distance is nearest to. Maybe in the future we find a way for even higher accuracy (<50m)...
  15. Insurgent Artillery-Calculator

    Added link to mortar version: