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  1. Alpha 5 Released

    I just loaded up Squad after a little hiatus. I hadn't gotten to play V5 yet. I'm aware of the AMD problems, but I don't have AMD -- but I was wondering if other Intel/NVideo users have noticed an increase in FPS since the update? It runs so smoothly. I was impressed! I guess I have to do a real test run and look for a series of fields. But it seems like the fps was constant throughout the game, too -- no gradual fps drop.
  2. Sure. But that doesn't mean that vehicles or TV come from some world-of-the-unheard-future in Afghanistan. Ya'know?
  3. I mean -- not to be too big of a downer, but I believe the picture you paint isn't accurate to reality. ISIL recruits and spreads propaganda using Twitter. Vehicles are common enough to at least be seen (and used by insurgent militaries). And if you have Twitter you have the internet -- so you can be pretty easily acquainted with the modern world. Heck, there are IED's set off by cell phones. That doesn't happen without more than a familiarity with the modern world. Just sayin'. Not that the US army isn't more advanced. I know which side I'd prefer to be on. But I couldn't help myself in hoping to dispel some ignorance.
  4. Barrett M82 50.cal

    Just adding an idea to some of the other ideas presented trying to make a sniper class "work" for Squad -- You could attach the sniper to the commander unit rather than at the squad level. Sort of like how BF2 had the commander be the one who could deploy artillery and what-not, you could have a commander who gives the sniper and spotter class to two people. If they aren't doing their job then the commander can kick them and pick someone else out. Or, if it doesn't seem like a good map or time to use them, he could assign them different roles (like artillery and spotter, or heli and gunner, or something) I'm not hellbent on having them in. It was just an idea that I hadn't seen presented yet.
  5. Firing Positions (Urban)

    Thanks again for the heads up. :)
  6. Squad SDK preview version

    I voted "waiting" because, while there may be many people here who wouldn't balk at changes down the line, in my experience there's always a lot more people who are affected by things like that who just didn't know about the "risk". So, for the sake of y'alls reputation and the hopeful longterm success of the project I'd say it's better to wait until your basic building blocks are mostly in order. Maybe you could peer-2-peer share with some modders you trust won't have sour grapes if things change dramatically down the line.
  7. Firing Positions (Urban)

    I ran a search and only saw topics in the "Feedback & Suggestions" sub-forum. Where do the devs discuss destruction?
  8. Firing Positions (Urban)

    I think it'd be great if the various holes and openings currently put into the walls -- and not just building walls, but the facility and field walls too -- could be opened up by one of the classes with tamped explosives. As you note you could customize where those openings are too, making for a greater variety of possible approaches and places to check. I don't know if it's feasible or not to do that, though. But it would be very cool.
  9. Heavy Casualties

    Very nice reaction on your part. Patiently waiting for the whole squad to move past their field of view on you. My favorite moments so far in Squad are when I get that perfect flank with wide open shots and the team is focused on another objective.
  10. Meet the clans of Squad League

    Thanks for hosting this. It was fun to play with more experienced players.
  11. I don't know what the devs could do. But the community could always be more or less welcoming, I think. I haven't spent enough time with Squad community to say one way or the other, but I can speak of other games where it's pretty clear that it's a "boys club" -- not because of the game developers, but just because of the gamers who play and what they say. So I guess I would just say try to treat people with respect regardless of their demographic, and at that point -- what else can you do? Heck, there are/were plenty of women in the armed forces. Seems like the vet community is pretty strong around here. Guess you could try and recruit from vet communities? Not sure. But I wouldn't think the devs could do much there, tbh. EDIT: For instance, when I've played CS:GO and a girl speaks on the team, most of the team mates will make some kind of "ZOMG! It's a girl!" reaction, and I've heard people say -- I kid you not -- "Counter Strike is a man's world where he leaves the b***hes behind and relaxes!" Clearly, that's not exactly a welcoming environment. But if you treat girls like any other gamer then I'd say you're being welcoming. Since that's what we're here for. The game. Right?
  12. Glad to see others are thinking along these lines. For ease, at least -- though the Arma 3 one is better in the realism dept. -- I again like how Insurgency handled this. You can only turn at ~ 45 degrees to the left or right before your view just stops -- if you want to turn more then you have to strafe-crawl to reposition your body. It forces you to move when you are prone and you want to get a better look left or right, rather than being able to stay in that one perfect corner and look around from it.
  13. Just wanted to add my 2 cents since I was going to start a topic on this. Ideally, I like the way Insurgency handles this. The moment you click on a server it updates how many people are in it and does "real time" updates every 5 seconds or so. This was only recently implemented, though -- but it would be nice to at least reserve a slot first and tell me the server is full before loading, I agree.

    I'm playing at thread necromancy here in the hopes of hearing more opinions. At the very least it would be nice to have a scale on the map. I don't know the size of the maps, but I'd be able to estimate ranges of I knew what each square on the map represents for a particular map, or even just had the total area of the map printed (like 1x1 km
  15. Speaking of which -- I see that phrase used often on these forums. I've seen the updates, but I'm not sure where to read what the developers have decided vs. what is still being toyed with. Is there someplace where all of these final decisions are accumulated?