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  1. Progressive Vehicular Damage system

    Not sure how things are in terms of easily / difficult for coding, but perhaps just as the 'furniture' on the landscape (trees, buildings, OTHER burned out vehicle husks, etc) is part of the 'set map design', perhaps once a vehicle essentially becomes a non-useable 'husk', the system could move that from being an in-game tracked element that it has to uselessly follow for the rest of the round, to something more like the 'map furniture' that I'm ascribing to above. By transferring the 'data elements' into the base map elements (which undoubtably has to track things like craters in the ground, destroyed walls / buildings, etc), it then simply becomes something tracked by the inherent map data (which is more 'static' in nature), as opposed to being something tracked by the 'non-map' combat elements (non-static in nature - movement of people, vehicles, bullets, damage to same, etc). Not sure if I'm being clear on my idea here, but essentially I'm trying to suggest something which would allow for this without taxing the performance of the system, as it would move that element into the base data of the map load up, making it easily and inherently available for all players (loads up as part of their map when they move into that area), and simply become part of the inherent map data (so no real data increase over what the map would inherently have), as opposed to having it as some kind of data-heavy element (more data, as it used to be a complicated vehicle data element, complete with stats like health and armor, etc) that needs to be tracked all game simply because it used to be something important... Does this make sense? Could this help?
  2. Alkali needs your help!

    Where do I vote? Via facebook only? Damn.... don't and never will have a FB account... Well, if you're tallying any non-FB votes somewhere (and I suggest you do, as I'm sure I'm not the only non-FB'er who has a vote to contribute), then here's my feedback on the 4 choices: 1st Choice: Loading Music 10 (top of list) - all around excellent and consistent 'military beat feel' intro music that immediately starts my heart beating faster, in anticipation of being dropped into battle... 2nd Choice: Loading Music 4 (last in list) - as above but with slightly less intensity, ergo it invokes a slightly less reaction in me. Additionally, the latter half of that music seems like it would make a better 'denouement' music, not for loading into the screen, but rather as a nice 'out-loading screen', such as at the end of the round / after that map is over. Might want to consider that for the future. 3rd 'Non-Choice': Loading Music 2 (third on list) - I don't see this as loading in music; however, I do quite like it's inherent ambient... calm suspense? This might be good cue music for moments when your group or squad approaches or moves up to proximity to an objective, village, etc, whether there are actually enemies there or not (the inherent fear of deadly combat being just as palatable as the combat itself). Not sure if you're going to have that kind of cue suspense music put into the game (as it could give away / pre-warn you that you are about to run into enemies - I don't recommend this), but you could implement in cases where danger could be forthcoming, whether or not or regardless of whether any danger actually materializes. Could be a good game element. ................................. Lastly, Loading Music 6 is just a little too slow and 'guitar-y' for me - however, it is nice music, and perhaps under the right (but different) circumstances to my last example above, it could make for nice in-game ambient music or transitional music elsewhere in the game. Perhaps this or other music, for example, could come into play during transit flight in a chopper to the LZ, for example, or other things of that nature. Kinda feels like something from (or you could make it more like) the music from the Firefly series... Thank you for reviewing my feedback. Hope it's helpful / useful.
  3. Just a few questions

    Thank you, IronTaxi, for your prompt reply. One more quick question: reviewing the most excellent and promising first pre-Alpha gameplay video, I noticed that no one went prone (or wait - did they? That one fella on the rooftop maybe....) - will the ability to go prone be in the game? I'm assuming so. Thx. And sorry for these early 'kindergarten steps' type questions. I'm still finding my legs around here. ..................... I did notice elsewhere people making comments / questions around other, more involved aspects of things like soldier fatigue and movement, etc - so I assume that much which is not obviously there, but should be obviously there, will come into implementation down the road. I'll try to give the more obvious things the benefit of the doubt, but I may probe more of these questions down the road. Is there some section detailing all these things somewhere? So rather than silly threads like mine here, we can all 'congregate around the board' and simply see where we're at with what? Thanks again for your time - I feel like I'm bothering busy people here....
  4. Just a few questions

    Apologies if this appears elsewhere in the forums. I did try to search but found nothing obvious relating. For that matter, I couldn't even find a 'search' function to help me search - just pan-n-scan with my own eyes. So if this is covered / belongs in another section, please feel free to move into the appropriate post / thread. 1) Friendly fire - will that be 'on'? I hope so / prefer if it is. Always played Hardcore versions of Battlefield because I find FF aspects to be more realistic, and dislike this idea of being able to shoot each other in the back with no consequences, and it affects gameplay when players don't have to worry about that (players stack up firing at / through each other without consequences, and if / when the first player in the stack goes down, it 'releases' all the bullet spray from those firing behind him.... unrealistic). I assume since this is all about realism, that FF physics will be enabled, but I'd just like to hear it first hand is all. 2) This will be a PC only game, yes? I have a MacBook Pro - will I be able to run it on that? Keep in mind that Apple now uses the same (or similar) Intel chips as regular PC's do, although of course they're on a different OS. Before both platforms were more or less completely incompatible, whereas now many games run on both PC or Apple computers. This will run via Steam? Steam works for both PC and Apple, and I do have Steam installed on my Mac. (I mostly installed it to enjoy Universe Sandbox) Thank you for your time in answering my questions. Just got here checking things out, and it looks VERY promising so far. If possible, and not sure what the 'path to enlightenment' might be, but I would love to work my way up into some position where I can support or otherwise help out in the development of this project. I am an intelligent and creative individual with quite a comprehensive background, with skill-sets that surely could be put to good use by you guys; unfortunately I have zero experience with current coding (30 years ago though I was a bit of a computer prodigy back when Commodore was still on the scene...) But my own background and knowledge of many things perhaps more on the periphery of this project, might be of use to you. I'm thinking things like human Socialogy, Leadership, Morale within any organization and / or how it applies on the battlefield, etc. Military knowledge / background, historical statistics, etc. Understanding how people think / act, etc. I am and have been a Clan Leader for some time. As a reference you can check out my website at: www.arkgaming.enjin.com I will begin slowly by throwing some donation $$ your way, posting intelligent and well constructed threads in this forum, and simply present to you my best and most honorable self, and see what eventually develops from there. (by no means do I expect to become 'President-of-the-Glee-Club' overnight) Thanks once again gentlemen, and keep up the most excellent work. I'm sure this will see fruitiion in no time. Good job.