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  1. No dutch servers

    Mischien ben jij gamen gewend met lag dat kan ook nog . ik heb zelf glasvezel en ping time van 5 daar kan geen duitse server tegen op
  2. No dutch servers

    so and what you call ping time above 100 good
  3. No dutch servers

    first you talk about a ping 100 and you call it good :( dump
  4. No dutch servers

    Hallo is nice to see a lot of servers online but no dutch servers online so a lot lag and bad ping time is no fun to play this game
  5. Maps

    Are these small maps like in call of duty or are these big maps like in joint operations? And with how many players can you play online at the same time?
  6. Maps

    Can we build self or maps for this gamen just like joint ops on the easy way and is coop inside