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  1. Squad Europe

    21:30 (All) tzaeru: gg 21:30 (All) tzaeru: clan stacks, so fun! 21:31 (All) tzaeru: nah, this is bullshit. 21:33 (All) tzaeru: well this is fun. stuck in the main base then 21:34 (All) tzaeru: this game needs some sort of team balancing feature. 21:34 (All) tzaeru: it's "lose" 21:34 (All) tzaeru: also it's not about losing/winning but fun games, this isn't fun, this is just shit 21:34 (All) tzaeru: stop being a piece of shit 21:35 Player tzaeru was kicked (Banned for being rude to admins Also normally if one side loses more than one round with great margin we normally try to balance the teams out. You cant really blame Clan members to want to play together, you play with your friends as well dont you? Normally we try to have Clan members on both sides.
  2. reward for winning?

    just think of board games... do you get reward for winning a game of chess? monopoly? you still had fun and you still cared if you lost or won didnt you? you should see every game as itself and do the best to make your team win. Also it would be nice if you could rate the squad leaders after a game. (like if its a good one give a plus point) and if you could see the leading points of players.
  3. Error Validating EAC code signing certificate

    paid version of cause this works.... but if it really was a trojan it would also allow that i dont think its really one.. but still something is wron with eac if its suddenly reported as trojan if it wasnt before. i played 502 hours of squad without having this problem.... and i had bitdefender the whole time.
  4. Error Validating EAC code signing certificate

    I got the same Problem, but i dont like that my Bitdefender is telling me it finds a Trojan everytime i try to start Squad, so disabling the antivirus is kinda... mehhh if i start squad i get this message: same time my Bitdefender Antivirus tells me it blocked an Trojan.
  5. Well you could change the requirements so that its enough to be in a squad with 3 or 4 members. so a single guy could get the car.
  6. would not help you: i7 4770k 16GB RAM GTX 1070 Windows 10 and Game on a SSD Still only get around 45 fps with 120% Res Scale and high settings, no AA. I just checked during gameplay my cpu was at 47-53% same as RAM. I had 60+ FPS in V6.
  7. Benchmarks with screenshots and FPS counter

    i7 4770k, gtx 1070 16GB RAM and the game just..... well runs like crap atm. My frames dropped from 60 with everything on epic and 200% Resolution Scale to 35 with high settings and 120% Resolution Scale. Just updated from a gtx770 and now i get the same frames as with the old card ^^ And it feels very laggy atm.
  8. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Looks Great, but got massive performance issues now. i7 4770k, 16GB Ram and a newly gtx1070 i get 35 frames in the maps with 120% res scale and high settings aa disabled... it feels really laggy. i was getting over 60 fps with 200% res and everything on max before.
  9. well if you got someone killing SEVERAL team members and keeps doing that.. he should be banned from the server for a day or two.
  10. yeah like you cant give away squad leader for 5 minutes or if you join as squad leader and leave the squad while there are members you should not be allowed to create a new squad for 5 minutes.
  11. FoB's have been ruined with V6 Update

    hum. it was my first try for a reddit post, so i dont know if i screwed up or the devs delete it? this what it looks to me if im logged into reddit:
  12. FoB's have been ruined with V6 Update

    well you just found the way to safe like 2 minutes 30 seconds of waiting for each fob drop. Also this is pretty exploting ^^, i would much rather like if they drop the prices for sandbags, razors and ladders. See : https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/4muhrh/fob_build_times_rly/
  13. Rant of the month!

    much worse if ppl giving up AFTER you bandage them while telling that you are there and they should not give up and the GIVE THE FUCK UP. I totally hate these kind of players. They just wasted a ticket and a chance to heal someone else AND possibly put the medic in danger.
  14. Squad Roles: yay or nay? [Infograph Inside]

    how comes i see 1 inf squad ALOT 2 Man sniper squads? dont like the 2 man squad idea. The sniper and at role should be part of an infantery squad. not seperated.
  15. FoB's have been ruined with V6 Update

    they really need to do something about the costs or the rate. i build a fob inside a combound with 4 entrys. just putting razor wire on each entry as a base security and set up an ammo box took ages..... i dont know how the rate is i believe i countet like 1-2 points per second? but under constant fire it sure felt like 5 minutes or more for a "see through" - "Shoot through" and "dig down in less than 10 seconds" defense thats rather lousy. so if i assume the 1-2 points constroction points per second i would get like: Ammo Crate = between 2and a half minutes and 5 minute waiting? Razor Wire = 50 Seconds to a minute and 40 seconds waiting? Ladder = a minute 40 to 3 minutes 20 seconds? Bunker = 4 Minutes 10 to 8 Minutes 20 seconds so sealing a compound with 3 razor wires, an ammo crate and 2 ladders would need around 400 seconds and 800 seconds as you can build the first 2 razors with the starting points (except someone right shovels one.. like it happened to me). thats 6 minutes 40 Seconds to 13 Minutes 20. I think thats a (too) long time for such a basic setup. I really do understand the part that the mg bunkers should not be build to fast... but couldnt you make razor wire cost 50 instead of 100? and ladders for 200 with this point rate???