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  1. Proning under fire

    Dolphin diving was still a viable tactic at close range despite this. After all, going prone at any other range is an appropriate response to being shot at. The only games I know of that successfully prevent dolphin diving from being effective are ArmA and a few others; In ArmA's case it's because 1: You don't instantly drop to the ground and 2: The muzzle isn't pointing where you intend to shoot throughout the animation. Another solution I've seen is simply preventing the player from firing until they've been prone for a second or two.
  2. The rest of a player's squad shouldn't have to interrupt their communication for the sake of one of its members being able to hear what's going on around them, nor should that member have to just "Deal with it". Having a mute button satisfies both ends: The guys who are talking get to carry on talking, the guy who needs to hear can hear, it's that simple. Pretty sure something along these lines was suggested early last year, if not 2014. Barely been following Squad but I'm surprised such a feature isn't in yet.
  3. Not entirely sure how the demo differs, but my understanding is it's from an older (~April) version, missing some content, options and many of the gameplay changes. A couple more updates have been released since I last posted here, the most recent one being largely about performance (And also reducing the ammo capacity upgrades) and the previous made friendly-fire initially non-lethal, but it now damages the suit subsystems and kill if the suit is entirely damage. Turrets can now also kill players if their suit's damaged too. If I'm not mistaken, this'll be an option in the future.
  4. New update. Ignore the weird formatting on the quote, if it even works this time
  5. Updated! New Enemy! Repair and Armoury cores! Pure ADRENALINE (Edit: I keep messing up the quote tags soo) Early Access Update 10 build id: 55C1FB06 55C268FC UPDATE: The missing texture issue has been fixed in build 55C268FC. Hello all! We are happy to announce a new update to Space Beast Terror Fright. New Enemy Type: Astro-Creep We have added a new enemy type, the Astro-Creep, borrowed from our game UfoPilot : Astro-Creeps Elite. Our intention with this new enemy was to introduce a very different mechanic to the game; the Astro-Creeps are completely harmless by themselves, but combined with the Space Beasts things can get dangerous, and the total level of chaos in missions has increased markedly. Astro-Creeps do not attempt to interact with the player unless you get too close, at which point they will literally "get in your face", blocking visibility and creating extremely dangerous distractions to the true threats. An Astro-Creep can be killed with a single shot. We were happy to discover a large number of emergent behaviours when Astro-Creeps were added to the mix. For one thing they become a drain on ammunition. Sentries also become even more dangerous to the player, as they will attempt to fire upon Astro-Creeps who have a completely different movement pattern as compared to Space Beasts. As a result we are experiencing even more friendly fire incidents than before. Both these issues tie into the changes we have made to core types. Astro-Creeps also add significant "noise" to the motion tracker display, and while they are smaller than Space Beasts player definitely need to use both the tracker and the actual 3d display to properly sort out threats. This is of course intentional. Astro-Creeps are also targeted by the Auto-Targeting upgrade. We speculate that some people will not like this addition / change to gameplay (and the resultant chaos). We have added the option to completely disable Astro-Creeps (under Rules / Breaches options in the advanced party screen) which are enabled by default. Redesigned Cores / Interactive Objects As the addition of the Astro-Creep changed gameplay, we realized that we needed to address all the emergent issues. The need for more ammunition was one thing, and that naturally tied into the illogic of "downloading ammunition" that some people really dislike. We went back and forth on that for a while before figuring out the balance, and the result is that we are happy to announce the addition of Armory cores which allow you to manually reload your weapons. You interact in a similar manner to Datacores or Sentries, but ammo reload happens at a fixed rate regardless of your upgrades, and is always aborted if you begin firing your weapon while interacting with the Armory. Each Armory has 500 rounds, and ammo types are randomized per Armory instance. In response to the increase in friendly fire indicents due to Astro-Creep activity, we have also added a dedicated Repair station. Datacores will no longer repair electronics systems damage, but Repair cores allow you to repair as many systems as you like without limit (they will never deactivate). Each damaged system must be repaired separately, but the speed of repair is currently tied to your data rate / download time upgrade. Sentries have been also modified to have a slimmer profile, but functionally work the same as before except for the fact that Sentry ammo has been reduced from 500 to 400 rounds. The addition of two new core types has forced us to re-evaluate our color palettes for the 3d objects as well as clarify the map icons and pathfinders: Datacore - light blue / cyan Sentry - green Armory - orange / yellow Repair - red / coral Coolant - dark blue / purple (this also affects the reactor shields) White - Airlock (updated shape and now also spins) Doors / floors / disabled cores are now all gray, with broken doors in red. Heads Up Display Improvements We have consolidated all of the mission event logs so that all team members now receive the same messages; we envision the log to be a global information channel. We have also added many more messages related to things that happen in the mission. The (rather arbitrary) text that was displayed when the user interacted with a core has been removed, and has been replaced by icons and progress meters intended to clarify that the user is indeed interacting with something. We hope that this will improve the legibility of the user interface as a whole. HUD icons now use procedural text as opposed to having text baked into the art. Practical Leaderboard Reset Due to the way that unique leaderboard ids need be generated (since there are billions of maps that have lots of options) in the game the leaderboards have again been reset. The old scores are technically still there, but the output for a given seed and algorithm has changed, so in very many cases the maps are again completely new and combined with the options they have new identities. This is also affected by our addition of new interactive core types; these also affect the output of the map generation process. We are at this point a little unsure of whether or not leaderboards have very much traction in their current state. It is our observation that so long as players manage to complete a level they will have very similar scores. We either need to change the calculation (there is lots of theory to this effect in the forums, thanks for that) or simply use these kinds of statistics to keep track of which maps are popular and use that to drive user interfaces that help people find good maps. Suggestions along these lines are welcome. Miscellaneous There is now only a single 4:3 aspect obituaries display that shows rank, name, upgrades, experience, missions, and total mission time. This is because we have added more statistics and they will no longer all fit even in wide screen layouts. We have fixed the bug where you could start interacting with a core, move to an adjacent core and have the interaction switch to the second core. Now you will properly disconnect if you move out of range of the core you began interacting with. In an effort to fix the problem of some mission layouts having excessive distances from reactor to airlock, the reactor overload sequence now also affects your adrenaline level. The closer the reactor is to overload, the faster you will run. Also, we think this just feels pretty cool. We were worried that this would make escape too easy, but now instead of worrying about beasts chasing you, you now have to worry about running around a corner and smacking into them instead. We have double mapped both TAB and MOUSE WHEEL to toggle Infravision. Q/A/Left Arrow now strafe left, while E/D/Right Arrow now strafe right. We have added an option for preferred music. When enabled only the theme you have selected will play as opposed to depending on the seed of the mission. We have added rank insignias to the backs of the marine 3d models, as well as the last name of the character. The map preview (advanced party screen) now has a color coded corresponding legend. The colors match what you will see in-mission / on the tracker / map. The Infravision shader now only affects things "outside" your helmet. The post-mission stats screen now also properly shows the seed and leaderboards for random seeds as well as explicit seeds (you still do not see the random seed / map you will play pre-mission). We have added a couple new random ambient sounds to the game. As always, thank you for your support and patience, /nornware AB c/o johno
  6. What is Space Beast Terror Fright? SBTF is basically Space Hulk: The FPS. You and up to 3 buddies are sent to derelict space ships to download their data cores, overload their reactors and escape in one piece. Unfortunately, they are all infested with SPACE BEASTS who are out for your blood. This makes your job very very hard. If you enjoyed any of the Aliens franchise/Aliens vs. Predator games, Space Hulk, Left 4 Dead or anything remotely similar this is probably what you've wanted your entire life What does it feature? Procedurally-generated ship layouts 4-player Local split-screen (Can use 360 controllers) and Internet Co-op in addition to solo play if you've got enough spare pants Perma-death - If you don't survive a mission, you start from scratch. Character/Equipment progression - If by some miracle you survive a mission, your upgrades will carry over to the next Low-performance friendly Dynamic Sound-track Retro-ish aesthetic Arcade gameplay Pure terror As usual, I'm not very good at selling you things with words so have some footage: Where do I buy and how much? It's currently £10.99/$14.99 on Steam Early Access, and it's more than worth it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/357330/ (OP once again transplanted from another forum - I cba typing out the same thing twice)
  7. I wont attempt any shots over 30 meters.

    Time to derail with another rant about suppression. You can throw in all the graphics and sounds you like with it, but it'll be virtually pointless without any mechanical effect on the player being suppressed. PR is pretty much proof of this, the two main points of suppression are to prevent movement and return fire mainly by exploiting peoples' fear of death. PR's screen-blackening only slightly hampers the suppressee's ability to return fire; add in wonky hit detection and a forgiving medical system (IE no reduction in effectiveness when injured, ability to be insta-revived) plus 30s respawns (no fear of death), the FOB and rally system, and the potential of any gain from moving or returning fire while being suppressed will almost always outweigh the potential undesirable consequences.
  8. Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit

    It got funded
  9. Knowing when a FOB/Rally is spawnable.

    Sort of yes but to a lesser extent. In PR's case you only know there's enemies within a certain radius within a potentially small time-frame. With this, varying levels of static can tell you how close they are or even if they're no longer present. On a side note, a timer next to each freshly constructed or suppressed FOB letting you know when it'll become spawnable again would be nice, but again as soon as the timer starts ticking down on a suppressed one you know enemies have left the area.
  10. I'd still sell my soul for PR 2142.
  11. What Headset Do You Use?

    Microsoft Lifechat LX-3000. They're extremely durable, both the headphones and microphone are pretty damn good quality for the price of £20. First set lasted me 3 years, headphones still work though the mic is shagged but that's due to actual damage rather than just deterioration over time.
  12. Is rainbow six siege tactical?

    This goes for pretty much any game with adversarial gameplay whether or not it's centred around teamwork.
  13. Battlefield revival

    Averages roughly 25 people in the evening, mostly the same people, and mostly people who are ridiculously good at the game.
  14. Battlefield revival

    For those of you wishing to play 2142 again, http://dethklokclan.enjin.com/ Ignore the drama, don't get RDX-hopped
  15. http://player.vimeo.com/video/113813451 - Trailer If you enjoyed games such as Gimbal, Beat Hazard, Battleships Forever, Starscape or even Asteroids, you'll probably love this. To break it down, Defect is a 2.5d top-down space ship shooter. You build and customise ships, blow up space pirates, become the victim of a string of mutinies and hunt down your old crews! The game features pretty much endless possibilities when it comes to creating your ship, with a very simple and robust building interface. Each ship is broken down into components, each of which is placed by you. Balance the ship's power and crew usage against weapons, armour, maneuverability and speed, but beware - At the end of each level, you'll be facing down the ship you used in the previous one! Blasted mutineers. It also has a dynamic soundtrack which is defined by the components used in your ship's construction and its condition in combat which is pretty cool. In combat, each component of your ship can be damaged to the point of being disabled; losing engines will compromise your speed or ability to, well, move in general, destruction of the crew compartment will have you spinning in circles. But fear not; Destroying enemy vessels will net you scrap which can be used to repair destroyed components. You can also take "direct control" of any component on your ship, engines will become more powerful, weapons can be fired manually (and aimed, if they're turrets), armour will become stronger. All these things are important when it comes to destroying pirate scum. The free demo is on Steam, and the game is being funded through Kickstarter I'm not going to do it any more justice by typing words, so have some screenshots: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/443952665467400438/082CE3E6F4968F16671D078F7AC26FF7B3A69CD3/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/443952665467590635/A664887437885FB19482127CC60DAE373037231F/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/443952665467590094/08457B21E3549395BB333DC495B85A0BDF31D385/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/443952665467399482/F1E4E975AA3506B17622E4F6D475C2D7CFF0FF6C/ Apparently I'm not allowed to tag the images