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  1. Going into squad, I get no servers listed, not even custom. Clicked the two options in the check boxes, still nothing. Worked fine last night. Anyone else having problems?
  2. [Solved] Server closed connection

    Yeah, that's a "fix". But it's been working fine. Wondering they did.
  3. [Solved] Server closed connection

    My games worked fine till last night. Now getting EAC errors with my Reshade running!!?!??!!? What gives?!~?!<!<!<<!L!>!>!<
  4. Welcome to the -LOST- team recruitment page. The first important detail is that -LOST- is a team, not a clan. We are all equals on this team, though we do have trainers and admins with special functions who take charge when it's required. The Team Leader is whoever is leading the squad in-game at the time. With 6.3 bringing new players to Squad, we are actively looking to recruit new TEAM members to add to the awesome people we have now. We are a relaxed mil-sim group. We train and use real life squad tactics, particularly US Marine's infantry tactics. Our head trainer, a US Marine and former trainer of new Marines as well as Iraqi security forces, has brought much to the table. And we use every bit of what we learned to become who we are as a team. We move, talk, act, look, and fight like a real life squad does in the real world. Many of our members have served in the armed services and enjoy vicariously maintaining that feeling. Don't let this scare you. Military service, while a plus, is not a requirement. Those who have not served still enjoy the teamwork, tactics and comradery that is found on the -LOST- team. Currently we are focused on Squad, as it is tailored to our training and style of combat. The more realistic a game, the less we need to adapt our skills in order to fit the game's unique dynamics. You can find all the information you need and apply on our home page at l-o-s-t-.enjin.com/home (copy and past link, thanks obama) Also check out our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH6bSpexzne5CUMbiDy2eRA
  5. Definitely lots of new clueless players. To be expected. And I'm fine with that, they'll learn eventually. My beef is with SL's who don't f'n listen when they're squads help is needed. I'm actually more annoyed by more veteran players who use exploits and turn shadows off. Not to mention the increase in players with very high accuracy from long ranges that is nowhere near legit.
  6. -LOST- Tactical PWNAGE

    The team that makes the difference in every game.
  7. This is a much wider problem than what it appears to be on the forum. Everyone I play with has had to reconnect every two or three games because they're losing VOIP. It'd be nice to hear from a dev that something is being done to fix it, SOON.
  8. It's highly annoying and ruins the experience. Hopefully fixed in next patch.
  9. Influx

    Haven't really noticed any lately. Nothing obvious anyway. I have messed around with my config file to turn msaa off and lower shadows though. Improved gameplay greatly. I do keep shadows on for asthetics. Turning off msaa alone is worth keeping the editable config file. I do wish they'd make turning off shadows completely not possible though.
  10. How to disable shadows?

    Well, it didn't fix fools road, but before the hotfix i changed the shadows setting to 1 in the config file and literally gained 30FPS. Also turned MSAA off to get rid of the shit bluriness. Haven't messed with it since the hotfix since it brought my fps back. "just have to turn it off in the users>(name)>appdata>loacal>squad>saved>config>noeditor>gameusersettings< change the aa to 0. fixed it real quick for me then i use sweetfx to put in my own SMAA and the other one. Presets are on the website as well. DO a forum search for sweet fx tutorial etc.. you can copy past this into that usersettings folder to see if this helps you out. [/Script/Squad.SquadGameUserSettings] AudioQualityLevel=0 bInvertedYAxis=False bEnableMouseSmoothing=False bUseMenuToolTips=True bUseRadialMenuToolTips=True bUseInGameHelp=True bHideServerIdentification=False FOV=99.718437 AimSensitivity=0.388389 Gamma=1.802825 bToggleCrouch=True bToggleADS=True bToggleLean=True GraphicsQuality=3 AntiAliasingMethod=0 AntiAliasingMethodQuality=0 MSAACompositingSampleCount=0 ShadowQuality=1 ShadowMaxResolution=512 AmbientOcclusion=1 AmbientOcclusionStaticFraction=0 AmbientOcclusionLevels=-1 AmbientOcclusionRadiusScale=1.000000 MotionBlur=1 MotionBlurQuality=0 LensFlare=0 LensFlareQuality=0 Bloom=1 BloomQuality=0 AutoExposure=1 EyeAdaptationQuality=2 MasterVolume=1.338037 EffectsVolume=1.394375 UIVolume=0.500000 MusicVolume=0.408459 VoiceVolume=1.000000 bApplyVoiceRadioFilter=False LocalVoIPVolume=1.000000 UnfocusedVolumeMultiplier=0.500000 MaxImpactEffectDecalLifeSpan=60.000000 bIsLanMatch=False SquadVersion=1 SquadIncrementalVersion=2 bUseVSync=False ResolutionSizeX=1920 Edited 16 hours ago by grimshadow"
  11. Still low FPS on AMD

    Longshot but, Vsync off? For some reason my vsync kept the game around 30fps after the new update. Could try a complete reinstall also. Though you might be running a little to high a rez for that setup.
  12. How to disable shadows?

    They definitely need to fix Fools road. Also I hope you can't ever turn off shadows ever again. You haxors need to have that shit on like everyone else.
  13. Blurriness?

    Yeah, I run rez scale at 145 and still got bluriness till I zeroed out msaa. Don't know why it's default.
  14. This map is so beautiful and amazing, I want to buy the designers some cookies! Gorodok and the new Sumari makes me giddy. lol Great job on the rest of the update, after the hotfix. (with the exception of Fools Road, dark and ugly).
  15. Gorodok is the best map so far!

    Agree with your take on Gorodok. But wow you're a bitchy dude. lol