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  1. Join us this Saturday at 19:00 UTC for a CCFN Show Match between [wF] WhiteFOX and [FSQ] Finnish Squad on OP First Light, showcasing the Conquest Game Mode and testing its competitive viability. Get ready for a competitive 24 vs. 24 player match unlike any other you've seen, featuring novel game mechanics that require innovative strategies and tactics from the teams. Insightful commentary is provided by casters [OMBD] Gec and Tartantyco, and we hope you'll join us with your own enlightening comments in the Twitch chat. Tune this Saturday ! 19:00 UTC | 12:00 PDT | 05:00 AEST Sunday Receive alerts on: ISKT Discord
  2. Submit Your Battlecam!

    Original video available on request. 1Gb and I have a slow internet.
  3. [EU] whiteFOX Team

    Server : [EU] whiteFOX Team Server Location : Roubaix, France. Website : https://www.wfox.eu/ Discord : https://discord.gg/6P6A8bT Admins Contact : On Discord Pliskin POisOnSpider Konorr About the team whiteFOX is a structure that aims to bring together groups of players from all European countries and wants to invest in the competition on Squad. Formed in February 2016 by the gathering of the teams Les Chats Pirates and Yellow Ants and growing with the recent addition of the group Raven Wing. This assamble of players defined it's goal as being ambitious competitors with the seek of victory. However we retain the gaming aspect of the game. General - Teamwork, Respect and Fair Play - Please join a squad - Let people know if you are new Server Rules - Don't use glitch, exploit, ghosting (sharing informations from the other team) or hack. - No bigotry & racism, dont use loaded words which carry strong negative connotations - Don't fight on uncappable flags - it's useless most of the time - Don't teamkill on purpose and say sorry if it was a mistake. - Don't advertise Report Player / Ban appeals On our Discord.
  4. After 3 months of fight whiteFOX has won the SquadMasters.com 12vs12 Tournament. The Grand Final has been played on Gorodok AAS INF v1 against Mumblerines. After a rough battle whiteFOX won 76-0 and 59-0. We would like to thank Mumblerines for the two epic battles and also SquadMasters.com who organized this tournament. You can watch few POV actions below : More video on our youtube channel !
  5. whiteFOX will be playing the Grand Final of the SquadMasters 12vs12 Tournament against Mumblerines. The date is still to be determined but will be shortly after the v9 has been released. We are still adding videoes of gameplay on our Youtube channel, come see them !
  6. New faction flags

    I checked today and Squad have updated their SDK so the correct Flags now appear in the list. For those who need them : USA Russia Insurgent Militia
  7. New faction flags

    Hello, There's new flags for some factions in this new v7 but I cannot find any image on the internet. I found the files related to the flags but I cannot open them ( .uasset ). I'm wondering if you guys who know much more than me about these files could upload high definition images of the new flags ? (250px wide is enough for me) Thanks in advance. -> USA Russia Insurgent Militia
  8. whiteFOX rencontrera l'équipe FFO ce dimanche au cours d'un match amical. Je streamerai ce match depuis mon point de vue. Si vous êtes intéressé par regarder le match depuis l'intérieur, venez voir mon stream ce dimanche. twitch.tv/kkonorr Afin d'éviter tout abus, le stream sera retardé d'un round entier. De ce fait l'heure de début du broadcast n'est pas précise mais devrait être aux alentours de : 12.45 PDT 15.45 EDT 19.45 UTC 20.45 BST 21.45 CEST
  9. whiteFOX will be playing against FFO this sunday in a friendly match. I will be streaming this match from my POV. If you are interested in watching the match from the inside, come and check my stream this sunday. twitch.tv/kkonorr To avoid any abuse, the stream will have 1 round of delay. Because of this the starting time isn't precise but should occure at : 12.45 PDT 15.45 EDT 19.45 UTC/GMT 20.45 BST 21.45 CEST
  10. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

  11. whiteFOX is proud to show their first Humvee 360 No Scope
  12. whiteFOX will be behind the mic in an interview given by JohnnyOmaha and Karmakut with the top 5 of the clans of Squad. Things like tips for getting better, the current metas, competitive scene, net-code, and even a bit about v7 and how vehicles will work and change the game will be on the topic ! Tonight : Jonny Omaha Twitch -> 20.00 EST -> 0.00 UTC -> 1.00 BST -> 2.00 CEST ! Reddit Topic
  13. whiteFOX First Trailer

    Thank for the comments ! If you like FOB clearing and you haven't watch this one, you might like it. However it's not heavily edited. There's also more solo actions and more kills on our youtube channel !