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  1. Server Browser empty...help please??

    Ahhhh.... Kaspersky is also my AV...... suspect this is the problem... THANKS...... I Shall remove it and use something else (it was a trial version expires in 4 days anyway... definitely not buying it now.......... ha)
  2. Server Browser empty...help please??

    OK... it is working a tiny bit better now..... I haven't changed anything.... but if I keep on tapping "Update server list" I do get some results now.....3 or 4 servers at a time. If I keep on tapping it seems to cycle through the list of servers..... sometimes 1, sometimes 3 (2 ,4,).....not very convenient, but at least I get to play the game now. Although a bit random which server I get into. Presumably it has improved since the number of servers on line has increased since everyone came home from work/school this evening? In turn, this probably means that in quieter times I will not be able to play at all again!!!. Is there anything else anyone can think of?? Should I talk to the Devs directly?? Is this likely my router or my PC??
  3. Server Browser empty...help please??

    Ummmmm .... do you mean Network Address Translation??? Because that IS enabled..... Netgear DG834GT
  4. Server Browser empty...help please??

    Yeah... should have said, tried disabling firewall totally (router and windows) and disabled anti virus...... still nothing.....
  5. Server Browser empty...help please??OK..... as title says... my server browser is always empty even though steam shows ">2,000 in game". A single server popped up and I briefly got to play on a server in Franfurt, but since then nothing..... I have allowed Squad access through windows firewall.... I have refreshed server list..... but now I see nothing at all in the browser..... I look here http://squad.rocks and see loads of servers... but nothing at all in my in-game server browser. I am on steam and definitely using latest version of game.... I have checked my firewall on router and windows... nothing blocked....... what is going on? Hoping I am doing something obviously wrong? (based in Scotland.... ) Any ideas? Yeah... should have said, tried disabling firewall totally (router and windows) and disabled anti virus...... still nothing..... PROBLEM SOLVED...... Kaspersky antivirus blocks server browser, known issue....... solution... remove Kaspersky (or disable at startup), It is not sufficient to just temporarily pause it..... paused, kaspersky still blocks server browser (WTF?) Kaspersky is the problem http://forum.kaspers...howtopic=332106disabled it on startup - works
  6. Mapping In Ue4

    .... Is it true that the UE4 is free now??? ..... https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/ue4-is-free this only gets better...
  7. Welcome to Squad!

    IF....PR2 is still alive.... it will be free........ !!!! I for one will try PR2 out if it costs me nothing (as well as Squad)..... until I have played both I dont know which to prefer.... and let us not forget that the game community is overwhelmingly one of the most important aspects..... so for me it depends on a variety of factors which I prefer..... and other people naturally will have different opinions to me. BUT if PR2 is free.... I am pretty sure that people will try it out at the very least.
  8. Welcome to Squad!

    Really want this to succeed. I miss the PR BF2 days when there were 20 servers full of like minded gamers. (Putting aside my concerns that there are only so many people that might be interested in this and some will inevitably go to PR2 instead (if it isn't already killed by squad)). Would love to see some AI that will enable Single player practice??? OR.... better still, a full blown mission editor. Keep it up and good luck