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  1. Scope Implementation Discussion

    Definitely the right call, what are those fancy scopes good for if i can't hit my targets because of low res and framedrops? But please keep the SVD scope as realistic as possible
  2. Change of Realistic Gun Sounds

    This guy definitely knows what he is doing, no doubt the end product is gonna be great
  3. PR vs Squad: Difference

    - much larger view distance ( completely changes long range engagements and tactics of tanks and helicopters because no more fog cover ) - real fire control systems for tanks and cas ( accurate fire while being on the move with no camera jerking ) - no hardcoded bf2 elements like maximum nametags of 64, tactical reloads (30+1 round in the chamber), deviation ( as stated before ), much more interactive cockpits with actual functioning screens and instruments to only name a few - better AI (if it is implemented) - generally much more interaction with the environment (weapon sights, customization, more deployables, more detailed destruction of buildings) - dynamic lighting ( playing the same map at night or dawn etc ) - true first person system - more realistic and detailed ballistics, flight system and avionics - better hit registration and better collision( no sticking feet through walls, maybe even weapon collision) - much more detailed wounding and medic system - better stability and performance and that's only the things i could remember right now, there is so much more.
  4. Weapon positioning

    For me, the way it is in PR is pretty much perfect, especially that assault rifles seem way smaller than in other shooters. In my opinion other developers exaggerate the size of rifles in the FOV, because it looks ''cooler'', but to me it seems pretty unnecessary and clunky.
  5. Weapon positioning

    What is being planned in terms of weapon positioning? Are you going to take the same approach as in PR (nearly centered gun, takes small space away from FOV, gun held pretty low), are you going for the modern FPS cliche' (gun entering the FOV from the right side, taking up a lot of space, nearly on face level) or are you keeping the current state which seems to be a mix of both (probably due to true first person)? Either way, good weapon positioning really adds a lot to immersion imo, since you have your gun on your screen most of the time.
  6. 3 factions on the same map

    yes just reported my posts to the mods i'm new to this stuff mate *facepalm* i got several error messages as i tried to post it so i just kept trying wasn't the right decision obviously.
  7. 3 factions on the same map

    Nice idea. It's different than the one scenario everybody else is suggesting where there are two BLUFOR-teams (NATO) and one OPFOR-team (Insurgents) . Am I right to assume the insurgents would be inhabitans of the country where the battle takes place between two foreign nations and the insurgents just want them to leave their homeland? Pretty interesting scenario!
  8. view distance concerns

    Ok, thanks for your answer, this is definetly enough view distance . Guess I took the statement out of context/ misunderstood it a little ( afterall I'm no expert when it comes to game development unlike you guys ). Anyway, thanks for clearing it up.
  9. view distance concerns

    You mean its blurry beyond 1km? Can you plz state your source?
  10. view distance concerns

    Hi, long time lurker here, first let me start off by saying how much i appreciate this game and its developers work. Finally a realistic combined arms FPS is in the works that looks good, puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork and has a beatiful art style! Now to my point: In the interview with Tactical Gamer (hope thats correct, might have been an other site), one of the devs said that for now the view distance is very high, but later, as more objects are put into the game and so on it must be reduced for performance related reasons. What concerns me is that he stated that it could be reduced down to 1km! That is even less than PR's maximum view distance which is slightly above 1km. I'm certainly not an expert in game development, but this seems pretty low for todays standards and the fact it will run on a new game engine. I think everyone agrees that one of PR's greatest drawbacks was its low view distance, which could not really be increased because the engine couldn't handle it. Especially armored warfare (effective engagement range well up to 3km) and CAS (better oversight) would greatly benefit from an increased view distance (say 3km), it would really change the game's dynamic for the better! Now maybe I misunderstood the whole thing and the dev was talking about small infantry focused maps, where view distance isn't that important and view distance will actually be much higher in full scale maps. Can you please explain what you meant exactly when you made that statement, i really wold like squad to have higher view distance than 1km thanks