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  1. 82nd Airborne Clan

    croeso leuan glad to see 82nd joining in Squad
  2. Sniper gameplay...

    It can be implemented in the game roles with maybe coded limits or through the Clan Admin Rcon as it is done by Tactical Gamer in BF4 (i like the RCon way of doing thing, freedom of choice to succeed or fail) Either way having KD hogs as sniper is detrimental to the core gameplay. Iron Taxi said that solo warriors will find it hard to play the game and have fun . So the devs are working to implement as good a balance as they can for every kit in correlation to each other.
  3. Barrett M82 50.cal

    Totally agree. Tired of seeing snipers quick scope with a Barrett while running and bunny hoping Sorry Cod and BF4 guys and gals. All are welcome, Yet Clans and Server owners will have to manage those crowds and their unrealistic expectations or misbehaviors What I am fearful of, is peeps on forum coming with a bevy of "impractical yet Real life military stuff" and when not implemented start dissing and hating on the devs. Seen it happen on RO2 forums to a level of hate and dysfunction that makes you cringe. We are not there . Thankfully we have great devs and level headed participants. Let's keep it that way!
  4. Canadian Forces

    triple post sorry
  5. Canadian Forces

    triple post sorry
  6. Canadian Forces

    Commanded by General Tim Horton But seriously this faction could be done by modders as previously suggested. Let the DEVS develop the nuts and bolts and concentrate on core game-play, establish the game and grow the gamers base first. Modders (just as in Arma) can widen the scope of SQUAD with skins add ons, vehicles, weapons , mods etc...
  7. Canadian Forces

    Commanded by General Tim Horton But seriously this faction could be done by modders as previously suggested. Let the DEVS develop the nuts and bolts and concentrate on core gameplay, establish the game and grow the gamers base first. Modders just as in Arma can widen the scope of SQUAD
  8. I was just wondering if the technique of Photogrammetry can be used when a landscape is designed or buildings or interiors. This technique was used in the indie game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (UE3 engine) and added to the realism of the environment. Maybe it could be used in making maps for SQUAD which uses UE4 , http://www.theastronauts.com/2014/03/visual-revolution-vanishing-ethan-carter/ http://www.agisoft.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photogrammetry
  9. Shacktac Squad/fireteam Hud

    My preference would be this: a modified STHUD as well as new format for the Map, more akin to a Arma map concept, as I find the actual map very distracting, (colors, and style) If I have to bring the map often I would want it a bit more easy to read at a glance. It sjust about aesthetics and ease of use for the game, without breaking the immersion. In the end the game has to be realistic enough but not go into deep simulation. I can trust the Devs to bring the right balance.
  10. Minimum HUD vs Audio Immersion

    Stamina bar is a lot more pleasant than hearing constant huff and puf and grunts. The audio that we have had in past games, is of poor quality as if it were an afterthought in those games. Unless the audio for stamina is varied and of high quality and does not impinge on immersion, it will benefit the game. A combo of swell implemented varied sounds and a visual clue could do the trick Aplying the KISS principle works best for most of the time.
  11. Map Overview

    Super Video and excellent commentaire. On prend son pied.
  12. Syrian civil war

    Agreed , what I meant is that sometimes the train might derail, in spite of us. Seen it happen on some other game forum. KInd of made the game community look pathetic. Was not a pretty site. Especially when we have nationalistic criticism. We are all entitled to our opinions and in North America we defend those freedoms with our lives. 1914-18; 1939-45 etc... I am Canadian and my family owes its lives to the US GIs who liberated my country form the yoke of tyranny. That being said. Lets have the best game we can , let's help and encourage the DEVS with constructive criticism and ideas. This game will rock ! I'd rather pay and play SQUAD with like minded people than pay and play AAAA games with spoiled brats
  13. Syrian civil war

    Faction discussions and the how, when where what is very relevant. Now Theo you have read very sensible and wise answers, would you please move on and not make the thread or forums toxic. The game is not yet out, and as valid as your opinion might be is.....
  14. Communauté Française

    Salut les piou-piou et bienvenue au casse-pipe
  15. Nice to see Connor participate in forums - Welcome to you and gang , good sir.
  16. Game needs an accredited ( by Squad Devs) and dedicated group of Modders/Mappers to implement all these good ideas
  17. Ethical Admin Server Certification.

    Because we are altruistic And new blood rejuvenates , has fresh ideas, it motivates and disturbs , It is a bout life and growth ....what else, its fun to interact and build community. Espaecially after the AAA almost destroyed us PC FPS gamers
  18. Ethical Admin Server Certification.

    Someone said : "Players will ultimately decide which servers get populated." Needless to say that tyrannical administration will do the same . Server owner/Admin in Chief decides of a set of ROE that honors the game design and enforces it with equanimity whether noob, new comer or old timer. It is about respect and frienships and community. The server and its admins that can stay poupalated or increases its growth has found the right formula for their particular flavor Lots of good discussion , keep it flowing
  19. Insurgency Sound Mod

    Too much bass and sounds muffled WIP....keep at it: )
  20. Female Characters

    The IDF has a coed battalion on the southern border :The Caracal mixed gender combat unit and other units as well “We’re seeing growing numbers of women in combat roles compared to last year," says aide to chief of staff. Jerusalem Post So why not as long as it fits in the Devs cycle of tasks