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  1. Music!

  2. Beers on me

    IPA squad anyone?
  3. [Delete this topic]

    Wow Dude!, Don't bring in Nationalistic insults. Even in jest those things generate heat and can explode out of control. Seen it happen many times. Watch your tongue. We are from many nations to enjoy each other and the game
  4. Stat tracking

    Can't help a guy compare his ....stats to an other guy's .....stats. Stats are really helpful when looking for cheaters. Or as a validating factor for our "skills" or playing competitively (Gaming leagues) As long as they do not interfere with the game's aim, why not. Show the end of battle results and have a site like http://battletracker...28d936a7e38f7b5 Let's not play the elitist, purist card; It's a game folks, the real stats of war are kept at the various DODs throughout the world
  5. The second coming of Logan
  6. Sartos from germany here!8)

    Welcome to Squad
  7. Squad should have its own identity.

    Probably not, but with Good servers around we will have a choice. Some like the sim aspect others not, life is a box of chocolates lol. Good servers , well admined, with a great atmosphere and tactical gameplay, are always full. Whether in BF or in the coming future with Squad. Tin Pot tyrants can rest secure in their little ponds.
  8. Squad should have its own identity.

    I am a BF player, love/hate the game. When played tactically it is very fun. However, I also like Arma a lot. Played a bit of PR, had a hard time with the antiquated gfx, call me vain, but liked the concept very much. Now Squad is here and it responds to all of us who like to play tactically without having to relive or role play GI Joe with the make believe drill sargents of Arma. Spiritual successor of PR it is with its own specificities . Lets not have semantics or juvenile fanboism, lets join together to promote the game in a friendly, intelligent, mature and cogent way. Squad is here to stay , grow and prosper
  9. NDA during pre-alpha?

    Would be great to have such a prolific clan playing the game . Welcome to the forum and Squad
  10. Canadian eh!

    From the Wet coast of Canada , Welcome to Squad
  11. Squad should have its own identity.

    And it runs at 60FPS ++
  12. PR Vet and ArmA Vet Signing In

    Welcome to SQUAD Chapple. Hope to see you in battle.
  13. Scope Implementation Discussion

    There are other examples shown in Google images that offer different POV persectives https://www.google.ca/search?q=SpecterOS+4x&biw=1536&bih=732&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAWoVChMIi_K5_5rexgIVRKceCh0-DAjq#imgrc=FgZWteld8C1YwM%3A
  14. Easter-eggs

    It's the reward DICE gave us in the rat maze of grinding for unlocks. "In the rat race even if we win we remain a rat"
  15. Hi, I'm TomDackery and...

    Welcome to Squad , glad to have one more PR vet among us
  16. Peshmerga Faction

    Running in circles on this topic.
  17. Peshmerga Faction

    Let's not turn this topic in a heavily charged political discourse, we are playin a game . The value and worth of the Kurdish nation is not in question. All the answers have been given that can be given. Time to close topic I think
  18. Texture and Model variation

    UE4 is a relatively new engine, being improved all along, We get what we get when we get it and when the devs can incorporate it . Be patient there is a lot of stuff to be implemented yet.
  19. Peshmerga Faction

    These many forces can be found on Arma 3 . As Squad launches it needs to be established firmly, before considering an alphabet soup of factions. No disrespect to the Op
  20. Texture and Model variation

    Thanks for your interest and your support for the game. Have you checked the other YTubbers who published their recordings? They miight look differently , depending on the sophistication of their hardware and software. I have seen some YT with more reddish saturation for the buildings and sand etc... Better wait till we get in the Alpha and then we can be offering recommendations from a first hand perspective. I know, for one, I am stoked about the game.
  21. Texture and Model variation

    video Published on Oct 10, 2014......
  22. Spanish or Latin players?

    Eso es la verdad
  23. Origin of your Game Name / Username

    Mine from the IAF special ops recce unit .
  24. Game Dev Questions

    Artist extraordinaire i'd say
  25. Dedicated to Mango FlameThe troll anthem