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  1. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    No Dropjes for you !!!!!
  2. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    Take off eh!
  3. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    Justin will be joining once he gets rejected
  4. UnFrail calls it shenannigans I call it unethical, and lazy, That type of action kills a good game, chases out good honest players. Its a legal loophole to cheating. So sad; hopefully our Squad community is above such actions
  5. Gaming PC.

    Curiosity killed the cat:)
  6. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    Thread going nowhere in a hurry: very Un-Canadian
  7. One wants it as easy as any other very popular FPS, another harder than any and very similar to real life. Gents you are expressing personal preferences which are somehow subjective. The reality of the game lies somewhere in between with a sensible game balance to attract and retain people ( game is also a business and requires sales and customer retention to grow) and make the game enjoyable. If any one wants the real deal, join the army, I am confident that SQUAD will deliver most of what can be realistically achieved considering the budgets in and the human resources in place. Will every one get what they "desire" Nope! and that's life. DICE/EA has prolly spent 200 Million dollars to develop and market their BF3 or BF4, and they continue improving the game with CTE and yet people are ranting, raving, raging etc.... Hard to please the forever unpleased and live to the unwritten or unrealistic expectations of the public. I have learned to be content in all situations or most of them. The DEVS will deliver a game for our enjoyment, and by Jove I shall enjoy SQUAD
  8. Will we see the IDF in squad?

    IDF models are pretty simple, no complicated camos, the weapons in use are TAvor family, M4, Gallil or variants maybe stil be in use , Jericho pistols, Sniper or Dmr rifles would be similar to US forces for snipers ..., but I read that the IDF now uses the 308 Lapua cartridge. I would venture to say, that from the pics in the news it is mostly the Tavor in its different incarnations, Tanks Merkava 3 and 4 and various Apcs including the Namer so far in selected units, so lots of work but not a daunting task for a modding group. Lots of reference work prolly in ARMA3
  9. Squad Players PC Benchmarks Thread!

    I have been thinking about it lately, I was thinking of a Noctua cooler around 70. $Can. I use mine at stock cores unparked with a gtx 760 and I get superb results on BF4 and any other games
  10. Weapon Sounds

    Not much range safety practiced there , Scary stuff. Poor example of safe handling of weapons
  11. Squad Players PC Benchmarks Thread!

    If anyone wants more comparative info on CPU and GPU etc.. follow the link http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/
  12. Will we see the IDF in squad?

    Nope sorry . US , Insurgents, now in Close Pre Alpha, Russians sometimes soon , British in the future, and IDF might be part of a mod i when mod tools are released down the line
  13. unfrail's videos

    BF4 has its Berduu, will Unfrail be the Ingmar Bergman of SQUAD
  14. What are you judge and jury and part time social worker? If thatt is the case IM the guys in private and don't bring your biases in a discussion that does not call for it. Its border line trolling Daniel:)
  15. unfrail's videos

    Thanks Unfrail, Excellent, informative, concise and well produced.Don't stop here, we need more of those .
  16. Another thread bites the dust of irrelevancy
  17. Hello, My name is DiRtY...

    Yes! Welcome , hope to see you and buddies in game
  18. Lock at 30 FPS for better fluidity ??

    Is this whole perennial controversy on 60 vs more driven by Nvidia's, AMD's and Intel's need to sell more gfx cards or CPUs? If anyone can get 70FPS avg on a 64 players server in BF4 on a 2600k and a GTX 760 at high settings surely U4 can deliver the same as the engine matures and once SQUAD is fully is optimized. The FPS pissing contest is getting long in the tooth. As a lot of gamers do not have the means to upgrade to the bestest and latest cutting edge tech in CPU and GPU or Monitors. When Devs give us robust "netcode", well balanced game design, fun and innovative gameplay, great gfx, they give us re-playability and fun. Success all around. My hope is to play SQUAD and have fun and make friends, I am like many others tired of the made up controversies, rage, hate and rants that populate the AAA gaming world.(BF, COD etc...) This community here is awesome ans very mature. Good days ahead !!!

    Yep its about selling 5000 copies to the "chosen few" SQUAD can be successful even by adding some candies. Personally I would want SQUAD to be so successful so that the devs will have all the funds to continue developping the game and bbecome a larger studio. From Indie to AAA. I am a filthy capitalist dog I know
  20. UE4: Trench Material

    Tunnel Rats Squads being born
  21. Quality of the Playing Community

    Thanks fro your post There is no elitism here really, just people are people stuff happening. We are privileged to have a lot of Project Reality vets that can provide good instruction, tips and mentorship during game play, on forums and as participating clan members. There will be a variety of communities to service needs and preferences for Squad gamers. C ya on the battlefield
  22. Welcome to Squad community. Would be cool to have an IDF faction at some point in the future . Hoping that modders might make it happen. A Golani brigade would be a great addition
  23. Hey up chaps

    Welcome to SQUAD lad.