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  1. Russian Su-24 shot down in Syria!

    He will just put economic and trade pressures on Turkey nothi ng like war. Erdowan is already backing off. On to the next world crisis. We stick with SQUAD we win!
  2. What's happened to American Politics?

    Hate to bring back the dark past , but if we ignore it , we are condemned to repeat it (Santayanna)
  3. The obligatory gunporn thread

    Number years ago Used to own these 3 The H&K P9S 45.acp being my fave COlt Gold Cup 45acp Beretta 85b 9mm Short
  4. ArmA 3

    Are you accusing M8 of being a ladyboi.... wash your mouth with soap :) or are you 420'd lol
  5. All Servers Either Empty Or Full

    Like any other game you have to seed the servers, it takes patience and dedication thats PTFO
  6. D.U.S.T Steam EA

    If they only have 2 devs it will be a long time coming. Look at Groundbranch...its taking a long time. Your hype will be gone by the time the game publishes Qui va lentement va surement, on vera bien.
  7. What's happened to American Politics?

    The American Experiment has and is still working. The USA was built on the principles of exceptionalism and manifest destiny. It will go up and down economically, but by and large and with all its warts it is still one of the country with massive untapped potential. The next election will tell if the US will redress the harm done by the present administration, who is a copy cat of so many failed European policies. Europe in contrast has adopted a different way and is politically as schlerotic as the US, or Canada for that matter with no longer a vision for the future, it is becoming again a fractured amalgamation of competing chauvinistic nations and it is a shame. Yet in spite of all of that I 'd rather live in Canada or in the US. Having grown up in Europe and emigrated to Canada, I am thankful that I left the old continent and its pretentious, elitist arrogant views that has kept Europe from fulfilling a brilliant destiny. For example http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6697/sweden-collapse
  8. The obligatory gunporn thread

    I assume you're not into dairy farming lol...no cheese for you! Really nice collection. Love the Ar 15 , stream lined and sexy.
  9. The obligatory gunporn thread

    I assume you're not into dairy farming lol...no cheese for you! Really nice collection. Love the Ar 15 , stream lined and sexy.
  10. FREE PC BETA for Star Wars Battlefront

    Was growing on me as well....like a fungus , no browser, insipid, repetitive gameplay, spawn raping Unbalanced Hoth and already hackers, It does not get any better, literally. Gorgeous gfx , sounds, music etc.. Too costly for a poor Canuck $Cdn140.00
  11. FREE PC BETA for Star Wars Battlefront

    I like Angry Joe's comment: " It sucks pee-pee" that says it all
  12. FREE PC BETA for Star Wars Battlefront

    EA/DICE applied the KISS principle, hopefully it works for them. Game looks great , GFX are gorgeous, But its a bimbo of a game:)
  13. I play as Stalin in a play, advice?

    D Drink a 40oz of Stoli that will put you in the mood, if Uncle Joe shat himself in his old age, you might piss yourself on stage , that compensates.
  14. Video driver reset?

    Had a gtx 560 Gigabyte OC'd that did the same crashing, downclocked a couple of small increments , it did the trick. as MURAY says Manufacturer OC does not work sometimes
  15. Canted Iron Sights

    Don't disparage the Swedes, they have given us Dynamite, Nobel Prizes, Ikea and Gevalia coffee....oh and the Battlefield franchise
  16. Squad DEVS!!! Please add this.

    What a painful video to watch and listen to. But was done in February , what happened to the game since? since?
  17. Drinking TIm H coffee , munching on Tim Bits included in the pic. It's a must.
  18. So... Magrathea eh?

    Hitchiker guide to the galaxy
  19. Where Are All My Canadian Brothers too?!

    Welcome Tim Bits brothers
  20. Open Letter to All Players

    Having a mic however cheap you can get it from, will enhance the gameplay for all involved. No elitism, just the fact of MP gaming. Moreover it is faster to speak than type.
  21. First game reaction

    As is EPIC, will get better than that 4 sure.....
  22. Closed Alpha Released

    Download site is down for me will wait till late tonight
  23. Closed Alpha Released

    same here. patience patience....
  24. Video card question

    Now that you've listed them all what should he choose? lol