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  1. BFV Closed Alpha

    I could take itas a change of pace and enjoy it in small doses, but if there are no Servers to rent from GSR and no admin tools worth their salt . A no buy for me. It has destroyed communities and made randos a rule in itself. Meh!!!
  2. I 5 8400, 16gigs ddr 4 3200, GTX 1060 6 gigs, 500 Crucial mx 300 ssd FPS between 85 95 Settings: 1920x1080 Custom PRESET APPLIED, then changed settings: Anti-aliasing: none Super sampling: 0x Effects: med View Distance: med Foliage: Medium Shadows: low Ambient Occlusion: no Bloom: No Eye adaption: No Gamma: 2.50 Screen sharpening: o.50
  3. Battlefield V

    The BF series is and has been highly entertaining, but communities are dead in BF1 and will be in BF V. No real dedi servers and admin tools , can't rent your server for your community. Whats the point. R and G like headless chickens. It had its charms. Now its more chaos and confusion and rarely team and PTFO. Not worth $CDN 80.00 plus bucks for me. I wish them well.
  4. Canadian Army

    As Canadians do we have newer weapons or the old C7 and variants. Portage faction to cross rivers please
  5. I have supported the game from inception, but only started toplay this year due to life. I am now playing almost daily and love the game. way better than any other be it Arma or BF or insurgency. Its a temperament thing i guess. Yesterday i encountered a couple of toxic guys, just on par with childish and boorish. But by and large the SL guided and gamers educated as much they could with patience and fun. Might have been draining, But man the freebee guys left when the game slowed down and the action was , just about moving repositioning, small firefight hard team work etc.... They'll try the game but if they are arcade FPS lovers they wont stay. Some new players were amazing and took to it like a duck to water. They were asking for help in understanding the game and receiving it. All in all its OK Free week end will yield some very good recruits .
  6. Try to play regionally solves a lot of issues. Sometimes your fave server is on the other side of the country, but SQUAD is also about community , so the ping becomes secondary
  7. Gameplay improvement/realism features

    Logi replenishment, balance ammo construction . If squads play the game mechanics and strategy, no need to do the MOH Reboot stuff. But good thoughts , i don't know if it goes along with the game philosophy of the devs
  8. I agree in principle , but it might also be a bit restrictive. Maybe Locked squads should be authorized by Clan Admin or Clan SL fo specific game strategy. I am newer to playing the game so i don't know all the the subtleties of it

    Alraedy encountered a few misbehaving gamers tonight .TKS galore, screaming, utter noise and confusion. Please enjoy the game and respect it.
  10. Current Priority #1

    Its frustrating for sure, just bear with it and soldier on. It's a game it will get fixed.
  11. Very low res rock formations on the roads, The stair cases in buildings are way to steep. They should come out further closer towards the entrances , just a bit.
  12. Escape from Tarkov

    Disappointing to see that their reputation on delivering a previous game is less than stellar :(
  13. Leopard 2 or M1A3 Abrams

    Merkava FTW hands down. But it means we would need Middle Eastern Factions. Touchy topic these days LOL
  14. Next faction(s)?

    Go THEBES Go!
  15. Russian Su-24 shot down in Syria!

    Turkey under Erdowan has become a radicalized islamist country, intolerant of its own citizens with dissenting views, anti Israel, Anti West and anti semitic, but heavily PRO ISIS Hezbollah, HAMAS and its bedfellows. If it were not for the lack of fortitude of western european governments no one would give two bits about Erdowan and his madness. As to Turkey having nuclear devices, only if they bought them from Pakistan and even at that.... highly doubtful. He is more interested in denying decent Turkish people a voice and brave and valiant Kurds a place in the sun. He is a thug. Hope the Russianss lay out the proofs of his collusion with ISIS for all to see and that he would keep his word and resign, .... Please learn history, the only fan boys we like are SQUAD fan boy :P
  16. Russian Su-24 shot down in Syria!

    An interesting and enlightening article about "Erdogan Family Business " it is from a French news source, written by a Turkish journo just use google translate Erdogan little family business (info # 013011/15) Print Analysis Monday, November 30, 2015 By Ferit Ergil Istanbul ARTICLE An interesting and enlightening article about "Erdogan Family Business " it is from a French news source, written by a Turkish journo just use google translate Erdogan little family business (info # 013011/15) Print Analysis Monday, November 30, 2015 By Ferit Ergil Istanbul ARTICLE
  17. Russian Su-24 shot down in Syria!

    What we are witnessing now is the end of the Sykes-Picot , agreement- after WW1 when they artificially divided the Middle East in zones of Western Powers influence-REGARDLESS of the religious -tribal-ethnic groups that had vied or tried to survive under the Ottoman Empire. Now the chicken are coming to roost and the countries and borders will be redefined by the natives of said countries. SO religious, Tribal , ethnic feuds millenia old will ignite and continue to consume the region. No Jeffersonian democracy USA style or European style will ever be imposed or copied in those countries They will have to create their OWN system in agreement with their cultures, faith etc...and we might not like it. BTW Mr Erdowan is trying to rekindle the glory of the Ottoman empire by interfering in the many Arabs vs Arabs wars, forgetting that the Arab nation had been under the Turkish yolk and hated it. This is the witche's brew. Whoever drinks it gets poisoned.
  18. Escape from Tarkov

    Looks great, will keep eyes open for it when it comes to Alpha or Beta definitely has solid potential.
  19. Russian Su-24 shot down in Syria!

    Turkey should have done what Israel and the coalition has done with Russia, open line of communications for Friend-Foe air ops over Syria. So there is no mistakes. The sky over Syria is congested with half a dozen nation air forces. Lots of mischief can be created, or lots avoided. The Ankara government decided to create some havoc, typical arrogance of Erdowan at play. Pay the piper .
  20. Russian Su-24 shot down in Syria!

    The Turks poked the BEAR, not only he growls but he can kill as well. So far so good it is only about economical sanctions that will slowly disappear as soon as Erdowan apologizes , if ever does. Tough neighborhood it is. Putin is not interested in another front or confrontation. Hopefully pride and machismo will fade out.
  21. Hey OWI, question:

    That is If SC is ever published as advertised created and sold Holding my breath....NOT
  22. Star citizen.. I am enjoying it.

    I requested a refund Which I gratefully received. This game is a virtual ship designs sale , where is the meat ?
  23. ISIS declare war on 80 infidel countries

    They threaten "infidels"? sounds like someone did not appreciate the last episode of "Neighbors with Benefits: Lol :lol: