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  1. Squad Classic

    We are not the Golani brigade")

    Is there a way to use the iron sight on top of the SUSAT 4x. Or is it there just for aesthetics

    Thanks i was hoping Oh well
  4. When one plays with a great platoon and SL the game works like a charm. For the purist, I feel your pain, but the game needs to be more approachable for casual gamers, the arcade lovers will always gravitate to COD or BF. My personal op is the revive and heal needs more tweaking maybe go back one or two iterations. I like the faster run and walk as it is not a walking simulator any longer. There is a balance between reality, authenticity, and gameplay, I hope the devs find it for the benefit of all Squadies But right now when played with strategy and tactics it works well and the game is enjoyable. Find the right clan and the right leaders that is where it is at.
  5. Souf, Don't worry ya habibi we can still have beautiful maps including greener areas for a Faction environment
  6. Memories of Quebec La Manicouagan http://www.hydroquebec.com/visit/cote_nord/manic-5.html
  7. AK s Iron sights

    I find it very hard to see the iron sight post on those guns. Have those weapons been portrayed realistically or just an idiosyncrasy of design? In Insurgency when one ADS you can clearly see the back sight and the half moon and post in your line of sight. I was wondering if it had to do with FOV non ADS and ads and also with the scale of map and avatar proportionality. Using1920X1080 AT 90fov
  8. Random Squad crashes

    Using Corsair m65 no problems with drivers at all. No crashes
  9. Price

    Are you trolling, you're a bad boy
  10. I can attest to that I played a couple times on your server, Great games and super nice guys.
  11. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Yep the grass is always greener on the septic field:). Thanks Fuzzhead, great comment. Rooting for a phnomV12, and lots of young gamers. Being an old geezer, from the days of the Adam Coleco and Vic 20 , l do appreciate new blood in the community. I play on may servers with yng guys and they are more mature and great SL than old buggers like me.
  12. Direction Indicator when hit

    in the heat of a firefight, might help, maybe not so obvious, but a better sound directional tech would do the trick.
  13. Squad vs Insurgency

    Israel PM Netanyahu, was an MG during the 67 6 days war and almost drowned in the Suez canal when he fell in the water, fully kitted .; No swimming for you!
  14. The Wrench, July 2018

    XRobinson: " Take off eh!"
  15. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    The most inane post i've read in a long time. Do you live on Planet " Entitled" or are you ignorant of basic economics? Sorry to be blunt....
  16. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Brother stop bellyaching, just enjoy the game, it is community minded and lots of good servers.
  17. Douches will be douches
  18. Yeah, all those militias are already generically represented in Squad. It is hard to represent an actual faction or nations in particular. What theater of war do you bring in that is realistic? Israel, Palestinians, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, NOKO, Vietnam, Spain Italy etc.... There better be a theme and a focus that could fit into a strategy game or SP story, in MP I'm not so sure it would be way different than what we have now. The only scenario that would be realistic is the ME region with all the nations involved, but the weaponry and the mapping is quite arduous and if well done would take a big commitment and a large team of modders
  19. Post Scriptum maps and graphics

    PS looks really bad compared to Squad and even worse compared to Hell let loose. Both Squad and PS should strive for photo realistic or photogrammetry tech Yet I love Squad, best game in my opinion. Engrossing, immersive and great community
  20. Grenade Usage

    Also guns that shoot around corners
  21. AK s Iron sights

    Thanks very much, guys.
  22. |R-B| Royal Battalion

    tavors and mepro combo at some point?
  23. [BB] Bella's Battleground

    Love to play on your server. Go Canucks go

    Ignorance and entitlement are almost Bliss
  25. BFV Closed Alpha

    When we had solid PTFO communities the game was excellent in spite of its faults. Maybe DICE redirecting BF V to a new game mechanics will improve the flow. But with O RSPs in view. Its a wait and see. By the way a year or so ago they hired the lead guy from PROCON, so maybe, just maybe...