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  1. heres one on a MATV (oshkosh/jltv). while they exist im not sure the game is ready for them just yet. thought at the end of the day i hope they make it in i just wonder if they will be to powerful until we get more armor into the game. they would beable to kill most things currently in the game. if the grenade launcher can do some hefty damage or even get last couple of shots off on btr then imagine what fullauto can do. they also put the mk19 on strikers which is something i also want. i imagine they were/are at least waiting for animation/core inventory before they add them.
  2. Colourful maps?

    Last i checked both green and tan are colors mate. you might want to get tested for being color blind...
  3. Will motorcycles require vehicle claiming?

    single person claim but with squad being bigger than x to prevent lone Squad leaders from driving off into sunset or somthing. could also just tie it to having to be in a squad. then let motorcycles be free to pick up and go.
  4. figure i should update with factions i want added to game with reasons why it hink they are viable because im bored. Turkey - for several reasons a big one is an easy implementation. turkey until recently has a lot of older weapons most of them are already in game they still use alot of things such as m35 cargo truck aks (out the ass) m16 and m4s the works. they also use a lot of soviet and American vehicles. but where it gets more interesting is that they recently starting creating their own fire arms. which means to pile of weapons we already have they also have a few unique weapons to diferentiate them. also they are far more interesting than an MEC facton because they are real and basically fill the same roll they got everything. Germany - if im honest Germany is loaded as a military (from a faction creation standpoint.) with their own everything from rifles just got hk416, mg3 (for other factions) mg4 and mg5 (aka hk121) to the famous leopard tanks which well many factions around world use and is famous to bring in new people to the game on its own potentially. not to mention they have their own attack helicopter and nh90 a nice alternative to blackhawk. US Marines - while they are still the us military i think they are different enough from army to make for an interesting faction. they have offer a different take on us military with (13 man squads) and an interesting variety of weapons such as m32 gl, m27IAR and potentially though a stretch m16. they also have their own unique attack helicopter the bell AH-1Z recently being upgraded to z variant. China - they should be obvious but not only could you put them at odds with Russia but also against NATO factions. they have their own unique weapons that look foreign to everything else in any factions mentioned above or in game. they been building their military with more high tech gear in last 20 years giving the devs plenty of weapons and vehicles to use to draw from. the hardest part about china is they are not in any of regions we currently have in game and their enviorment is quite unqiue so it would be a project. Israel - now they may be "contriversial" but they are major players in middle east giving another faction to add into mosh pot in middle eastern themed maps. they once took whatever weapons they could get their hands meaning they have had and still do alot of vehicles and weapons from Russia the USA or where ever they could get them they also have quite collection of unique weapons that is far more mature than turkey which is just starting in the arms race. not to mention most stuff they have is highly upgraded and modded so even if its already in game it will look and often function very different than the stuff of other faction even if technically its same thing.
  5. Give the AKS74U back to the Milita Medic!

    apparnetly i misread this thread when i made post edited so it maeks sense. why does medic need a more effective weapon the medic is not suppose to be a front line fighter anyways. it is suppose to stay back and support its squad (by healing them). most of the fighting i do with medic as militia is in close quarters anyways i never try and engage at long range. adapt your play styles your not a rifleman or an acog. you have a different job that is to get your comrades off the ground so they can shoot the enemy to pieces (not you). that means occasionally you will get opportunities to shoot things up but it is not your greatest asset nor should it be. also note weapon length makes you less obvious coming around corners. this is a side factor (and subjective.) but if im honest i like ironsights on ak74u better but that is probably statically unfounded but ive always preferred it in any game idk why. perhaps because they are a bigger and easier to focus on. maybe later they will give us an option more gun options when core inventory releases. might make things more interesting but for class designs i don't mind medic having a weaker gun it makes emphasizes the role it is suppose to play.
  6. Make the Main Bases conquerable

    ive thought about this in past about something pretty much like this. i think it could possibly be done and improve the aas experience however youd have to make alot of special rules for this part of the game. to make in a way that would function as intended and be balanced. right now the problem with stomp scenario is no one ends up having any way to really win but bleeding tickets. (which isn't fun for either side) in my opinion this is actually a problem and its what causes people to leave servers. it also causes people to not be satisfied in these scenarios in either side imo. because sooner you get to last point the longer you have camp the last point til the game finally ends which is boring and doesn't add nearly as much depth the rest of game has. 1. firstly spawn protection would still need to be there so until enemy captures last point the round would be normal. and when/if the defending team captures their final regular point back it returns. 2. main bases point could take longer to cap or even take more people to cap however once capped the game is over. 3. main bases would have to be fortified to the teeth at the start of round.atleast walls/chokes and maybe weapons making the main base or last base the hardest place to capture. also maps imo would need a bit of space behind fortresses to allow some safer spawning or maybe even protected spawning. 4. spawn timers decrease for defending team slightly (how much idk) this is to part it makes it harder for attacking team to get main base and it makes the game shorter as people die and respawn potentially more. 5. finanly there needs to be downside for defenders a reason to not try and bleed out their tickets in defense mode. they loose tickets faster whether it be on death or ticket bleed gets even faster or even both. this creates a sense of urgency that means if you don't get their butt off your next point its game over. adding concepts such as timers or gaining tickets to the game could also help/work but i wanted to avoid adding new concepts to the game. something like this would force attacking team to delegate its resources smartly and have more than 1 option to end the game right now its only tickets or time which never really happens in this scenario. so this might be to much to complicated on several levels but i think taking some of this and adding into the game would make it better even if it last regular point. i think there is a problme with current end game where draining tickets can take to long and be unfun for both sides playing. when really both sides just want to end the game. this might provide a fun comeback mechanic as well as challenge for adv team.
  7. is the m9 gong to disappear?

    even if they remove it from americans there are still dozens of nations who do use it. it could easily be reused for another faction in the future. one could even give the usa 2 pistol options for shits and giggles. (somthing somthing transition period.)
  8. press the delete key after you have selected said key you want removed or replace it with somthing else. its on bottom right somewhere that it tells you that.
  9. Sidearm & Optic Availability Poll

    asymmetrical balance also it makes factions feel different and less repetitive so you aren't only playing a different skin but using different tactics and strategies yea its harder to balance but its also comes more depth and variety that keep players coming back for long time. secdonly these optics lack any zoom the only zoom you get is holding shift which all guns have redot or not. do i want every class to have a pistol, frankly i don't and i think it be a bad idea to begin with. i however do think that decreasing pistols weapon switch time might be a good idea for game play. (no were not talking about increasing it off the charts.) just fast enough to justify switching instead of reloading or giving you pause to consider the option. I think right now pistols are kinda pointless from game play perspective other than as extra ammo or style points. when your lmg can do the same job or even a sniper. (if you don't count ammo conservation.) the only benefit is your FOV which is minor given sacrifices you are taking.
  10. Dual render scope aiming

    in early alpha they did try it you can still see it on a few videos. however it was removed for preformance reasons to my knowldge. so until there is a way to get around these issues it won't happen. that from what i can see thats a big if it happens at all.
  11. Unbalanced maps please!

    LOL so what im seeing is complaining is you arent' able to get your kills easy enough, so you want the devs to make it easier for you? if you want to find a hidey hole and curb stomp your opponents all day then this probably isn't' the game for you. ') and imo the fog makes that 1 map better. without it the map is a cluster**** of boring without any teamplay just a tdm map.. also it gives me nice fps but yea not the point.
  12. Different Height/Sized Soldiers

    i believe all soldiers are the exact same size for balance reasons id assume.
  13. while the idea might not be perfect having somthing like this i think might be somthing to look into for alot of keys.i hate not being able to rebind keys because they dont' work on mouse or connflict with this or that pain rear.
  14. Be an admin they said - it'll be fun they said...

    if you became an admin because you thought it would be fun. you are doing it for all the wrong reasons.
  15. Steam controller support?

    this was made long before vehicles but its a good template.