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  1. Release

    i agree with what is said here since as of waiting and waiting and i dropped alot of money via kickstarter years back im going off what i was told on kickstarter marketing.
  2. Looking Good Looking Good!!!
  3. Release after v10? Maybe

    I can complain somewhat due to how much money i gave up on kickstarter years back. (Time is flying ) The devs done a great job from what i last played this game i give you that but..... well it been said many times before no need to get on the "time", "whats the endgame for development" issue but i must say not enjoyable for everyone trust me.
  4. Release after v10? Maybe

    What? you happy to pay 30 bucks for a half finished game because how it is now? Oh boy if more people have this mindset we might not never have finished games in the future base on this.
  5. Release after v10? Maybe

    Wait isn't this game in alpha? You guys worried about broken release on a "alpha" state game? Release v10 now i say we paid money and in my case kickstarter money to alpha test a game buggy or not we are paying testers at the end of day or am i missing something in 2017?
  6. Founder Tag/In Game Skins How to Get them?

    Well if i cant find that email and i did received it no other way?
  7. Hello I recently got back into PC gaming heavy after a ruff patch in my life. Back when SQUAD was on Kickstarter i picked the 70 dollar Founder/Squad Leader Level since then i did received the closed alpha access when it started and my steam key via email shortly after redeeming it i took a break from most games but when returning around V7 of alpha i notice when starting to get back on the forums that people who funded the project as well have Founder Tags and Ingame skins how do i get those items? i have linked my STEAM profile to my Squad account but nothing has happen since then so what do i go from here?
  8. Please no raised weapon as default

    I just started playing Squad a lot since it came to steam and I got my key and one thing I notice that just didn't look right is the fact that all the soldier models had the weapon in a fire ready stance 24/7 me and a squad was walking in the woods on fools road and honestly it looked generic. I guess cause I been playing PR so long and used to the models having the weapon lowered till you aimed and ready to fire. hopefully that would be in the game soon "if possible" that's about the only thing that seems very off and like I stated "generic" looking. Reading all these posts boy were they a headache talking about adding a key to lower your weapon etc. all I would like to see is other character models not having the weapon aimed ready while walking around the whole time lol I barely hold a AKS-74 up that dang long in the open range I go to in Indiana
  9. Profile picture issue

    yeah i cant upload it for some reason been trying to with 3 different browsers lol
  10. Rebuild ArmA Map

    it can be done It was done in PR a R-Dev remade a certain map base off of ArmA OA have a link check out the pics it's amazing http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f354-community-maps/126309-map-bamyan-4km-wip.html
  11. Closed Alpha Announcement

    Can't wait to to be yelling allah akbar while im gaming on Squad tonight
  12. Environment Art Update #1

    Can't wait to see the first screens of Fallujah Its on this saturday its ON!!!
  13. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    most popular faction in the world today small even