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  1. Better Squad leader information feed from squad

    On my last deployment I had a weapon attachment called the psq 23 aka storm. I also used flash to bang and estimation using a map

    Arma 3 mods did such a great job at creating FOs, JFOs and JTACs but I don't know how far they want to take it with squad. Being the milsim and arcade is hard with topics like this. Insurgent FOs are a guy with a cell phone while us FOs carry a half million dollars of electronics. Which causes balance issues compare to what makes sense

    The only designator iv ever used that had a range finder was way to big to carry on patrol. It was definitely a defensive item.

    The vector would work well for this but can they give a range finder to all the factions. It's hard to have thoughts on this cause we really don't know the full list of assets the full game will have. The game really does need a range finder. An FO would be amazing if they can find the perfect balance for artillery. One simple thing they can add NOW is letting us know how big the grid square are. Placing fobs can be tricky with counting 400 meters out. Every one could use that. Also it's hard to give enemy grids. An easier to read map would help. Maybe even customizable overlays.
  5. RPG dust effect

    After listening to the devs talk on YouTube, this would definitely not be something that comes out till the full realese. When one person makes the effect another person has to optimize it and they all have to have input on if its worth the time. At this point it wouldn't be but it sure would be nice to see it.
  6. RPG dust effect

    I would say let the devs handle this. It's to early to talk about this. We need more serious stuff to submit. Game play is more important
  7. Dont forget to spread the word on this. If the devs aren't thinking of something like this we can get it to them by talking about it to people like server admins. They also might never read this even though it would help alot.
  8. I think you got some good ideas. It's hard for the devs to find the perfect medeum on stuff like this cause simplicity seems to be very important to them. They want good coms but they don't want it like arma with all the nets and using freqs. I personally hate it cause it feels to much like work. I hate being in the army
  9. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    DaveStone http://steamcommunity.com/id/gorgazum 26 EST MilSim/Tactical Everything from the n64 on. Lots of RTS like TotalWar. Lots of battle field. I now only own a PC and an nvidia shield. I have good Como skills, I just got out of the army as a forward observer. I play squad for the teamwork, leader ship and communication it requires to win. I'm all about squad leaders working together and I often take on the role of platoon leader to ensure they do work together. I enjoy the multi-tasking of being a squad leader and a platoon leader at the same time.
  10. I'm a forward observer in the army. I carry many radios with 2 at the minimum. Cluttered coms is always an issue and the best way to minimize it is peltors. The way they work is one ear has one radio and the other has another radio. So I would have my platoon net in my left ear and aircraft or artillery in my right ear. They also have mikes on the outside of each ear so I can hear what people are saying and they let you tell direction of sound. My idea is not to add any complications to anything but to change the way speech goes to the gamers head set. As a squad leader i would hear other squad leaders in my left ear and my squad in my right ear. All local voice and gunfire would be in both ears depending on the direction. For a squad members the squad leader would be in the right ear and the other squad members in the other. Local voice and outside noise would be the same based of direction. This would greatly help with knowing who is talking. I wouldn't have to look in the bottom left corner and take my eyes off my sights. It would also help understand what people are saying when they unintentionally step on each other.