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  1. Hi guys. In recent weeks the squad player population has increased dramatically. I'm here to introduce a new player to the oceanic server hosting game! Oceanic Gaming started hosting a few squad servers during the recent free weekend. The servers proved popular, and now they're here to stay! The community boasts a wide range of game servers, all hosted from a dedicated machine, providing quality services to the community. We are currently running 3 Squad servers and have an active admin presence most of the time. The admin team are comprised of seasoned veterans of Squad and PR and are more than happy to help out with issues that may arise. Our community players and admins put emphasis on team-oriented play and inter-squad coordination in an effort to achieve a satisfying and fun gaming experience. Come and get involved in a refreshing new community on the Aus / NZ Squad scene! Look for the oceanic servers in your browser! Check us out at http://www.oceanicgaming.com.au/ Join our discord and get involved! https://discord.gg/QRV7CXu Cheers!
  2. Squad server not showing for friends

    Is it hosted on the same network you're playing from? If yes, it could be a problem with your port forwarding.
  3. I run squad of a server i personally own, so, that's why i should have full control of it.
  4. I found a bunch of steam ID's in the server configs ages ago after a CIA guy came into our server and broadcast a message to leave our server and go to his without our permission. I think it is very much a backdoor, considering you can do all admin commands and more. I understand its a tool used for development, but server owners should be in full control of who is allowed to fiddle with their servers considering they backed the game or bought the game, pay for and operate the servers out of their own pockets. This should be an opt in, and not a default setting.
  5. There's never much point staying down there. Don't be a afraid to dig up your fob and take it somewhere else.. There are 2 benefits to this- you tie up enemy resources while they look for a non-existent fob, and you can actually make your squad useful by getting to a flag instead of simply lingering around loosing tickets off-cap. Fortifying fobs is a complete waste of time at this stage of development- just put it down a fair distance from where the enemy will likely go and use your rally's wisely. *make sure you have a safe rally before removing a fob though, you cant rely on other squads to actually do what they say lol.
  6. Backer Tag Redeem!

  7. FOB on Flag - The Way to Do It

    Also baddies can use your little barricades once they do manage to get through the outer walls. catch 22.
  8. A reason about DDOS attack?

    yeah true, you can go to steam -> View -> Server browser and get the IP just as easy that way =/
  9. A reason about DDOS attack?

    exactly. a nice easy list for attackers to cherry-pick . At least with the steam method they'll have to put in some ground work, that may be enough of a deterrent. How do sites like this gather the server information in the first place?
  10. A reason about DDOS attack?

    Thanks mate, If they could de-list both the Australian Made Gaming servers that would be sweet.
  11. A reason about DDOS attack?

    I never even knew about that site. That is indeed an easy way for attackers to find and exploit server/port information. That said, its easy to find your IP address with software such as wireshark- Simply monitor ethernet traffic that is sent/received and extrapolate the ip address data. They will need to buy a copy of the game and join your server to use this method, and that may be too hard a process for the attackers to bother with. How exactly did you contact the guys that run the website? Thanks for sharing your findings- We will also look into this!
  12. A reason about DDOS attack?

    *Double post*
  13. Server company complaining

    they've been smashing us too mate, its super frustrating. I've pulled my servers down a couple of times myself. Some unlikeable characters have been putting on some cray DDOS attacks. I monitored one a few nights back and the sheer number of connections is hectic.
  14. =AMG= Australian Made Gaming Clan & Community

    Cheeky bump!
  15. CreateVehicle

    imagine spawning a ural and rolling through town. Chat would go hectic!