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  1. Of course :) I wasn't sure to what extent they would implement it, so I figured I'd offer up the discussion.
  2. Howdy, Squaddies! Idea So, here's an idea I mulled over with a squad today and thought I'd present it since, surprisingly, I hadn't found anything about it in the forums. My squadmates and I discussed how servers are kinda limited in choices of maps/game modes (Obviously so, being in alpha), and talked about a few ways to implement more diverse servers: adding the ability to create and modify battle scenarios, and adding a "mega map"(similar to Altis/Stratus in ARMA, but not quite) along with a admin-used map editor or even a community workshop-enabled one. Battle Scenarios This is similar to a "game-mode" creator, but with a bit more to it. For example, one might create a spec-ops seals vs. insurgents (I know this has been discussed before), but in addition to creating the attack/defense roles in respective order, the creator might also add the ability to turn the lighting to midnight darkness, where the seals have NVGs and can come from anywhere around the compound and only having a limited number of tickets and/or a time limit to complete the objective(VIP capture/elimination, cache destruction, etc.), while the Jihaddie Johns only have the lighting from fires/lamps in the objective area, and can't leave it for the sake of it being too dark, and each death has a wave/based spawn timer. That's just one example of such a game mode that can be created, which might be improved by the second idea: Mega Map(s) Essentially, the basis of the idea is similar to ARMA III's vast map, instead of many smaller maps to add freedom to the game-master by giving him many different options of terrain and playable areas. But that might be the only similarity, because unlike Altis/Stratus, there would be no buildings/objects by default, and the community designer can build anything from a small village, to a dense forest, to a massive castle, or even a vast series of middle-eastern catacombs for CQC. Workshop Now, I know not everyone is all too happy about Steam hosting, but Christmas noobs aside, the workshop would be the perfect place for admins to test the maps/modes that community members upload, as well as offer a fairly reliable rating system that allows the best content to bubble to the top. The one concern a lot of people might bring up is the implementation of "arcade-like" maps/modes (like zombies or some stupid shit like that... ugh), but my rebuttal to that would be the fact that it would be a horrendous minority, and the small percentage of servers that would host stuff like that wouldn't last long given the still niche player base, not to mention that since the majority of servers would offer the intended experience, it wouldn't be too hard to just ignore it. So, what do you guys think? Would it be a good idea to add this kind of freedom to the community, or not at all? Perhaps slightly less/more than this? ~Aedene
  3. The endgame for the idea is to devise a system(not necessarily this system) that allows good players specified in certain tasks to operate their class to the team's benefit without having to worry about a less qualified player filling the role and feeding tickets while not letting their tasked duties with the class to be utilized properly. Are there other ways of doing this? I'm not asking to be snarky by any means, but I'd really like SOME sort of concept to come to fruition that allows for proper use of specializations.
  4. Understood. Thanks for the help, I'm just hoping that's only a straw poll for the community. I'm at least pleased that the devs/mods can acknowledge that such behavior is self-destructive for the game as a whole. And to everyone else, thank you for the feedback, perhaps this can be revisited, but as it stands, I'm definitely seeing the design flaws in the theory of practice!
  5. Actually, that's not a bad idea. Perhaps something along the lines of a vote-kick sort of option for team members who notice a player isn't using the "platoon commander" or "pilot" classes etc correctly, forcing them to use another class? And adding a visual cue to denote a veteran player would be a good compromise between keeping all slots open, and filling the better ones with good players.
  6. Merit Points System Concept Preface (Please read before commenting) I had made a post about this several hours ago, and I realized through some VERY "constructive" feedback that I need to clarify some things: This is not a linear leveling system (A.K.A. you don't gain MP by just playing/getting kills/racking up scores).Yes, I know there is a search function, and yes, I have used it, and to my knowledge, no one has suggested this idea to the extent that I propose it.I have taken the proper feedback on the concern of people boosting with friends, and have proposed a solution to this issue.This community has been the most welcoming community I've seen until today. Please don't turn it into the toxic ARMA community.Now that the rant is done, on to the concept: General Idea This system utilizes a player-driven feature with the concept of preventing unqualified players from using a class(and eventually a vehicle) in a way that wastes the opportunity for a more qualified player to better benefit the team in said role. Far too often, I've seen a marksman or optic rifleman stick too close to the action, or a medic who refuses to heal and/or stay out of the line of fire unless he's needed, or worse, a squad lead who has no honest idea what a rally-point is or where to place it and refuses to use communication with the squad. Essentially at the end of every round, players are able to rank their squad-mates with a quick check-box survey system while waiting for the next round, which awards them with Merit Points that they may use to apply for specializations, allowing them to use that class or vehicle after having completed a tutorial teaching them how to use it properly. Each specialization would be placed in a tree of prerequisites based on the general knowledge required to use it (i.e. you'll need to know how to drive a humvee effectively in order to drive an IFV, and an optic rifleman is the logical step before marksman). Tutorials Logically, as with the military, you can't simply "purchase" a heli licence and fly into combat right away, so each specialization will have a single-player tutorial to teach that player how to use the class/vehicle effectively. Ideas for each tutorial might be as follows: Infantry Rifleman: Reading the grid map(along with numpad explanation), select-fire/recoil/spread, stopping bleed-outs Optic Rifleman: Medium-range engagement, holding breath, leading a moving target, bullet drop AT: Weak armor on various vehicles, flanking before firing Medic: Stopping bleeding, healing hp, reviving, knowing when to duck and cover so as to stay alive to heal Marksman: Elevation, sniper's overwatch, fire-and-relocate, long-range bullet compensation Support: Staging a choke-point, suppression bursts vs. accurate fire, close-quarters situations Grenadier: Using grenades effectively, smoke cover Squad Leader: VOIP and order-giving, RPs, FOBs, SL map usage, inter-squad communication Vehicles (theoretical) HMMWV driving: Landmine avoidance, offensive driving, vehicle positioning, armor/weakpoints HMG turret: Head-ducking, hammer-down vs. burst fire, strategic reloading IFV driving: Vehicular cover, loading/transporting troops, avoiding ambush spaces IFV turret: HE for infantry vs. AP for vehicles, turn-speed and turret elevation Tank driving: Treads vs. tires, armor angling Tank cannon: AP vs. HE for tanks specifically, weak point in turret pivot, target prioritizing Copilot/Gunner: Radar communication, infared/thermal optics, pilot death, transport chopper gatling turret, attack chopper turret Transport chopper: Basic flight, ake-off/landing, loading/unloading, safe LZ vs. hot LZ, evasive maneuvers and countermeasures, hovering/circling Scout chopper: Strafing, AA/AtG, light-load transporting Attack chopper: Gunner utilization, rocketpods Let me know what you think of the idea and what tweaks/additions there may be to make it better! ~Aedene
  7. (Also posted on steam) TL;DR, Make a leveling system based on your squadmate's review of your teamwork in order to buy classes/specializations. So, my current issue with the game is this: when you join a squad, because of the new players, you consistently have one guy using a class that he/she doesn't understand yet(A squad lead who doesn't communicate/drop RPs, a medic that doesn't heal, etc), and when vehicles come along, I'd hate to imagine the chopper pilot who thinks walls make good helipads or the IFV that likes to sit in the open and get a face full of RPGs. So, my idea is to impliment a leveling system designed as a skill tree. You start as a recruit, and at the end of the match(while waiting forever for the next round to start), your squaddies can opt in to fill a quick checkbox for each player(Communicated with the team, followed orders, stayed with the group, etc). Every checkmark you get shows that you're better at the game, and can use the points gained to unlock teers of classes, like optics riffleman which becomes a marksman, or a AT soldier that becomes a grenadier, etc. Vehicles would be done similarly. You unlock the "heli" teer 1, which allows you to be a gunner for a blackhawk or attack chopper, then pilot of a scout or transport heli, and finally an attack chopper pilot. Hummvee gunner/driver becomes IFV gunner becomes IFV driver becomes tanks or whatever. Each teer starts off with a buy in value, which is higher for those classes/vehicles that require more skill. And to one-up that idea, maybe after you buy into a teer tree, you need to complete a tutorial. For example, a marksman tutorial that explains that you WILL die if you are in the middle of the fight instead of on an elevated position, and that you need to move position every kill or two. Another example would be for AT soldiers, which explains that tanks need to be flanked and hit from the side(preferably under the turret axis) or from behind near the engine, and that RPGs fly like bananas instead of bullets and that AT4 rockets drop off like they have ED. The point is, it not only gives an endgame objective that isn't linear(get grenadier at level 4, hummer driver at 6, etc), but also pushes people to play the game as a team to get those checkmarks, and reserves specialized roles for those that would be better suited for them, because they've worked on learning the playstyles. Thoughts/comments/additions? ~Aedene