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  1. This looks sweet! Good work mate.
  2. Just my 2 cents, ever since i got re-shade shown to me by a friend i have not looked back. It made a world of difference to the image in game and made it look 100% better. Give it a try.
  3. The tank museum looks an awesome day out. It's cool to see how the assets are made up in game. Thanks for sharing it guys! Also that shooting range looks like a lot of fun. A complete noob question, but after looking at the 360 interior shots of the tank I can't work out how many people it takes to operate it? In game will it be 2 persons, i.e a driver and gunner?
  4. This is awesome. Thanks once again for you're guys great work. Can't wait to try out the mortar.
  5. Will these game modes and map be for the weekend only or in full time for the lack of a better term? Looks awesome by the way!
  6. "Who Dares Wins" - British Special Forces (S.A.S) (The Best In The World)
  7. V10

    I would love to see the British faction in v10 and new animations. Keep up the good work guys!
  8. I for one have never seen anyone being called a "sucker" for doing a logi run, or multiple ones. Sounds like you had a bad squad mate. If anything they are praised as the unsung hero's of the game....cough cough Medics! haha.
  9. Maybe one day we could have a night vision "mod" or something implemented by the Devs. I would love to see two conventional forces i.e the Russians vs U.S fight it out with both night vision capabilities. Or equally exciting would be to see this against the less modern forces like the insurgents. It forces a different play style which is also fun. I know this will probably won't happen but would be awesome if it did! Loving the new map @ChanceBrahh
  10. I think this would be an awesome addition to the game. I would love to have different sliders for iron sights, red dot, acog, etc. Or having an ADS sensitivity slider and another while you have your gun lowered.
  11. Your rig looks amazing bro! Very Nice......
  12. I personally think the map scaling feature is good. Just get your SL to place a movment marker down, and use that as reference. The only thing I would like to see is to change back and forth to a topographic map with contour lines inc. Anyone else like that idea being added?
  13. I have also experienced this. For me it's when I'm outside the vehicle (within a few metres) and staring away from said vehicle at a 45° angle. The sound just cuts out.
  14. Can't wait to play this!
  15. First I would like to say that the sounds in squad (even at this early stage in development) are the best I have hear in ANY game. The sounds especially of explosions going off, and incoming bullets. The other day in a round, I shit you not I jumped in my seat and hand came off the mouse. Anders 10/10 mate!!