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  1. Is the community getting better or worse?

    I have noticed a tad bit more worse than good. But, when vehicles get released it'll be worse... then it'll be better after like 2 weeks.
  2. One thing I'm sad about.

    I work during the day. (Shifts vary from 8 hour[rarely get] to about 12-16 hour shifts [more common]) If I didn't work, i'd probably join a semi full 25%-50% full server.... and let it fill up. But when I come home from work, I'd like to join a game right off the bat with 75% capacity. I didn't realise there was a site for the server list, thank you for who ever made it, it helps! :)
  3. Just curious! I was told yes and no.
  4. One thing I'm sad about.

    The lack of US based servers. I thought there would be TWICE as more US servers that are fullish. Only like 3 servers based in US.
  5. Alright, I changed my resolution to 720p, and I EASILY get a constant 60fps on everymap. (I do dip below 50 if a TON of grenades blow up at once.). But smoke doesn't effect me much. (Maybe a 4-6 fps drop). I have to admit, I didn't expect squad to be this optimized on my rig. Good job devs, and I praise the work you guys will do to get everyone working like a charm!
  6. FPS: 40-85CPU: i5-4590 @3.3GhZ (Seems like Squad doesn't use much of the CPU, only utilized max 45% of all cores)GPU: EVGA GTX 960 2gb SCRAM: 8gbRes: 1440x900p Settings: Most settings Epic. One high.NOW FOR FOOLS ROAD.... FPS: 35 min. 46 avg. 83 max.
  7. Map Creator?

    Is there a program that enables me/anyone to create maps for Squad? I'd love to do it on my free time, as I'm a creative (well, somewhat) individual! Thanks Devs!
  8. For some reason my buddy doesn't wanna create an account on here, but I guess I'll post for him to help some people out. FPS: 42min || 54avg || 83fps max || (Minimum was in smoke in fools road forest, and maximum was looking up in the sky.) CPU: i5 4690k @3.9ghz (overclocked) GPU: GTX 970 4gb TI RAM: 16 GB DDR3 1600 Resolution: 1920x1080 Settings: Epic no AA though. He says it runs very well on full servers, and even runs better on less than 50 servers.
  9. Will this build run Squad with decent fps?

    I got a SSD instead, 250gb Samsung Evo. Will it improve performance at all on squad?
  10. Will this build run Squad with decent fps?

    I know I can't OC. I don't care. If j had the extra few bucks I would have bought the 4690k
  11. Will this build run Squad with decent fps?

    Oh I will man... it'll be a while after I cry tears of joy.
  12. Will this build run Squad with decent fps?

    I must thank you guys, it seriously is a huge help! (Even though you guys pretty much said "Yes". hehe). Glad to be a future member of Squad, PR has me attached and for sure Squad will! Kudos to everyone.
  13. Will this build run Squad with decent fps?

    Thanks much for the replies, helps a huge ton. Also, question for all of you guys, will this card; http://pcpartpicker.com/part/evga-video-card-02gp42966krfit into the case? I'm guessing it will, since partspicker isn't saying a comparability warning. Here's the full build: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/evga-video-card-02gp42966kr I'm sure it can run Squad fairly well though, as long as I can play it comfortably... I'm pleasured.
  14. Hi Squad members, I'm very curious if this build could run Squad on high with decent fps (at 720p resolution) CPU: Intel i5-4590 (stock speed) GPU: GTX 960 2gb (Stock) RAM: (8gb) PSU: 500w Case: Xion 310- Black MOBO: B85M-DS3H-A MICROATX (Gigabyte brand) HDD: Samsung EVO SSD 250g Thanks a ton! I'm guessing it will... Friend of mine has literally same build. And he can run GTA V on Ultra, 60fps average. (He has the 4590 turbo boosted, not overclocked).
  15. Does anyone have Comcast/Xfinity as a ISP?

    *Solved my question lol. Gonna get squad now.