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  1. Make Squad great again...

    I've been playing since i posted the OP over at Desmo's server and after 2 rounds I went SL to keep my squad from turning into a troll fest. That is a good point paul_onesix, those of us who can SL and lead by example should. I think it becomes a chore sometimes to have to SL, but you are right we should step up and take that responsibility at least until everyone else starts coming around.
  2. Make Squad great again...

    thanks for the well thought out responses. Yeah i agree a vote option can definitely be abused. I just threw out a bunch of ideas to get a conversation going. I feel like the mute feature would still be really nice to get rid of the trolls not in your squad running around with an open mic singing songs.
  3. So I am starting this thread not to drum up WHY the game got toxic quickly over the last few months, but how do we fix the issue to bring back old players and educate the new ones of the quality of community? I've put in about 1000 hours of game play from December 2015 to roughly November 2016. I know many people have put in way more and quit playing for the same reason I have. Once the free weekend last fall occurred and a slew of new players entered the game things seemed to go way downhill in terms of community friendliness and quality of teamwork. I've tried playing several different times on different servers (that were available) since last fall and I just can't get past the players. It seems like old players and new ones are quick to jump down each others throats, troll, tk, and be verbally abusive. This isn't just a personal observation either. I have a group on my friends list for players I've played squad with in the past that were great teammates and quality members of the community. That list is around 150 people from all over the world. I think on average i see maybe 2-4 people playing squad throughout the day and typically they don't play very long. This used to be 20-30 on average playing any time in the day. When I ask them about the game they say "it's too toxic," or "i just can't play that game anymore." I know i miss playing squad. What measures are in place to increase teamwork and decrease the level of trolling and player abuse going on? Can we see some sort of SL vote kick feature? Maybe a time in requirement for important Roles? Some form of team vote kick for tker's as Admins often kick the wrong people or make the issue worse. Some form of mute feature to end players trolling others in local or in squad chat. Can we see changes in the conquest "every point can be captured" style map it seems awful for teamwork and every server I've joined with it playing never works together. A commander role with some sort of vote into the position from the other players. This might help squads work together more. Possibly a pre-named squad list you can join or edit the name of such as "engineer, fob support, forward observation, assault, defense, etc."
  4. FOB on Flag - The Way to Do It

    A lot of great conversation on this topic. Can we at least all agree that attacking a fob and defending a fob are far more fun than just running around and capping points. Until the game implements more tactical vehicles and weapons we are limited to the tools we have.
  5. FOB on Flag - The Way to Do It

    Yeah organized fob defense vs. organized attackers is the most fun part of it. When you have pubbers vs. an organized squad in any situation the pubbers will lose.
  6. FOB on Flag - The Way to Do It

    I'm a supporter of placing fobs based on the situation. The logic that you should NEVER place a fob on a flag is definitely the wrong logic. If you know what you are doing you should be able to place a fob anywhere on the map based on the current situation. I can honestly say I maintain my fob on a flag 80% of the time if I'm the defending squad. When I place a fob and leave it on a point it almost always goes down regardless if another friendly squad is defending it or not. It comes down to being a good squad leader and maintaining your squad within the super fob flag and scouts clearing the walls on the exterior. You end up taking more tickets from the enemy when they assault a super fob than you lose if you have active medics reviving and good communication. Important rules to super fobing. Maintain proper barb wire then walls with no murder holes for enemies to catch you off guard. Keep sentries posted on all directions of your super fob with eyes watching and reporting enemy movements Keep coms clear and accurate by compass coordinates. Try to establish early for squad mates not to yell "over there" or "right here." Have your more adventurous (good solo member) squad mates to travel on the outside of the fob clearing off enemies. Only keep 1 to 1.5 squads within the defense fob as anymore becomes chaotic and starts a ff nade and suppression issue. Make sure friendly smokes are thrown outside the base and not in it. This creates panic and chaos. Smoking enemies has them assaulting blind. Build the ammo box after you get your defenses up. When you build the ammo box first players become complacent and forget to watch entrances. Build defensive structures on the interior of the super fob to protect nade and spawn camping if you are breached. Keep the fob as close to the center of the super fob base as possible. This keeps enemies from crowding behind a wall and upping spawn timers. Place your rally close by on the exterior of the super fob incase you need to quickly get back. When you leave the super fob to push forward (provided the point is not cap-able) always take down the fob. Replace it 100 meters towards your spawn. This keeps you available to having a spawn point incase you have to run back again and keeps them from taking the empty unguarded fob. As squad leader don't join the attack. Just keep your base safe. Your job as SL is to maintain coms and wall defense. You aren't a shooter. Just an FYI When squad leaders yell over squad chat about why you shouldn't place a fob on a base try and tell them "it'll be ok. If it starts to be a problem I'll take it down." Be friendly with SL's that think they know how to play and instead show them that understanding the game by being strategic is actually what the game is about. If they try and say "NEVER DO THAT" and keep yelling like immature gamers then ignore them and realize they aren't very good at SL anyway. See you guys in game !
  7. The Division : Whos in?

    Had some friends in beta that enjoyed it, but it wouldn't run on my machine so i had to get a refund. Might get it again once I upgrade, but honestly not too excited after what I've seen.
  8. Kick feature?

    Yeah any type of vote would require 2/3'rds majority of a team. I think if you had only votes work from your team and not across the server it also limits the concept of voting a guy for a high kill count. The vengeance thing is really the biggest issue for me. As a SL I come into contact with at least 1 or 2 bad seeds in a 10 hour period that when I remove them from the squad via the kick feature they come back and spend the rest of the match TK'ing my squad and trolling me. Plays out always like this: I always give people 10 minutes before I kick them and when there is no mic or chat response they get warned again the kick is coming and then during the kick. After that they almost always freak out over All chat and then come back to murder me and my squad. Lately these players spend the rest of the match doing it. I had a guy the other day named "Lemon" who casually volunteered to leave my squad because some clan mates wanted to join my squad together (not in a clan but they were) and then "Lemon" went on to tk the entire server for an hour. No rhyme or reason to the guy he just went on a tirade. There were 2 admins on and they did nothing, but claim they were checking tk logs. The guy was announcing his kills in all chat for an hour and blasting music over squad chat and they still refused to kick him. Not gonna name the server, but it was already mentioned by someone in this thread.
  9. Kick feature?

    damn these double posts
  10. Kick feature?

    So after 150 hours there is an obvious issue with some of the bad seeds in the community trolling/tk'ing/harrassing other players. 1 player right now can ruin an entire squad, team, and server in under 20 minutes. That is 1 player destroying the experience for up to 60+ other players. There aren't enough admins on most of the servers. There just aren't enough knowledgeable admins to deal with the problems that occur as most are he-said-she-said situations that involve a lot of reverse finger pointing by the trolls to get others kicked. Is there some sort of implementation of a kick feature going in?
  11. "Can I have a rally?"

    Tell your squad the mechanics at the start. Update new players when you hear the request about the mechanics and locations you will put rallies in. Ask squad mates to update you when there are 4 spawns left on your rally.Update squad about medic mechanics and how to let them revive first and spawn second. A squad leaders job is to keep track of troops, movement, and captures. One of your other jobs is to teach your squad the mechanics of the game. Preferably nicely.
  12. Like the game, dont like players.

    Absolutely has to do with the server choice. Not to throw people under the bus, but the servers whose names you recognize from RO, BF, Arma, etc are the ones you want to skip. They get the hotheads and trolls. I won't name them. Try out different servers and look for ones who have a lot of the admins or clan tags playing as they are probably using teamwork.
  13. Bishop's Squad Leading Tips

    Ran into that yesterday and the best solution is to just take a SL and start pushing the communication bug. Yesterday's gaming for me broke down pretty much like this... 1st game: Loaded into a squad that had no communication. Switched into another squad and still 0 communication. Game ended quick as our team was just floundering. Next one I grabbed SL as Squad leader 3 so as to not get the early loaders who join squad 1 & 2. (Kind of an important note for SL's that the first people to join squads aren't always the best just the most anxious.) 2nd game: Most of the players were the same as the previous game, but in the 2nd game we had a blast in my squad. We worked together and communicated. We lost again, but it was fun and our squad had x3 as many points and x2 as many kills as the next squad on the team. 3rd game: Then the really cool thing happened. The 3rd game some of my squad mates from the 2nd game switched to SL's of other squads, because they couldn't get into my squad. Over Squad chat they were joking they couldn't get in my squad and missed us so they wanted to stay in contact. So we all played through Squad Chat and in my current squad. That game was amazing; every squad communicated and we dominated the map. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th games: We probably played 8 games in total until people started dropping off just because it was time to go and do something else. Overall the trickle of communication and teamwork spread like fire from our team to the other team and back. Those games were all fun and tactically great. TO SUMMARIZE It was one group of people that started working together and that teamwork spread as the games went on and even to the other team as chat across ALL chat was congratulating one another on their tactics. It just takes 1 squad to pave the way and the server can shine. I ended up gaining 4 new steam friends yesterday who I added to my Squad group of cool dudes. Despite a bad first game the rest were memorable.
  14. Bishop's Squad Leading Tips

    You are right you might get some trolls trying to get rid of a good person, but at least you have a weapon against the bad people. It would require lots of thought to have a vote feature. You would have to have it be team based and not server based. Set it to 75-90% of the team required and put timers on consistency of votes. In a game where the community is generally very good about policing I would think questions would be asked as to why votes are showing up and why certain people. I would never vote based on the mob without knowing more than blanket statements as I'm sure majority of the community wouldn't either.