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  1. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Fox Squad Tag: FOX Link: http://foxsquad.club Language: English Description: Semi-Casual Squad Unit who is focusing on fun over strict clan rules. We have a bunch of core values which make us amazing, and we focus on friendliness and respect. Members: ~20
  2. Fox Squad

    FOX SQUAD http://foxsquad.club/ Fox Squad is a Tactical Squad Unit based in Europe. Fox squad at its heart is more of a casual unit than other hardcore units in Squad, we want to have fun more than we want to win super competitive matches, but that doesn't mean we won't put up a good fight. We still focus on tactics and to win, but we tend to opt out of bigger events such as CCFN and clan matches. At the heart, we wanted to be a unit where you can make new great friends and pop on and play together with a group of amazing people than dredge through the pain of having to play with randoms every day. We understand you lead busy lives! (And that's cool) Unlike a lot of units, we know that you lead a busy life, people have to work, look after children and maybe you just want to play other games one night, we are okay with this, as long as you are at least semi-active in our unit we won't kick you out. We won't enforce you have to play with us at certain times of attending training, it's completely up to you. OUR THREE SIMPLE CORE VALUES We have a small set of core values, the core values are things we pride and aim for above anything else. They are also an acronym for RAT, but that's a complete coincidence. RESPECT We respect every player and we expect you to respect every player, we don't have any "Elitist" status in our Unit, everyone is the same. We all play squad. We all have fun. We all respect each over and we all get along. Simples. AMAZING We may be a more casual clan but that doesn't mean we don't get some great players, you may be shocked to hear that not every good player in Squad wants to play competitively, some just want to play with a bunch of guys and girls and have fun, but also play tactically and serious, but a lot of units don't offer a mix of balance of your social life, and playing squad. We do. Also if you are a new player, we have a set of training programs, guides and you can learn from the best, so we are pretty amazing. TEAM PLAYERS Have you ever been in a Unit and all the players are amazing, but you constantly lose clan matches and it just sort of sucks? We care as much about the other man as we do ourselves, to us it's not about how each individual performs in the unit, it's about how the team works. You could have a squad of nine guys who are amazing, but if the chemistry isn't there if they don't work well together, whats the point? Fox squad takes this to heart, we feel people who get on together and teaching people to work together well in squads is the best thing and is really the essence of the game. SO HOW DO I JOIN? First of all be aware we do have some pretty basic requirements: You must be OVER 16 years old. You must have an active and working microphone and be willing to use it. You must be able to speak clearly in English. You must be a kind and respectable person. Joining is pretty easy, no silly forms, or processes, all you literally need to do is click on the discord link below to join our Discord server. Then private message [FOX] Yetteh Explain you want to join! JOIN OUR DISCORD
  3. Squad radio losing transmission after v8

    Yep, as Mad Ani said, there is loads of new players not listening sadly!
  4. 100 TIC testing

    I'd be interested to see how much noticeable difference this makes
  5. The Training Map Has Great Potential

    Could you clarify what you mean?
  6. Your Thoughts on the Free Weekend

    ZXD is looking at getting more servers up for this weekend potentially :-)
  7. Squad crash while lauching

    Sadly SweetFX is causing this issue! :-(
  8. [Solved] Server closed connection

    Hey Hoxt as .Bole mentioned SweetFX is causing this issue, Roy is looking into it
  9. Zulu Xray Delta [RECRUITING]

    We are still recruiting :-D
  10. [ZXD] Zulu X-Ray Delta EU / UK

    Feel free to pop onto our server! :-D
  11. Zulu Xray Delta [RECRUITING]

    We are still looking for new members We are almost 70 strong now! http://join.zxd.rocks
  12. Zulu Xray Delta [RECRUITING]

    We have had 10 new members in the past week! :-) Welcome to everyone, if you wanna join us fill out this form http://join.zxd.rocks
  13. [ZXD] Zulu X-Ray Delta EU / UK

    Thanks for all coming along yesterday!
  14. Zulu Xray Delta [RECRUITING]

    If any clans are looking for a friendly match, PM me!