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    We are a newly formed group on Squad. We are Mil-Sim squad that wants to have fun and enjoy the game with good tactics. Just because we are Mil-Sim does not mean we do not like to have a good time, because we do! We are looking for dedicated squad members. We use a ranking system as in real life, and must follow commands from the following Officers. Since we are a new group this is a good time to earn a high ranking spot on a new Squad to help us grow! Activate Player Above the age of 16 Must have a mic. Join Discord Be a team player If you are interested in joining REDNINE. Please join our discord https://discord.gg/epdZVK4 we are open to anyone that meets the requirements we do not expect anyone to be the best player on the game we will grow in time and learn to play together to better ourselves. We want everyone to have fun we do have a ranking system in our Squad and play with mil-sim tactics. Thanks, Terrarisk